Patch Notes


  • Added limit cap for Arcadia Coins.
  • Improved visual of Currencies tab.
  • Increased maximum HP limit dealt in Heimdall’s phases.
  • Adjusted exchange rates for Diamonds, Gold and Ancient Mementos.
  • Adjusted gained TP from monsters due previous changes in TP System.
  • Adjusted pet size changed by Executioner Puppet Transformation Potion.
  • Improved reading of numbers in Character, Experience Bar, Guild, Guild House, House, Skill Book – dot separated. Please report any issues or requests for separating numbers in next frames.


  • Corrected few strings in multiple languages.
  • Added missing strings from Snowflake Festival titles.

Flower Festival

  • 15 custom cards from festival monsters.
  • 9 hidden custom titles from festival events.


During the festival you can exchange Wind Zodiac materials and Aero Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Aero Draconaris from:

  • Flower Festival Reward Representative – exchange 4 x Flower Festival Attendance Certificate for a reward.

True Love

‌Event starts at: Auermo
Event area(s): Thunderhoof Hills
Event goal: Complete multiple tasks within a quest line.
Note: A minimum level of 50 is required to complete this event quest line!

Lilies of Love

‌Event starts at: Karlindola
Event area(s): Dalanis
Event goal: The player will receive 5 Lilies of Love to use on other players.

Heralds of the Flower God

‌Event starts at: Allen Romero, Varanas bridge
Event area(s): Taborea
Event goal: Find the heralds of the flower God.

Create Love Chocolate

‌Event starts at: Adam
Event area(s): Varanas Square, Logar, Taborea
Event goal: Collect ingredients to create Love Chocolate.

Cultivate a magical rose

‌Event starts at: Eva
Event area(s): Varanas Square
Event goal: Plant and cultivate magical rose seeds.

Flower God’s Blessing

‌Event starts at: Adam, Varanas
Event goal: Receive the blessing from the Flower God for a small fee!

Stairs of the blue roses

‌Event starts at: Ayfur, Varanas Square
Event area: Varanas Square
Event goal: Find and collect blue roses.

Flowers from Evana

‌Event starts at: Evana Javelin at Varanas Square
Event area(s): Varanas Square, House, Silverspring
Event goal: Catch 5 Pollinating Butterflies.

Flames of Love

‌Event starts at: Gary Burton, Varanas Bridge
Event area(s): Silberquell, Tagena
Event goal: Use special skills for beat other players with points in a small arena.

Four parts of the wedding flower

‌Event starts at: Captain Ali
Event area(s): In front of Varanas bridge
Event goal: Find the stolen pieces of the wedding flower and bring them back.

The Flower Pixie and the Flower Blessing

‌Event starts at: Gaster
Event area(s): outside Varanas Gates
Event goal: Protect Follow and defend the Flower Pixie from the Flower Thieves.

Mr. Swallowtail’s Toss of Elegance

‌Event starts at: Nikljars Wulfft
Event area(s): Varanas bridge
Event goal: Get as many points as possible by hitting enemies with a throw.

Food Hunt

‌Event starts at: Sisaylin the Perplexed Event area(s): Thunderhoof Hills
Event goal: Get multiple items within a quest line to receive a reward.
Note: A minimum level of 50 is required to complete this event quest line!

Patch Notes

Arcadia Coins

‌ Five new NPCs are placed in Eternal Wisdom in Lost Island of Atlantis.

  • Added new 5 cards.
  • Added new buff potions.
  • Added mount speed amulet.
  • Added new recipe materials.
  • Added new food, alchemy and furniture recipes.
  • Added new Chamber of Elements instance stats exchange.
  • Decreased amount of coins gained on Secret Temple of Tikal.
  • Added new material to last bosses from Chamber of Elements instances.


  • Translated next Spanish strings.
  • Corrected few strings in multiple languages.
  • Reworked item exchange system in Chamber of Elements.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed a few small bugs.
  • Corrected few strings in multiple languages.
  • Translated most of custom content to Spanish.
  • Decreased Inferno of Divinity yellow stat items prices.

Patch Notes

Arcadia Coins

  • Lowered new instance stat exchange price.
  • Reverted Jimmy Crane item prices to original.
  • Increased amount of Arcadia Coins in Inferno of Divinity.
  • Reverted change that decreased amount of Arcadia Coins in Secret Temple of Tikal.
  • Added possibility (50% chance) to obtain additional fragment (Protector, Pain, Agility, Knowledge) from Loki in Inferno of Divinity.

Goblin Mines

  • Added Goblin Mines NPC to Lost Island of Atlantis.
  • Fixed known issues with Goblin Mines Repeat Ticket.


  • Fixed a few small bugs.
  • Enabled max level housekeepers event.
  • Changed Tina’s event NPC (Lost Island of Atlantis) title.

Patch Notes

Sigils and % potions system

  • Disallowed using all sigils on non-self targets.
  • Allowed using (Magic) Defence Sigils in all non-PvP zones.
  • Allowed using 40% and less HP potions in all non-PvP zones.
  • Disallowed using Healing, (Magic) Attack Sigils, more than 40% HP and HP MP potions and sacred phoenix in all PvP and custom zones.


  • Fixed a few small bugs.
  • Redesigned Aslan bridge.
  • Reviewed chat word filter list.
  • Disabled max level housekeepers event.
  • Corrected few strings in multiple languages.
  • Translated next part of custom content to Spanish.
  • Increased maximum stack for Atlantis craft materials to 999.
  • Added possibilty to search recipes in Auction House by names.
  • Fixed Atlantis critical damage food overwriting normal food buffs.
  • Increased minimum Lava Shard from bosses in Inferno of Divinity to x2.
  • Allowed using mounts, transport runes and Black Codex transport spell in Chamber of Elements.
  • Separated Protector, Pain, Agility, Knowledge Fragments in loot frame if there are 2 of the same type.
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