Patch Notes

Gorge of the Ice Giants

  • Opened gates of new large 12-man instance in Chamber of Elements.
  • Added 2 new titles.
  • Added new weapons.
  • Added 22 new monster cards.
  • Added 4 new pet transformation potions.
  • Added 6 new player transformation potions.
  • Reworked class images in character creation.
  • Added new upper and lower body equipment item-sets.
  • Reworked character select screen. (Please note you may not see it with custom /interface/loginxml/ replacements.)


  • Added Interface setting to hide time stamp.
  • Added Graphics option to hide weapon glow effect.
  • Reworked General options Interface Settings frame.
  • Added Inferface setting to hide self-related damage and heal.


  • Updated WoWMap with custom zones and instances.
  • Increased limit of simultaneously accepted quests to 60.
  • Added Inferno of Divinity fragments to Ronald Jump shop.
  • Adjusted power of “Fling Lava” from Loki in Inferno of Divinity.


  • Fixed item preview for predefined pet eggs.
  • Corrected a few strings in multiple languages.
  • Fixed “Regal Cry” was decreasing attack speed.
  • Fixed “Blood Odor” was not removed after leaving instance.
  • Removed rage usage during effects of Beacon of Regeneration.


  • Enabled max level housekeepers event.
  • Limited maximum level of Blood Arrow to 55.
  • Disabled possibility to modify Adventurer’s Equipment.