• Fixed Spear of the Will weren’t appearing in correct Auction House search filter.
  • Removed unusable items from quick equip frame in character frame and sorted list.
  • Fixed light, wind, water, dark, poison elemental resistance debuffs weren’t working.
  • Added checker to prevent loss while exchanging Ancient Mementos into Honor Points.
  • Decreased time interval between auction house searches for faster load times and increased maximum item per search to 150.


  • Changed Target Defense projectile cost type to ammunition cost.


  • Increased Wraith Attack damage decrement for each extra target to 12%.


  • Reduced Wound Tears extra critical chance to 15%.
  • Fixed Throw had unintentionally excessive damage.
  • Reduced Kick damage to 1058% main hand weapon DPS at level 104.
  • Fixed Holy Surge had no 10% penalty for each extra target, decreased cooldown to 5 seconds, changed to self spell instead of target.



  • Fixed Blood Rune Weapon Slash was sharing same cooldown as some other items.


  • Fixed unexpected pet types were using Sepal Stab with critical Charged Chop.


  • Changed Final Form of Magic ultimate set properties to magical damage from critical magical damage except accessory set.


  • Fixed Gift of the Baron was inflicting damage to immune targets.


  • Corrected Plasma Arrow description and fixed critical resistance reduction.


  • Halved Brain Shock intelligence boost.


  • Fixed Fearless Blow was showing wrong rage regeneration value in tooltip.

Crafting Festival

  • 6 custom cards from festival monsters.
  • 22 hidden custom titles from festival events.


During the festival you can exchange Wind Zodiac materials and Aero Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Aero Draconaris from:

  • Craft Festival Cashier – exchange 6 x Craft Festival Celebration Certificates for a reward.

Element Conversion

‌Start Location: Varanas Bridge
Event target: Help Myden Neil test his new Element Converter

Yizzi & Yasha – Artificer [Artificers’ Guild]

‌Gifts special recipes only to those that have Mastered (level 60) at least one Production Craft.

Nolika’s Research

‌Event type: collect items
Start location: Varanas City
Event location: everywhere in Taborea
Event target: help Nolika to collect

Flea Market

‌Event type: collect / get items changed for other items
Location: Dalanis City
Event target: Help Nobo Yanag to collect items

The Great Production Leap

‌Event type: level up crafting skills
Location: Varanas and Dalanis City
Event Target: increase crafting skills

Spinning power

‌Related NPC: Abu Laruel
Location: Silverspring, near Bridge to Varanas
Event Info: control the Energy Acceleration of Nucleus

A Mission from the Craftsmen

‌Event type: collect items
Start location: Varanas City
Event location: Varanas City and Silverfall
Event target: get quest item by killing monsters, collect items
Event Info: 6 Sub Quests
‌ ‌ ‌- Armor Crafter’s Commission
‌ ‌ ‌- Alchemist’s Commission
‌ ‌ ‌ – Blacksmith’s Commission
‌ ‌ ‌ – Carpenter’s Commission
‌ ‌ ‌- Cook’s Commission
‌ ‌ ‌ – Tailor’s Commission

Helping Hand of the Craftsmen

‌Event type: craft items
Location: Varanas City
8 time slots each day: 2:20 am, 6:20 am , 10:20 am, 2:20 pm, 6:20 pm, 10:20 pm
A broadcast will be sent out when the event starts
Event ends after 30 minutes
Event Target: assist the Craftsmen



  • Updated Arabic translation.
  • Changed Golden Wings rarity to golden.
  • Fixed Vine of the Ruins weren’t using Rooted skill.
  • Added confirmation for golden gear exchange system.
  • Disabled summon of class pets and cenedrils at same time.
  • Increased maximum item per load to 250 for auction house.
  • Fixed all ammunition cost type was requiring ranged weapon.
  • Increased maximum loaded item amount to 2500 for auction house.
  • Fixed summoned cenedril damage wasn’t appearing in damage events.
  • Added auto-teleport for class pets while not being in combat if they are too far from owner.
  • Changed some class pets and cenedrils to update their attributes dynamically depending on owner attributes instead of only during spawn.

Game Launcher

  • Fixed backup for custom path.
  • Added manual backup option.



  • Fixed Group Taunt was sharing cooldown with Shield of Discipline.


  • Reduced Unbridled Rage strength increment to 8%, increased physical damage increment to 24%.
  • Reduced Blood Rune Weapon physical attack power increment to 6%, increased physical damage increment to 30%.


  • Corrected description of Shock Overload.


  • Reduced Shadow Explosion 1-H Hammer damage increment to 8%.


  • Changed Elemental Defense to additionally make Heavy Bash don’t trigger global cooldown.



  • Limited Wraith Attack area damage to maximum 6 target.


  • Fixed Phantom Blade effect wasn’t working together with some unrelated effects.


  • Reduced Chain of Light range to 100.
  • Fixed Vow of Silence wasn’t interrupting casts.


  • Increased Chain of Light area effect radius to 100 from 80.
  • Fixed Fighting Spirit Strike wasn’t stacking for multiple players.
  • Changed Light Healer Fighting Spirit to additionally reset cooldown of Chain of Light if it kills target.


  • Disabled Soul Crusher set skill in Jerath event.
  • Increased Surge of Malice damage decrement for each extra target to 15%.
  • Changed Weakening Weave Curse to have 10% damage decrement for each extra target.


  • Changed Electric Compression description to be suitable with Static Field.
  • Changed Static Field to inflict 1800 wind and 1800 elemental damage to target.


  • Changed Energy Passage to apply slow effect on hit with 30% chance to be suitable with Static Field.


Following changes will be applied only in custom instances until next patch.


  • Fixed Static Field Charge and Charged state weren’t overriding each other.
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