Patch Notes

New content

  • Added new contests title.
  • Added equipment skin cleaner.
  • Added new 40 slots house chest.
  • Added instance Hall of the Demon Lord (Hard Mode).
  • Added 28 new cards in Hall of the Demon Lord (Hard Mode).

Game options

  • Added interface option to disable chat censorship.
  • Added Unit Buffs order choices to interface options.
  • Added camera zoom speed slider to graphics settings.

Game launcher

  • Added server status.
  • Reworked news frame.
  • Updated settings frame.
  • Added patch checking for Play button.

Mirror Worlds

  • Fixed entering Mirror Worlds was not always restarting room.
  • Fixed bug that was teleporting out of Mirror Worlds after crash.
  • Added possibility to enter Mirror Worlds from Chamber of Elements.
  • Improved Mirror Worlds that you will leave in place where you entered.

Honor Party

  • Removed extra drop rate effect of Honor Party.
  • Removed possibilities of inviting players who have above 30 level to Honor Party.
  • Corrected gained XP/TP of Honor Party members when mob level is higher than party leader’s level.

Whisper Manager

  • Fixed bug that was causing all tabs were marked as orange.
  • Fixed lags that occurs when you have high amount of chat tabs.
  • Fixed bug that was causing appearing of error instead messages.
  • Fixed resize button wasn’t working sometimes after using „Close all but this“ process.

Interface improvements

  • Reworked recipe tooltip.
  • Reworked NPC Search frame.
  • Reworked Item Marge frame.
  • Reworked main menu frames.
  • Updated icons in skillbook tabs.
  • Updated Inferno of Divinity maps.
  • Unifed game settings in login screen.
  • Reworked itemshop packages tooltip.
  • Clarified GM/CM/DEV chat nickname prefixes.
  • Reworked bonus information in character frame.
  • Reworked status bars and spell tab in pet frame.
  • Added preview in packages that contain one item.
  • Adjusted attribute texts for better understanding.
  • Added weapons and shields to npc model previews.
  • Added certain rarity search function to Auction House.
  • Improved a lot of various login frames with visual fixes.
  • Improved a lot of various game frames with visual fixes.
  • Changed dialogues order in guild buff towers and stable.
  • Added last whisper target for reply to saved variables to use after relog.
  • Added attack/movement/ride speed, aggro, loot, tp/exp bonus information to character frame.
  • Enabled Russian language worldmaps (WoWMap users must get update from CoA CurseForge).
  • Added possibility to change interface save path per game directory (RuneDev.ini -> [Locale] -> InterfaceSavePath=Name of directory).

Interface bugfixes

  • Fixed Item Shop navigation.
  • Fixed Inspect Frame was missing class info.
  • Fixed interface scaling issue on wide screens.
  • Fixed interface scaling issue on low UI scales.
  • Fixed too long broadcast messages were cutted.
  • Fixed Travelling Merchant summoning stone had no model preview.
  • Fixed players who has special character in name weren’t able to get loot from masterloot list.

Other improvements

  • Updated Arabic language.
  • Updated French language.
  • Updated Russian language.
  • Increased (de)buffs limit to 100.
  • Decreased channel change wait time.
  • Changed stack limit of following items:
    • Guild Stone/Ruby/Rune to 10000.
    • All projectile and arrows to 10000.
    • Universal Potion mixtures to 1000.
    • Cenedril upgrade materials to 10000.
  • Updated Chronicler’s Helper title attributes.
  • Corrected string of Enhanced Intensification.
  • Added character name to client window name.
  • Reduced „Client errors“ for high movement speed.
  • Reduced wait time between messages on zone chat.
  • Reduced teleporting back with high movement speed.
  • Changed Research Expert quest bottle placement logic.
  • Increased GetNearestFriend/Enemy range for monsters.
  • Disabled object highlight when UIParent is hidden (Ctrl+Z).
  • Added possibility to enter Siege War from Chamber of Elements.

Other bugfixes

  • Fixed Wind Arrows had wrong range.
  • Fixed Battered Box on Sarlo wasn’t reachable.
  • Fixed bugged Lismomo tactics in Veiled Crypt of Kashaylan.
  • Fixed Energy Ball furniture wasn’t allowing user do alchemy.
  • Fixed Mechanical Gamble spell wasn’t usable below 50% HP.
  • Fixed bug that was teleporting out of minigames after crash.
  • Fixed rare issue preventing leave house, guild castle and instances.
  • Fixed Elven Mind Flask wasn’t working together with Clear Thought.
  • Fixed multiple bugs that was teleporting out of instances after crash.
  • Fixed bug that was making certain objects had wrong size in some cases.
  • Fixed Spring Carol wasn’t making Camellia Flower heal all raid members.
  • Fixed bug that was making dead monsters stay visually „alive“ sometimes.
  • Fixed some spells was usable even while having obstacle between user and target.
  • Fixed bug that was allowing move items between guild pages without permissions.
  • Fixed Potion: Lucky Target was sometimes being consumed without giving any buff.
  • Fixed issues with accepting crafting level upgrade quests after using expansion scrolls.
  • Fixed Superior Priest spell was consuming more than required Amulet of Death sometimes.
  • Fixed bug that was making GetNearestFriend/Enemy working wrongly with changed UI scale.


  • Added GetMapID().
  • Increased maximum length of xml font strings.
  • Added 12th return value „id“ for IMF_GetMargeItem().
  • Updated AuctionBrowseSearchItem( int rarity 1001 to search rarity == 1 ).

Festival of Fire

  • 7 custom cards from festival mobs.
  • 8 hidden custom titles from festival events.


During the festival you can exchange Earth Zodiac materials and Geo Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Geo Draconaris from:

  • Ajis – exchange 5 x Festival of Fire Voucher for a reward.
  • Lujken Lajet – exchange 5 x Festival of Fire Voucher for a reward.

Rune Chessboard

‌NPC: Rune Chessboard
‌Event Target: Align one or more lines of crystals of the same color to obtain points
‌Start location: Next to bridge in front of Varanas

Ignite the Holy Fire Altar

‌NPC: Dorimy Laso
‌Event type: mini-game
‌Start location: Next to bridge in front of Varanas

Party Pest Control

‌NPC: Ajis
‌Event type: find and defeat
‌Start location: Varanas Central Plaza
‌Event location: Varanas Gates
‌Event Target: Find mice and drive them away with the use of the Flame Altar

Iron Chef

‌NPC: Drake Gates
‌Event type: Collect Items & Cook
‌Start location: Varanas Gates
‌Event location: Silverspring – Oblivion Shrine
‌Event Target: Collect food in Silverspring and cook it at Varanas Central Plaza


‌NPC: Ethan Bryce
‌Event type: Cure Monsters
‌Start location: Varanas Bridge
‌Event location: Silverspring (Around Varanas Gates)
‌Event Target: Cure the sick monsters with Flame Powder.

Flame Fortune

‌NPC: Giselle Fred
‌Event type: Help NPC/Collecting Points
‌Event location: Taborea
‌Event Target: Collect Runes in the Magic Circle and throw them at the Altar.

Light the Pyre!

‌NPC: Lujken Lajet
‌Event type: Help NPC/Control Fire
‌Start location: Thunderhoof Hills, outside Dalanis City
‌Event location: Thunderhoof Hills, outside Dalanis City
‌Event Target: Control the fire with water and catalyzed runes as the NPC wants it.

Drive Beast

‌NPC: Aishas Gracia
‌Event type: Help NPC, defeat monster
‌Start location: Varanas Bridge
‌Event location: Dust Devil Canyon
‌Event Target: (Group) Defeat the Ice or Fire monster by either assisting NPC or assisting your group.

Patch Notes

Hall of the Demon Lord (Hard Mode)

  • Fixed cards loot chance.
  • Increased defense value of instance units.
  • Increased Arcadia Coin drop amount to 650 from 450.


  • Updated AdvancedAuctionHouse.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed daily quest The Cost of Magic.
  • Added equipment skin cleaner to Item Shop.
  • Fixed missing end rewards for Survival Game.
  • Fixed Goblin Mines were not allowing enter same room with party.
  • Reduced maximum party size in Hall of the Demon Lord (Hard Mode) to 6.
  • Fixed pets were sometimes removed when leaving Mirror Worlds and minigames.

Patch Notes

  • Added autoanchor to player debuffs.
  • Optimized buff frames for performance.

Patch Notes

  • Disabled maxed housekeepers event.
  • Fixed spellbook tab templates for addons.
  • Increased Arcadia Coins in Hall of the Demon Lord (Hard Mode).
  • Adjusted damage and defence of monsters in Hall of the Demon Lord (Hard Mode).

Patch Notes

  • Fixed issue with buff orders.
  • Fixed amount value for packages with stacked items.
  • Fixed issue that target buffs were not always updated.
  • Added option to toggle notification flash in Whisper Manager.​
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