Patch Notes


  • Visit Celebria by portal in Lost Island of Atlantis.
  • Take part in 4th Anniversary Screenshot Contest.
  • Grab leveled up housekeeper with Housekeepers Event.
  • Visit Boss Spawn event instance from Celebria once a day.
  • Level up your relationships faster with Relationship Event.
  • Take free Restoration Card (1 use) from .PlayerNet platform.
  • Login to game every day to obtain rewards, including Gashas.
  • Visit GM Event at 09.09.2018 on 20:00 in Celebria to obtain unique rewards.


  • Discover mystery of island duplicated by dark powers.
  • Collect new titles and cards from monsters around zone.
  • Collect new cards in Hard Mode of Sun Temple of Eternal Sleep instance.
  • Visit Sun Temple of Eternal Sleep instance and face the brain teasers prepared by strong leaders.


  • Added Dynamic Mirror Sewers with cenedril Tatuin.
  • Added Mystical Mirror Pirate Ship with cenedril Garsit.
  • Added Steadfast Mirror Dreamworld with cenedril Ardes.

In-game Rankings

  • Reworked Ranking Frame.
  • Added Maximum HP, Maximum MP, Monster Cards rankings.
  • Decreased non-attributes rankings refresh time to 10 minutes.
  • Excluded buffs and pet attributes increase from attributes rankings.
  • Cleaned attributes rankings. (All non-dungeons rankings are updated after logout of character.)
  • Added new rankings for Sun Temple of Eternal Sleep (Hard). (Ranking is updated only on successfully ending complete task.)


  • Fixed a few issues with Transport Book.
  • Fixed One-Hand Axe Mastery passive spell.
  • Fixed damage issue with Truth Shield Bash.
  • Corrected a few Item Set Skills assignments.
  • Corrected a few strings in multiple languages.
  • Fixed interface freezes after long and intense playing.
  • Fixed some Badge Title attributes were displaying minus instead of plus value.
  • Fixed loot chance for Chief’s Staff of the Horn, Broken Axe Guard’s Spear, Sand Hoof Sentry’s Staff and Dark Moon Sacrificer’s Staff.


  • Reworked Bank Frame.
  • Updated WoWMap addon.
  • Adjusted Blood Arrow spell.
  • Increased Bank Item Shop slots by 200.
  • Changed screenshot file format to JPEG.
  • Changed free title from Tina in Lost Island of Atlantis.
  • Improved visibility of flames on last boss in Inferno of Divinity.
  • Increased phase duration on second boss in Gorge of the Ice Giants.
  • Ended further English strings updates for Russian and Turkish game clients.
  • Added level 85-98 cooking and alchemy recipes to Legendary Instructors in Varanas.

Anniversary Festival

  • Festival will lasts for 7 days.

Treasure Riot

‌Event type: find and collect items
Start NPC: Kekonee
Start location: Varanas Bridge
Event Target: Find a collect the set of cards to trade them with Kekonee.

A Magical Method of Disaster Aversion

‌Event type: transform into a frog, find and collect monsters
Start NPC: Sebastian
Start location: in front of Dalanis City
Event location: Thunderhoof Hills
Event Target: find and collect frogs

Frog Killer

‌Event type: find and kill monsters, collect items
Start NPC: Witch Daila
Start location: Logar and Heffner Camp
Event location: Howling Mountains, Coast of Opportunities
Event Target: find and kill magic frogs to collect items

Candara Frog Contest

‌Event type: like a battue
Start NPC: Ivan Asla
Start Location: Varanas City
Event location: Varanas City
Event Target: drive frogs through race course

Sea of the Frogs

‌Event type: collect items, defeat monsters
Start NPC: Misian
Start location: Heffner Camp
Event location: Coast of Opportunities
Event Target: collect ingredients, transform to a frog, find items and defeat guards

Flogg’s Fortune Cookie

‌Event type: find and collect
Start NPC: Flogg Shuiss
Start Location: Varanas Bridge
Event location: Varanas Bridge
Event Target: use transformation potion and speak to frogs to obtain items

Space Supremacy

‌Event type: collect within the time
Start NPC: Gredd Starchaser
Start Location: Varanas Bridge
Event Target: capture the colored space balls within a limited time

Clear the Playground

‌Event type: capture monsters
Start NPC: Fell Cage
Start location: Varanas Bridge
Event Target: Use the net to capture the Light Crows flying above the ground

Research Materials

‌Event type: capture monsters
Start NPC: Dennis Jones
Start location: Varanas Bridge
Event Target: Use the scent to capture a Greedy Ball floating in space

Retrieve the Space Balls

‌Event type: capture items
Start NPC: Abu Brokenlamp
Start location: Varanas Bridge
Event Target: Retrieve the Faulty Space Balls to be repaired

Frog Transformation

‌Event type: transform into a frog, find and catch monsters
Start NPC: Standler Luya
Start location: Varanas Bridge
Event location: Silverspring
Event Target: find the fairies and touch them in right order

Alalis Trial

‌Event type: Find the NPC
Start NPC: Peacher
Start Location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event Target: Follow Alalis closely and find her.

Buzzkill – Help the Cook

‌Event type: find, collect and deliver items
Start NPC: Convokenz Rushman
Start Location: Varanas City Entrance
Event location: Lake of Magic Mist
Event Target: find items and bring them to Convokenz Rushman

Patch Notes

  • Added new Proofs of Myths items.
  • Fixed issues with Frog Magia login buff.
  • Fixed missing Mirrorworld free daily runs.
  • Changed load technique of in-game Rankings.
  • Fixed Raven Heart second boss was disappearing.
  • Fixed Raven Heart third boss was always enraged.
  • Fixed missing quests and titles state in titles descriptions.
  • Restored possibility to extend Bank slots rent at any time.
  • Added Housemaid, Mailbox and Auction House NPC to Enoch.
  • Fixed transport stones/snoop to Enoch from Korris and Tasuq.
  • Fixed issues with visibility of Secret Temple of Tikal quest NPCs.
  • Fixed EXP and TP limit was restarting above reaching 500% limit.
  • Added Sun Temple of Eternal Sleep to Black Codex transport spell.
  • Changed Mazzren in Boss Spawn event instance to hard mode version.
  • Added Enoch and Sun Temple of Eternal Sleep to world map dropdown.
  • Fixed right click on Item-Shop items were not using new Item-Shop bank slots.
  • Added possibility to obtain 5 free Mirrorworld Tickets from Tina in Lost Island of Atlantis.