Patch Notes


  • Updated Arabic translation.
  • Updated French translation.
  • Updated Turkish translation.
  • Added translations to Item Shop menu tabs.

New items

  • Salifus card.
  • Tier XIII runes.
  • New crafting furnitures.
  • New one-hand weapon skins.
  • New Arcadia Coins house furnitures.
  • Items allowing you enable/disable Aura around your character visible for everyone.
  • New Costumes transformation potions (visible for everyone, can be used along with normal transformation potions, override their visual).

Gorge of the Ice Giants

  • Lowered frequency of spawning ads on first boss.
  • Changed first boss Icy Grave debuff to cleanable curse.
  • Fixed first boss Hypothermia debuff was not lasting after time.
  • Increased chance for obtaining additional Ice Shards from all bosses.
  • Prevented some trash slow and stun debuffs to be refreshed before their lasting.


  • Increased maximum badge title level to 5.
  • Moved custom titles to badge title level 5.
  • Updated custom challenge titles badge attributes.
  • Organized festival titles into new tabs by certain festivals.
  • Fixed selected badge titles were not visible after restarting game.


  • Added built-in Whisper Manager addon.
  • Improved receiver offline sent whispers to be displayed for sender.
  • Added sent time and sender class for messages received being offline.


  • Added new pet skills.
  • Added new fast pet craft tools.
  • Added new levels for a few pet skills.
  • Added new pet item adding 500 Talent Points.

VIP status

  • Changed nickname color to gold.
  • Added VIP icon on right side of nickname.
  • Added new spell allowing enable and disable gold Aura.

Other improvements

  • Added item preview for transformation potions.
  • Added possibility to cancel Focus Character buff.
  • Improved displayed nicknames on house visit frame.
  • Added possibility to cancel Lesser Mount Speed Potion buff.
  • Added possibility to make dwarf quests with newly used Race Change (Dwarf).
  • Added possibility to use paid Wheel of Fortune spins before reached time for free spin.
  • Added new function saving interface settings without need of restarting game client – PerformSaveVariables().
  • Added automatical interface settings save with PerformSaveVariables() function and minimap button allowing save it.

Other bugfixes

  • Fixed Wheel of Fortune refresh list bug.
  • Disabled Housemaids were playing instruments.
  • Fixed Camellia Flower with Spring Carol was healing objects.

Snowflake Festival

  • 62 custom cards from festival mobs.
  • 9 hidden custom titles from festival events.


During the festival you can exchange Fire Zodiac materials and Pyro Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Pyro Draconaris from:

  • Jack Shackleton – exchange 10 x Goody-Goody Certificates for a reward.
  • Snowland Supply Officer – exchange 5 x Frost Reward Tickets for a reward.

Bad Jingle Brothers

‌Location: Taborea
NPC: Jingle Brothers

Collecting Gifts

‌Location: Logar, Varanas, Silverfall, Harf Trading Post, Obsidian Stronghold and Dalanis
NPC: None

Jingle Brothers Stuck in Chimneys

‌Location: Logar, Varanas Central Plaza, Silverfall
NPC: Donichuka

Exchange fireworks

‌Location: Varanas
NPC: Nina Berlusco

Snowflake Tree Decoration

‌Location: South of Dalanis
NPC: Koli Max

Wishing Snowflake Tree Decoration

‌Location: Varanas Central Plaza
NPC: Wishing Snowflake Tree Decoration

Goody-Goody Certificates

‌Location: Varanas Central Plaza
NPC: Jack Shackleton

New Year’s Eve event

‌Location: Varanas Central Plaza
NPC: Jingle Brother – Mark

Goblin Bank Robbery

‌Location: Bank of Varanas
NPC: Goblin Robbers

Save the Snowflake Gifts

‌Location: Varanas Gates
NPC: Andrew Dell

Adopting a Deer

‌Location: South of Dalanis
NPC: Pak Dicca

Gift from the Snow

‌Location: Ystra Highlands
NPC: Mahar

Snowman King

‌Location: Ystra Highlands
NPC: Frost Snowman King

A Mob of Snowmen

‌Location: Howling Mountains, Aslan Valley, Ystra Highlands
NPC: Snowmen


‌Location: Varanas Central Plaza
NPC: Snowland Explorer Transporter‌

Patch Notes


  • Check out Winter Screenshot Contest.
  • Visit Celebria every day until 30.12.2018 23:59 CET.
  • Fight your enemies in Boss Spawn instance arena in Celebria.
  • Something is not right, visit Celebria and solve Penguin Mystery.
  • Strange happenings visited Atlas, solve previous Mystery and prepare for new 6-man event minigame.
  • Be sure to find time at 23.12.2018 20:00 CET to join at Christmas 2018 GM Event in Celebria to partipicate together.

New content

  • Added Learned Recipes ranking.
  • Added new crafting equipment recipes to Jim Weam (Syrbal Pass).
  • Added new Myth Fragments loot to world bosses for Jim Weam’s recipes.


  • Updated WoWMap addon.
  • Added new fast game launcher.
  • Updated WhisperManager addon.
  • Added option to hide obtained titles.


  • Fixed impossibility to enter Battlegrounds.
  • Fixed overpowered monsters in some zones (dmg bug).
  • Fixed Magic DMG, Magic Accuracy and % All attributes in new pet skills.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed a few visual issues of new game launcher.
  • Updated recipes at Legend Instructor’s shops in Obsidian Stronghold.
  • Fixed “Banka Driver” title was not obtainable (Veiled Crypt of Kashaylan, Lismomo).