Patch Notes



  • Added quests zone.
  • Added 10 new titles.
  • Added 85 new monster cards.
  • Added 3-mode instance New Pantheon with 6 new minigame rankings.


  • Fixed title change lag.
  • Fixed flickering effects.
  • Reduced exp rate to x10.
  • Updated WoWMap addon.
  • Increased item queue speed.
  • Improved performance of effects.
  • Added dynamic speed to personal pets.
  • Added weapons to friend frame preview.
  • Changed Aged Realgar Wine item type to potion.
  • Disabled random movement of Travelling Merchant.
  • Increased amount of free MirrorWorld entrances on weekends.
  • Fixed speak frame scroll wasn’t restarted when opening new dialog.
  • Changed 92 Fear effects to be removable by fear protection effects.
  • Added configurable hoverable item tooltip previews for chat hyperlinks.
  • Disabled teleport to behind mechanic in Rock Giant Khat room temporarily.
  • Fixed issue that was preventing to open other shop directly from the same NPC.
  • Increased Clandestine Merchant shop price to 5.000.000 gold for Fensay’s Silver Leaf Jewelry.
  • Fixed all Poisonous Cliff Worm creatures in Realm of Forgotten Legends were disappearing after killing Jerath.
  • Increased magic perfume loot radius and increased pet loot speed significantly, changed itemshop prices according to that.


  • Added ReloadTexture() (UI).
  • Added <Texture>:GetFile().
  • Added <Texture>:GetRotate().
  • Added <Texture>:GetMaskFile().
  • Added <Texture>:GetTexCoord().
  • Added <Texture>:GetLuminance().
  • Added <Texture>:GetAlphaMode().
  • Added <Layout>:GetUiElementType().
  • Added <Texture>:GetTexCoordCount().
  • Added bool = IsSpellUsable( spellID ).


  • Fixed label height of custom ISP description.
  • Added possbility to cancel file report creation.
  • Changed file report preview method to use default text editor.
  • Prevented config frame to be closed during file report creation.



  • Changed Barbarian Battle Cry to harmful effect by preventing aggro generation.
  • Fixed Defender’s Roar was losing some portion of it’s effect when it is used more than once.


  • Reduced Slash Expert duration to 20 seconds, increased rage consumption reduction to 40%.
  • Removed Earthly Strike Unbalanced requirement, changed it to inflict 180% damage when target has no Unbalanced effect.


  • Removed Rage Crisis global cooldown trigger.
  • Halved Bloody Attack damage, doubled attack amount, decreased cost to 2% HP, added 1-H Weapon requirement. It is now providing Increased Reflexes like Keen Attack does.


  • Changed Static Field to reflect damage up to 2 times with 20% damage decrement for each extra reflection.


  • Fixed Fang Ritual wasn’t usable with various other effects together.


  • Changed Sneak Attack to move behind target instead of having it as requirement.


  • Reduced Searing Light damage by 33%.


  • Fixed Disassemble wasn’t working with set skills.


  • Reduced Killin’ Time cooldown to 60 seconds, increased it’s duration to 30 seconds.


  • Removed Soul Stab damage decrement for each extra target.
  • Removed cooldown of Soul Agility, increased it’s duration to 900 seconds.


  • Fixed Fearless Blow was refreshing 100 rage unintentionally.


  • Decreased Suicide Advance cooldown to 1.5 minutes.


  • Changed Wind Arrows to don’t have extra cooldown with crossbow if player has Arrow of Essence effect.


  • Increased Ignite damage decrement to 24% for each extra target, removed global cooldown trigger, it will have more cooldown if weapon is crossbow and as long as player don’t have Arrow of Essence effect along with it.

Anniversary Festival

  • Festival will lasts for 7 days.

Treasure Riot

‌Event type: find and collect items
Start NPC: Kekonee
Start location: Varanas Bridge
Event Target: Find a collect the set of cards to trade them with Kekonee.

A Magical Method of Disaster Aversion

‌Event type: transform into a frog, find and collect monsters
Start NPC: Sebastian
Start location: in front of Dalanis City
Event location: Thunderhoof Hills
Event Target: find and collect frogs

Frog Killer

‌Event type: find and kill monsters, collect items
Start NPC: Witch Daila
Start location: Logar and Heffner Camp
Event location: Howling Mountains, Coast of Opportunities
Event Target: find and kill magic frogs to collect items

Candara Frog Contest

‌Event type: like a battue
Start NPC: Ivan Asla
Start Location: Varanas City
Event location: Varanas City
Event Target: drive frogs through race course

Sea of the Frogs

‌Event type: collect items, defeat monsters
Start NPC: Misian
Start location: Heffner Camp
Event location: Coast of Opportunities
Event Target: collect ingredients, transform to a frog, find items and defeat guards

Flogg’s Fortune Cookie

‌Event type: find and collect
Start NPC: Flogg Shuiss
Start Location: Varanas Bridge
Event location: Varanas Bridge
Event Target: use transformation potion and speak to frogs to obtain items

Space Supremacy

‌Event type: collect within the time
Start NPC: Gredd Starchaser
Start Location: Varanas Bridge
Event Target: capture the colored space balls within a limited time

Clear the Playground

‌Event type: capture monsters
Start NPC: Fell Cage
Start location: Varanas Bridge
Event Target: Use the net to capture the Light Crows flying above the ground

Research Materials

‌Event type: capture monsters
Start NPC: Dennis Jones
Start location: Varanas Bridge
Event Target: Use the scent to capture a Greedy Ball floating in space

Retrieve the Space Balls

‌Event type: capture items
Start NPC: Abu Brokenlamp
Start location: Varanas Bridge
Event Target: Retrieve the Faulty Space Balls to be repaired

Frog Transformation

‌Event type: transform into a frog, find and catch monsters
Start NPC: Standler Luya
Start location: Varanas Bridge
Event location: Silverspring
Event Target: find the fairies and touch them in right order

Alalis Trial

‌Event type: Find the NPC
Start NPC: Peacher
Start Location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event Target: Follow Alalis closely and find her.

Buzzkill – Help the Cook

‌Event type: find, collect and deliver items
Start NPC: Convokenz Rushman
Start Location: Varanas City Entrance
Event location: Lake of Magic Mist
Event Target: find items and bring them to Convokenz Rushman

Post-Patch notes

Following changes will be applied only in custom instances until next patch.



  • Fixed Void Armor was breaching immune effects.



  • Fixed some skills were breaching immune effects.


  • Fixed Static Field was behaving like circle area effect instead of reflection, and was able to inflict damage to non-enemy targets.


  • Changed crossbow cooldown for Wind Arrow to 3 seconds, changed it to 2 seconds when player has Arrow of Essence.


  • Changed crossbow cooldown for Ignite to 3 seconds, changed it to 2 seconds when player has Arrow of Essence.