Patch Notes


  • The gold rate has been adapted to x10 again.
  • The anniversary event will be extended, you will recieve login gashas again.
  • The translation of the system message from Dalanis Night(w)mare has been corrected.
  • Sigils stack up to 50 now (Attack Sigil, Magical Attack Sigil, Healing Sigil, Defense Sigil).


  • Level 95 items have been added to the following vendors(shops):
    • Proof of Myth NPC Edward Wilson (Plate II, Chain II, Leather II, Cloth II).
    • Archeologist Byron (Phirius Shell Plate NPC).
    • Archeologist Joel (Phirius Shell Chain NPC).
    • Archeologist York (Phirius Shell Leather NPC).
    • Archeologist Yona (Phirius Shell Robes NPC).
    • Archeologist Wendy (Phirius Shell Cloth NPC).
  • Level 95 recipes are now available at Archeologist Dyna, next to the phirius shell NPCs in Varanas.
  • Event NPC Eve exchanges 1000 Ancient Mementos for 1000 Honor Points now!