Game Chapters

Learn everything you need to know about the past of Chronicles of Arcadia.

Chapter I – Rise of the Demon Lord

A once peaceful is at risk of going up in flames. Find out how the story of Chronicles of Arcadia began.

Chapter II – The Elven Prophecy

An ancient menace has brought the Elves back to Taborea. Find out what they must face to protect their empire.

Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms

Cruel tyrants threaten King Callaway and his subjects. Unreavel a thangled web and get to the bottom of the intrigue.

Chapter IV – Lands of Despair

A dark shadow plagues the land. Discover who’s behind the recent occurrences and put a stop to their demonic plans.

Chapter V – Fires of Shadowforge

The shadowforge Dwarves arrived in Taborea. Awakened from their deep slumber, they are now searching for their King.

Chapter VI – Lights of Paradise

A peaceful Paradise suffers from the darkest corner of the darkness. Defeat the darkness and find the light of Paradise.

Chapter VII – Cyclop’s Apocalypse

Five years from now, Taborea heroes destroyed Cyclops territory and humiliated their leader Ugada. While we were all discovering new area’s and defeating new enemies, the Cyclops had prepared their army to destroy the world.

Chapter VIII – Chariot of Goddess

In times long ago, giant guardian golems were created by man, the guardians turned against them and destroyed much of the land. Taboreans banded together in those desperate times and managed to overcome those terrible tyrants and turned the halls into lava flowing ruins.

Chapter IX – The Return of Pakal

Once upon a time in the lands of Taborea, there was magnificent city called Tikal. One dark day evil troups attacked Tikal and occupied it completely. Will you help Pakal and his subjects to obtain key to closed portal and rescue the princess?

Chapter X – Chamber of Elements

Life in Taborea had flourished after the downfall of Wrakal. For the first time in 500 years, the Kingdoms were at peace. And then… Loki vowed to turn the Kingdoms to ashes. Glacis grew more powerful, as he sat on his ice forged throne and built the largest army in the world. Moreover, the Black Codex opened a passage from our world to a realm ruled by Astaroth and his demons.

Chapter XI – Stories from Talaghan

Atlantis felt the urge to expand, settlers stranded on the unexplored lands of Talaghan. While preparing the construction of their just founded land, strange unexplainable events happened. Recently the lands of Talaghan were shrinking. A dark core keeps expanding its darkness, consuming everything to darkness. The expanding of darkness must be stopped to save not just Talaghan, but also the rest of Taborea.