Patch Notes

Game tooltips

  • Removed gear star-rating.
  • Increased minimum width of gear tooltips.
  • Fixed long game tooltips were staying out of screen.
  • Changed default attribute stats and runes display to linkable icons.
  • Added interface option to force display non-icon gear attribute stats and runes by default.

Game options

  • Added graphics option to hide normal pets of other players.
  • Moved option for showing whisper frame on whisper to interface options.
  • Added interface option to force show quest marks for low-level quests on NPCs.

New content

  • Added new weapon skin.
  • Added Sealed Aura packages.
  • Added Golden Wings with movement speed bonuses.


  • Fixed item preview for gear with skills.
  • Fixed a few of graphics issues causing crashes.
  • Fixed misplacement of leather and cloth recipes at Jim Weam.
  • Fixed “Lightning Burn Weapon” was not cleaned on reaching 0 HP.

Other changes

  • Updated Turkish translation.
  • Added new function GetItemGUIDIcon( id ).
  • Fixed multiple options in game launcher settings.
  • Added possibility to obtain Shield Form skill without being a dwarf.

Festival of Fire

  • 7 custom cards from festival mobs.
  • 8 hidden custom titles from festival events.


During the festival you can exchange Earth Zodiac materials and Geo Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Geo Draconaris from:

  • Ajis – exchange 5 x Festival of Fire Voucher for a reward.
  • Lujken Lajet – exchange 5 x Festival of Fire Voucher for a reward.

Rune Chessboard

‌NPC: Rune Chessboard
‌Event Target: Align one or more lines of crystals of the same color to obtain points
‌Start location: Next to bridge in front of Varanas

Ignite the Holy Fire Altar

‌NPC: Dorimy Laso
‌Event type: mini-game
‌Start location: Next to bridge in front of Varanas

Party Pest Control

‌NPC: Ajis
‌Event type: find and defeat
‌Start location: Varanas Central Plaza
‌Event location: Varanas Gates
‌Event Target: Find mice and drive them away with the use of the Flame Altar

Iron Chef

‌NPC: Drake Gates
‌Event type: Collect Items & Cook
‌Start location: Varanas Gates
‌Event location: Silverspring – Oblivion Shrine
‌Event Target: Collect food in Silverspring and cook it at Varanas Central Plaza


‌NPC: Ethan Bryce
‌Event type: Cure Monsters
‌Start location: Varanas Bridge
‌Event location: Silverspring (Around Varanas Gates)
‌Event Target: Cure the sick monsters with Flame Powder.

Flame Fortune

‌NPC: Giselle Fred
‌Event type: Help NPC/Collecting Points
‌Event location: Taborea
‌Event Target: Collect Runes in the Magic Circle and throw them at the Altar.

Light the Pyre!

‌NPC: Lujken Lajet
‌Event type: Help NPC/Control Fire
‌Start location: Thunderhoof Hills, outside Dalanis City
‌Event location: Thunderhoof Hills, outside Dalanis City
‌Event Target: Control the fire with water and catalyzed runes as the NPC wants it.

Drive Beast

‌NPC: Aishas Gracia
‌Event type: Help NPC, defeat monster
‌Start location: Varanas Bridge
‌Event location: Dust Devil Canyon
‌Event Target: (Group) Defeat the Ice or Fire monster by either assisting NPC or assisting your group.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed multiple issues of game tooltips.
  • Added information note to “Hide” graphics options.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed offline messages were not always delivered.
  • Separated hyperlink current wear gear game tooltips.
  • Improved performance and bug fixes for game tooltips.
  • Improved readability of spell tooltip next level description.
  • Improved spell and buff descriptions to trim zero decimals.