Patch Notes

New content

  • Added 9 new cards.
  • Added new „Atlas Scrolls” currency.
  • Added Advanced Pet Training Charm.
  • Added pet visual transformation food.
  • Added back Cyclops Lair normal mode.
  • Added „Weapon Trainer Soul” pet eggs.
  • Added Advanced, Superior and Golden Pet Experience Charms.
  • Added plant pots allowing increase Maximum Plant Count to 20.
  • Added normal, Advanced, Superior and Golden Quest Talent Charms.
  • Added normal, Advanced, Superior and Golden Quest Experience Charms.
  • Added new Atlas Defense 6-man minigame available at saturdays and sundays in Atlas.

VIP membership

  • Added „Golden Dragon” pet for VIP general spells.
  • Added „Golden Monoceros” mount for VIP general spells.

In-game rankings

  • Added learnt Item Set Skills ranking.
  • Added unique Partner Bag pets ranking.
  • Added unique Partner Bag mounts ranking.
  • Added „Next update” countdown to rankings.


  • Reworked Plant frame.
  • Reworked House frame.
  • Updated game launcher.
  • Reworked Friend Info frame.
  • Reworked Partner Bag frame.
  • Added icon to item hyperlinks.
  • Reworked a few tree textures.
  • Improved game window modes.
  • Added game window borderless mode.
  • Added plant pot details to their tooltips.
  • Added pet and cenedril hyperlinks preview.
  • Increased rune stacks to maximum 100 items.
  • Decreased „Stuck Report” delay to 15 seconds.
  • Adjusted diamonds and gold npc exchange rates.
  • Added maximum stack size value to item tooltips.
  • Increased maximum house name length to 16 chars.
  • Added possibility to see details of one-sided friends.
  • Increased chat message lines maximum visible length.
  • Changed free title from Tina in Lost Island of Atlantis.
  • Added possibility to transmute stacked items in a bulk.
  • Added model image to pet, cenedril and npc hyperlinks.
  • Increased food and potion stacks to maximum 100 items.
  • Increased Maximum Plant Count starting by 61 level to 15.
  • Adjusted diamonds and ancient mementos npc exchange rates.
  • Added 20 buyable pages to both mounts and pets in Partner Bag.
  • Updated quest XP and TP display values according to server rates.
  • Changed attribute stats quality colors according to their attributes.
  • Improved wait time and attack buff chance from Fresh Ostrich Feast.
  • Adjusted physical defence of Salifus and Hall of Surviors (Hard) bosses.
  • Increased chance for true elementals phase at Melte in Gorge of the Ice Giants.


  • Fixed multiple incorrect strings.
  • Fixed game client certificate issues.
  • Fixed stacked item tooltips in action bars.
  • Fixed human, elf and dwarf NPC previews.
  • Fixed Costume Flasks transformation sizes.
  • Fixed missing title from Enraged Manakaza.
  • Fixed some NPC previews were crashing game.
  • Fixed game settings sometimes were not able to be saved.
  • Fixed whisper to players with accented chars in nickname.
  • Fixed close button was covering hyperlink tooltip’s names.
  • Fixed item hyperlinks were not showing currently applied skin.
  • Fixed quests from Hinhus in Logar were not always able to be completed.
  • Fixed possibility to use potions in wrong order in „Research Expert” quest.
  • Fixed „Why So Cooperative?” quest was able to crash client on German locale.
  • Fixed event „Central Stone Bridge Battle” was bugging on too fast killing of monsters.
  • Fixed World Boss Sismond event was sometimes spawning stone inside another object.
  • Fixed Secret Temple of Tikal „Paralysis” stun debuff was not always removed after defeating boss.
  • Fixed Shield Form and multiple hidden quest buffs, including Arcanium Chamber resource buffs, were removing Invisibility Potion.



  • Integrated AdvancedAuctionHouse into client.
    (This means you will always use latest version and don’t need update addon yourself anymore.)

Whisper Manager

  • Fixed multiple issues.
  • Added „Mark this tab as unread” option.
  • Added Mute and Unmute notifications options.


Partner Frame

  • Added BuyPetExBagPage().
  • Added GetPetExBagPages().
  • Added BuyHorseExBagPage().
  • Added GetHorseExBagPages().
  • Added GetPetExBagPagePrice( page ).
  • Added GetHorseExBagPagePrice( page ).


  • Added bool hasModel = Model:HasModel().
  • Added Model:SetEntity( string ACTWorld ).
  • Added Model:SetBoneScale( boneIndex 0-10, float boneScale ).
  • Added float boneScale = Model:GetBoneScale( boneIndex 0-10 ).
  • Added Model:SetPaperdollPart( partIndex 0-9, string partName ).
  • Added string partName = Model:GetPaperdollPart( partIndex 0-9 ).
  • Added int partColor1, partColor2 = Model:GetPaperdollColor( partIndex 0-9 ).
  • Added Model:SetPaperdollColor( partIndex 0-9, int partColor1, int partColor2 ).


  • Added UpperString( string ).
  • Added LowerString( string ).
  • Added bool isBorderless = IsBorderless().
  • Added GetInherentAttributeColor( OrgObjID ).
  • Added 16th argument „FaceOffImageID” to pet: hyperlink.
  • Added 13th argument „ImageObjectID” to item: hyperlink.
  • Added accented chars support to string.lower( string ).
  • Added accented chars support to string.upper( string ).
  • Updated GetReplaceSystemKeyword( text, bool isLink ).
  • Moved items 243896-244277 to new item range 1200000-1299999.
  • Added 20th return value „MaxPlantCountBonus” to Houses_GetHouseInfo().
  • Disabled SetCameraMoveTo, SetCameraPosition, SetTargetCamera, SetCameraUpVector.
  • Updated local ZoneName, Title, GuildName, Voc, VocLV, Voc_Sub, Voc_SubLV, Introduction, Channel, RegionName, Race, Sex, IsVIP = GetFriendDetail( FriendName ).

Masked Festival

  • 16 custom cards from festival monsters.
  • 5 hidden custom titles from festival activities.


During the festival you can exchange Water Zodiac materials and Hydro Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Hydro Draconaris from:

  • Masked Ball Reward Commissioner – exchange 10 x Masked Ball Medals for a reward.

Invitation Courier

‌NPC: Rain Nahills
Location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event description: Give a Party Invitation to the required NPCs.

Ball Mask Package exchange

‌NPC: Shiani Alian
Location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event description: Exchange TP runes to Ball Mask Package

Eulogy of Spring

‌NPC: Shiani Alian
Location: Varanas Central Plaza, Howling Mountains
Event description: Collect and deliver items

The Truth Under the…

‌NPC: Masked Ball Host
Location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event description: Find and match correct NPCs.

Hero in Disguise! „Masked Striker Association”

‌NPC: Big Spyror
Location: Thunderhoof Hills
Event description: Find and kill NPCs.

Help Ikes Get His Act Together!

‌NPC: Ikes Kalefan
Location: Thunderhoof Hills
Event description: Use actionbar to move items.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed tiny interface issues.
  • Fixed Auction House item names.
  • Fixed Russian interface translation.
  • Fixed multiple game window sizing issues.
  • Changed guild name of Team Members to „PlayerNet”.
  • Fixed some players were missing pets from Partner Bag.
  • Increased amount of diamonds and gold exchanges per player.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed Goblin Mines end timer.
  • Disabled sigils in Atlas Defense.
  • Added header information to shop previews.
  • Adjusted day cycle in Secret Temple of Tikal.
  • Reduced monster amounts per wave in „Central Stone Bridge Battle” event.
  • Fixed „Hide transformation effects” was affecting Atlas Defense monsters and Pet Metamorphosis Elixirs.


  • Added <Frame>:IsMouseEnable().
  • Added <Frame>:GetFrameLevel().
  • Added GetAttitudeColor( guid ).
  • Added OpenStorePreview( guid ).
  • Added <Frame>:GetFrameStrata().
  • Added <Frame>:IsKeyboardEnable().
  • Enabled model previews for currently inactive objects.
  • Updated „STORE_OPEN” event with arg1 = int shopID, arg2 = bool isPreview.
  • Added Sys_ID_name strings for no-name objects in various places including tooltips.

Patch Notes

  • Updated Angel’s Sigh descriptions.
  • Fixed Shadowmoon Merchant shops.
  • Corrected exchange string in Eve’s dialog.
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