In the book of The Chronicles there are tales of a powerful Frost Mage, Glacis.
Who was turned into an elemental creature as consequence of a failed spell to resurrect a fellow mage, Athelis.

In the Ancient Battle of The Three Kingdoms, Athelis was killed from a reflected spell casted by the Great Magician Aldo.
An Ice Plague was conjured to infect all inhabitants near the Gorge Kingdom.
These inhabitants became elementals and creatures with only the most vile of intentions.
Glacis grew more powerful, as he sat on his ice forged throne and built the largest army in the world.
He has been preparing for his most difficult task yet:
To enslave us all and turn it into an Icy Wasteland.

Visit the Chamber of Elements and discover the new Instance

«Gorge of the Ice Giants».

Only available at Arcadia.