Patch Notes

Main issues

  • The item „Red Flame Feather” that lost its high durability has 120 dura again.
  • Tina owns a new title, „Lucky Holder” is now available.
  • You should be able to obtain the titles for the main-questline in Splitwater now.
  • Level 100 housemaids are available again.
  • The Halloween event has been started. You can find new NPCs and minigames in and around the known event spots.
  • One of the Halloween minigames sadly takes place at the spot of our lovely worldboss Salifus. He will be removed for the event time and restored as soon as Halloween is over. Meanwhile you can farm Arcadia-stats in the Hall of Survivors Hardmode!

Client issues

  • The last update removed the support for Turkish language from the client. This problem has been solved, you can now select TR in your launcher again.
  • An issue with the ingame font has been solved. Special characters from German or Polish language should not explode your chat anymore.
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