Patch Notes


  • A bug which made the Exp/Tp encyclopedias unusable has been resolved.
  • Frog certificates have been removed from the mirror world drop.
  • The quest “Another Challenge” which required to kill Uguda together with the NPC Godia should now instantly be finished when you accept it and you can turn it in at Godia in front of the instance.


  • The new event NPC “Leila Mandon” can now be found at the event spot in Varanas’ central plaza.
  • 2 new merchants for Phirius Coins can be found next to the Phirius Shell vendors.
  • The Arcanium Arena now requires 3 players per team – before: 6 players per team.

Shadowmoon Merchant

  • The “Shadowmoon Merchant” flies above Taborea from now.
  • Pay attention to the system messages, he will announce his appearance there.
  • He will spawn at different times of the day and always on a different spot in Taborea.
  • Also he has a big selection of shops and he will always have different offers for you than the last time, but be fast, his items are pretty limited.