Patch Notes


  • Quest NPC Daris should show the correct dialog now, after finishing the last quest in Kashaylan.
  • Splitwater quest line titles should work correctly now (this time for real).
  • A bug which causes that you can not use encyclopedias anymore has been resolved.
  • Class Expansion Ticket» can now be used for 10 classes again.
  • Universal Potion now completely restores all HP, Mana, Rage, Energy, and Focus for all classes/subclasses in all combinations.

General changes

  • The VIP system has been adjusted and you will recieve the regular rewards again (Those who didn’t get the correct login bonus yesterday will recieve compensation within the next hours).
  • The cap for ancient mementos has been raised to 10000.
  • You are now able to buy 5 extra slots and 8 extra pages for your magic wardrobe.
  • Event NPC Eve has been adjusted, she will exchange 1000 honor points now for 500 mementos instead of 1000 mementos.
  • «Veiled Crypt of Kashaylan» has been adjusted and all bosses should work correctly now.