Patch Notes


  • Increased chance to gain Wild Bittersweet Taro during Ancient Book from the Green Tower quest.
  • Fixed config files were not working when having some special characters in username/directory names in Windows.

Auction House


  • Added option to promote offers with special backgrounds, top of search and dashboard (opening of AH).


  • Fixed and translated some wrong strings.
  • Changed displaying of left time for items.
  • Increased maximum opening time from 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Added slider for amount of decimal digits of price per unit within settings tab.

Browse Tab

  • Fixed scrollbar was disabled after switching tabs.
  • Aligned browse information label to left side within the bar.
  • Fixed clicking on Seller and Price per Unit to select the current row.
  • Fixed History button and Purchase button were switching positions sometimes.

My offers Tab

  • Fixed display of auction duration for Prestige extra days in duration dropdown menu.

History Frame

  • Aligned some categories.
  • Adjusted date format from MM/DD/YYYY to DD-MM-YYYY.

Item Shop


  • Excluded Festival Offers from appearing in Newly added category.
  • Added click pointer cursor when hovering clickable buttons and blocks.
  • Added tabs with all New and Newbie items available from dashboard blocks.

New Items

  • Added Chicken Sword.
  • Added Primal Chaos Hammer.
  • Added Staff of the Oak Walker.
  • Added Kreyen Demon Blade (Style 3).


  • Prolonged current season to end of year.
  • Disabled Prestige benefits in Battlegrounds.
  • Disabled Auction House fee reduction benefit.
  • Added Prestige spins history to Wheel of Fortune.
  • Moved mount summon speed benefit to Mounts category.
  • Fixed Prestige purchase frame text were overflowing sometimes.


  • Removed low level loot from Cyclops Lair (Hard).
  • Improved obtaining Nero Millionaire title requirements.
  • Disabled using mounts near Bethomia movement puzzle.
  • Fixed it was possible to use pets to tank monsters inside Pumpkin Malatina.
  • Fixed «Leave Instance» was sometimes teleporting you between instance room instead outside.

Visual Changes


  • Added date/time to guild war history frame.
  • Added Ctrl+A highlight support to most of text boxes.
  • Fixed Xal-Dun was using 1h sword animations instead of 2h.
  • Changed guild post frame header label to disappear after writing one character.
  • Fixed using zone hyperlink dropdown «open in world map» for continents and cities.


  • Added spell name to Cooling Down warning message.
  • Added GM chat message when zone was closed or crashed.
  • Fixed some warning messages were white after recent patch.



  • Changed Stifle to be cancellable, also fixed it was being consumed unintentionally in particular situations.


  • Fixed Fed by Malice isn’t triggering in Arena of Darkness kills.


  • Added Auction_PromotePrice( ItemPrice, CurrencyType, PromoteType, PromoteTime ).
  • Updated CreateAuctionItem( ..., PromoteType, PromoteTime ).
  • Updated CreateAuctionMoney( ..., PromoteType, PromoteTime ).
  • Updated ..., PromoteType, PromoteTime = GetAuctionSellItemInfo( ... ).
  • Updated ..., PromoteType = GetAuctionBrowseItemInfo( ... ).
  • Updated ..., PromoteType = GetAuctionBidItemInfo( ... ).

Autumn Banquet Festival

  • 8 custom cards from festival mobs.
  • 7 hidden custom titles from festival events.


During the festival you can exchange Water Zodiac materials and Hydro Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Hydro Draconaris from:

  • Fez William — exchange 15 x Autumn Banquet Vouchers for a reward.

Provision Collection

‌Location: Varanas Gates
NPC: Provisions Supervisor
Event Target: Collect food bags from the farms and deliver to the Bridge at Varanas

The Roast Ostrich Feast‌

‌Location: Logar, Varanas, Silverfall, Obsidian Stronghold, Valley of Preparation
NPC: None
Event Target: Eat and enjoy festival food served on event tables, get buff and title.

‌Cinnamon Leaf

‌Location: Whole Taborea
NPC: Fez William
Event Target: Trade collected items for rewards from NPC.

Colorful Feather Prayer

‌Location: Dalanis City Gate
NPC: Lavanda Vitt
Event Target: Feed the Ostriches & pluck their feathers!

‌Ostrich Caravan

‌Location: Silverspring
NPC: Lorence Hollow
Known Issue: Ostrichs sometimes don’t spawn or despawn after event start

‌Lost Eggs

‌Location: Varanas Gates
NPC: George Makov
Event Target: Trace and brought back lost ostrich eggs.

‌Errand (chain quests)

‌Location: Varanas Central Plaza
NPC: Anoraf Laiken

‌Duck Out

‌Location: Outside The Kingdom of Lechif
NPC: Florent

‌Egg Thief

‌Location: Varanas Gates/Silverspring (Southwest Farm)
NPC: Chamo/Kardly Auck
Event Target: Collect and exchange items in order to earn a reward.

‌Ostrich Code

‌Location: Varanas Gates
NPC: Ostrich Caretaker
Event Target: Find the correct order of emotes to communicate with Ostriches.



  • Added Arcadia icon to custom zones tooltips.
  • Fixed Kardly Auck event wasn’t always having maximum number of ostrich eggs.
  • Fixed tooltips icon way was sometimes freezing game on cutting names in some languages.
  • Fixed it was possible that player information tooltip was showing VIP and Newbie icon together.
  • Fixed Prestige was showing season time buttons in wrong position when having permanent subscription.


  • Fixed issues with launcher and game language.
  • Added integrity report information on front of screen.
  • Added support for special accented letters in save variables path.
  • Fixed issues with custom save variables path when it contained backslash at end.



  • Changed zone chat to work across all channels.
  • Fixed «% Damage of Dots» attribute wasn’t working.
  • Changed Advent Calendar to check all player class levels.
  • Fixed buffs time when reviving after death was not deducted.
  • Updated Lorence Hollow broadcast with more accurate location description.


  • Added 269 new furnitures. — A few furnitures are missing icons.

Auction House

Dashboard Tab

  • Moved golden promoted offers into new Dashboard tab.

My offers Tab

  • Added search box to search for own offers.
  • Added promote type background to placing offer area.

History Frame

  • Changed display of price per unit to use same settings as Browse tab.


  • Fixed sometimes Prestige benefits were able to exceed maximum value.
  • Fixed bonuses for extra currency were triggered even after reaching cap value.

Arena of Darkness

  • Added Arena of Darkness world map.
  • Fixed buyback previews in Arena of Darkness title shop.



  • Fixed ping display in Battlegrounds.
  • Fixed crash on game close in Battlegrounds.
  • Changed Battleground queue errors to use warning frame.
  • Reenabled Goram Woram due to being required for new Honor Title questline.
  • Added temporary block to enter Battlegrounds after repeatedly denying to enter paired matches.

Siege War

  • Fixed some dialogues weren’t closing fully when timing out.

Windrunner Race

  • Fixed Windrunner Races battlegrounds were never allowing to join more than 4 players.


  • Fixed multiple issues.

Visual Changes


  • Fixed weapon plussing glow was missing.
  • Reduced size of Zhargos metamorphed pet.

User Interface

  • Fixed ranking top place textures were reversed.
  • Updated old slider textures to use new thumb texture.
  • Fixed blood bars were displaying over blind visual effect.
  • Added «1x» to chat messages when paying or obtaining currency.
  • Added «Bound» to virtual item previews (shops, dialogs, addons).
  • Fixed truncating cast bar text when string contained special characters.
  • Added search box in hotkey navigation frame for searching certain hotkeys.


  • Blocked ExitInstance function from automated xml events.



  • Fixed Frenzied Attack was blocking Root effects.


  • Fixed multiple Auction House issues.
  • Fixed bonuses from buffs were incorrectly displayed client-side.


  • Fixed multiple Auction House issues.
  • Fixed issues with errors about amount of used accounts.
  • Fixed Prestige Purchase window was appearing on every zone change when having display on startup selected.