Patch Notes

Reworked Monster Cards

  • Implemented new card system: video / wiki.
  • Implemented 6 new cards to Howling Mountains.
  • Implemented NPC Asmial as vendor of new card system to Atlas City CH1.
  • Implemented user interface for Disenchanting in order to be more comfortable with new card system.
  • Reworked Monster Compendium, disabled yaCIt addon due to not being suitable with new card system.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Experience Blocker (30 Days) wasn’t working properly.


  • Changed Cat NPCs to be unfightable.
  • Implemented TooltipIDs as built-in addon.
  • Reduced Arcadian Patience rate to 1% from 10%.
  • Reduced magical damage output to 90.6% from 100%.
  • Fixed Attack skill wasn’t working in some macro functions.
  • Reduced damage output in all kind of damage formula of the player by 30%.
  • Fixed some mounts were missing ride speed information in their description.
  • Fixed some global regular attack booster effects were inflicting random damage.
  • Implemented interface setting to disable heal events if healed targets health is full.
  • Removed beginner gear from Beginner Package, therefore only way to obtain it is talking to Johnny Dalker.
  • Created a wiki page to describe essentials of Chronicles of Arcadia. Content and design will be changed in future and continued to be updated.



  • Reduced Shield Form Strength to Stamina transformation to 80% from 87%.
  • Reduced Finishing Hammer 1-H hammer damage gain to 54.3% from 57.6%, 2-H Hammer to 64.1% from 72%.


  • Fixed Chain Drive wasn’t consumed by Recovery under effect of Disassembly Mode.
  • Reduced Mother’s Blessing health gain to 10.4% from 17.6%.
  • Reduced Rune Recovery attack speed gain to 15% from 18%.


  • Changed Void Armor to have a chance to inflict damage only if target doesn’t have attack speed reduction by effect owner’s Void Armor. Changed attack speed reduction on target to be stackable with other player’s Void Armor effect.
  • Changed Rapid Spread to have 6% damage decrement for each extra target it hits.


  • Reduced Sharpened Axe damage gain to 96% from 107%.


  • Reduced Dagger Mastery damage gain to 85.9% from 92.5%.


  • Reduced Blood Arrow damage gain to 41.4% from 51.8%.
  • Increased Substitute cooldown to 60 seconds from 30.


  • Increased 1-H Axe Mastery damage gain to 98% from 93.2%.
  • Decreased Toxic Splash damage to 2568 from 5136.


  • Reduced Disassembly Shadow hammer damage gain to 82.5% from 92.5%.


  • Changed Holy Surge to do not provide damage reduction any more.
  • Increased Fearless physical damage gain to 16% from 8%.


  • Reduced Phantom Blade cooldown to 90 seconds from 180.


  • Increased Poisonous Embrace damage gain to 42.6% from 32%.
  • Reduced Poison Shroud damage over time value to 2398 from 4361.


  • Fixed Chaos Dagger was inflicting 116% with attacks made by offhand instead of 92.8%, fixed it was requiring projectile to use.


  • Increased Moon Cleave radius to 80 from 60, changed it to have visible channel bar, removed global cooldown trigger.
  • Increased Whirlwind radius to 80 from 50.
  • Increased Blasting Cyclone radius to 80 from 60.
  • Changed Slash to inflict a stronger Bleed with Spear.


  • Increased Electrical Rage duration to 15 seconds from 10, changed damage type to fire from wind, changed skill type to magical from physical.
  • Changed Thunder Sword to do not trigger the global cooldown.
  • Removed Electric Attack, Lava Weapon, Lightning Burn Weapon durations.


  • Changed Waiting Game to increase physical attack by 12% passively instead.
  • Increased Aim for the Wound damage to 1320% ranged weapon DPS from 954%.


  • Increased Redemption damage gain to 16% from 12%, increased duration to 30 seconds from 20, reduced cooldown to 60 seconds from 90.


  • Reduced 2-H Weapon Mastery damage gain to 60% from 64%.


  • Reduced Wind Chop wind damage portion to 954% from 1060%.



  • Changed Inspiration to reduce casting time of all skills for 4 seconds instead of next skill, increased trigger chance to 100% from 72%.
  • Changed Earth Chain to inflict boosted damage as extra when under effect of Nature’s Power, instead of boosting base damage.


  • Removed Focused in Nature cooldown time.
  • Increased Toxicologist poison damage gain to 114% from 104%.


  • Reduced Elemental Knowledge damage gain to 72% from 82%.


  • Changed Light Charge to Illumination; Creates an aura within designated area which inflicts 3600 + 0.3 x INT light damage to enemies within 60 radius with 10% damage decrement for each extra target, every second for 5 seconds.


  • Changed Earth Attack to increase frontal range of Earth Pulse greatly, to 250 from 120.


  • Reduced Ill Will dark damage gain to 110% from 124%.
  • Changed Warp Charge to increase magical damage by 10.3% additionally.


  • Reduced Blood Arrow dark damage gain to 22.8% from 28%, intelligence gain to 11.4% from 14%.


  • Reduced Devastating Chop duration to 10 seconds from 12.
  • Reduced Charged Chop damage to 2448 from 2720.


  • Changed Liqudation Suffering to Crime; Inflicts 4800 + 0.8 x INT dark damage to target and marks it with Crime effect for 8 seconds. Only usable under effect of Willpower Blade. Cooldown Time: 4 seconds Cast Time: 1 second Cost: 20 energy (Type of Crime effect is Elemental Weakness)
  • Changed Crime and Punishment name to Punishment, it is now increasing dark damage by 10% for 10 seconds if target has Crime effect, fixed damage gain was stacking unintentionally.
  • Fixed Shadow Slice was providing 2 Psi instead of 3, fixed Shadow was spawning Magic Cavy after death, corrected effect name.



  • Increased Elemental Discipline damage to 143.4% from 78.9%.


  • Reduced Boiling Blood damage gain to 12% from 16%.


  • Reduced Gun Mastery damage gain to 45% from 52%.


  • Increased Prayer water damage gain to 110% from 85%.
  • Increased Holy Blessing light damage gain to 100% from 80%.



  • Increased Holy Power Explosion strength gain to 30% from 18%.
  • Changed Knight of Arms to do not include Shield of Discipline.


  • Increased Holy Power Explosion attack gain to 30% from 20.6%.

Music Festival

  • 40 different stats from Heavenly Score.
  • 26 custom cards from festival monsters.
  • 22 hidden custom titles from festival activities.


During the festival you can exchange Earth Zodiac materials and Geo Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Geo Draconaris from:

  • John Bach – exchange 15 x Notes and Musical Scores for a reward.

Cavy’s Riot

‌Event type: Kill monsters
Start location: Varanas
Event location: Varanas Bridge, Obsidian Stronghold Gates
Event Target: Find Cavy Riot and kill as many Cavies as possible
Reward: Musical Notes, Musical Scores, Phirius Potions

Musical Scale

‌Event type: Play melody
Start location: Varanas
Event location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event Target: Talk to Venus Garter, memorize musical notes and play the tune correctly

Event type: Kill monsters

‌Start location: Varanas
Event location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event Target: Speak to John Bach, form a Group, pass by 3 checkpoints and fight off monsters, deliver Music Box safely to Lia Luther

Music Parade

‌Event type: Music, Interaction
Start location: Varanas
Event location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event Target: Talk to Jade Baglama, receive instrument, take part in the Music Parade

Rescue the Musical Angel

‌Event type: Fight, Puzzle
Start Location: Varanas Bridge
Event location: Forsaken Abbey
Event Target: Talk to Nedo Andus, transport to Event Location, touch platform to‌ ‌Start event, solve energy puzzle and obtain treasure box

Musical Energy Collection

‌Event type: Puzzle
Start Location: Varanas Bridge
Event location: Varanas Bridge
Event Target: Talk to Nala Melody, ‌Start musical device, solve the puzzle

Gate Keeper

‌Event type: Movement, Puzzle
Start Location: Varanas
Event location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event Target: Talk to Armosen Lok, Hit the tunes on the Musical scale

Turn the Gramophone!

‌Event type: Movement, Puzzle
Start Location: Varanas
Event location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event Target: Talk to Pullli, trade Torn Scores for Restored Score, Start the gramophone, hit the right energy boxes

Lost Magic Note

‌Event type: find and kill monsters, movement
Start location: Dalanis
Event location: Dalanis, Thunderhoof Hills

Post Patch Notes

These changes will not be applied in all zones until server restart at 10.05.2021


  • Reduced pet damage by 30% globally.


  • Fixed Balton wasn’t refilling HP sometimes. — will be applied after server restart at 10.05
  • Fixed Balton was being immune after first phase sometimes. — will be applied after server restart at 10.05



  • Changed Battle Prowl to remove bleed from Slash.


  • Fixed some class combinations were editing Slash to do not apply bleed with Spear and some classes were performing unintended behaviours sometimes.
  • Changed Slash spear bleed to be scaled with physical attack power too, reduced spear bleed boost drastically.

( Physical damage multiplier of spear bleed is reduced from fixed 10000% to “Until 2.500.000 Physical Attack; 10 * ( Physical Attack / 2.500.000 ) ^ 1.61803398875, Until 3.500.000 Physical Attack; 10 * ( Physical Attack / 3.500.000 ) ^ 2 + 1, Otherwise 10 * ( Physical Attack / 3.500.000 ) ^ 2.5 + 2”. ( Example; Multipler will be equal to 696% when player has 2.000.000 Physical attack, instead of 10000%. )


  • Fixed Imprisonment Pulse was inflicting damage twice when it is used under effect of Kinetic Explosion instead of boosting base damage. Increased its damage to 289/326% from 234/281%.


  • Reduced Thunderstorm damage to 2511 from 2737.

Planned Change Log

Following list will include possible changes that may be appear along with upcoming patch. Please consider that this list doesn’t represent the actual patch content and might be different when patch is released.

Modified changes will be highlighted with yellow color, declined changes will be highlighted as strikethrough, changes that might be delayed to another patch with considerably high chance will be highlighted with purple color.

Consider that not all changes are guaranteed to be applied with next patch even if they aren’t highlighted with purple color. Some changes might still stay in Planned Change Log even after a patch gets implemented.


  • Fixed pets weren’t looting properly with Magic Perfume sometimes.


  • Added physical attack, attack speed and bad luck aura to Nayat, Siddartha and Krishna in Realm of Forgotten Legends Hard Mode.
  • Changed Khat in Realm of Forgotten Legends Hard Mode to electrify everyone in room if someone gets caught by a small lightning.
  • Added entrance cooldown debuff to Jerath event in Realm of Forgotten Legends Hard Mode that lasts for 180 seconds. Jerath now gains 8% physical attack every time a player participates in the event, and gains 8% physical damage every time a selected player refuse to participate. Every creature killed will inflict 2% damage to the tactic object.
  • Changed Balton to re-apply poison every 3 seconds instead of 5 in Realm of Forgotten Legends Hard Mode.
  • Added Earth Core Fragment to Realm of Forgotten Legends Normal Mode last boss. (3 Earth Core Fragment provides 1 Earth Core when used.)
  • Increased accuracy rate of Balton.

Monster Card System

  • Improved Asmial card material shop, changed cost of some materials.
  • Adjusted card drop rates.
  • Improved purpose of currencies.
  • Implemented … zone to new system.



  • Reduced Fearless damage gain to 12% from 16%.


  • Changed Dark Soul Barrier to Dark Soul; Increases your physical attack power by 6%.


  • Increased Silent Rune Bomb radius to 75 from 60.
  • Increased Pulse Rune Bomb radius to 75 from 60.


  • Increased Bloodthirsty Blade damage to 868.8% from 615%.
  • Reduced Phantom Blade damage gain to 24% from 26%.


  • Reduced Imprisonment Pulse cooldown to 15 seconds from 30.
  • Reduced Kinetic Explosion cooldown to 30 seconds from 60.


  • Reduced Thunderstorm damage to 2310 from 2511.


  • Reduced Mother Earth’s Wrath cooldown to 3 seconds from 4, changed its boosted damage condition to be triggered with 50% chance instead of requiring lower than 40% HP, increased boosted damage to 4600 from 4220, increased base damage to 3417 from 2848.
  • Increased Mother Earth’s Blade damage to 2354 from 2140.


  • Reduced Earth Core Barrier duration to 15 seconds from 20.


  • Changed Brain Shock to increase magical damage by 8% 6% instead of 20.8% intelligence.


  • Increased Cursed Fangs base damage to 1726 from 1439, extra damage to 850 from 709.


  • Changed Strength of Ashes to remove extra area damage gain from Elemental Catalysis in exchange of increasing given magical damage.
  • Fixed Flame Spirit wasn’t having dynamic movement speed.


  • Changed name of Summon Sandstorm to Sandstorm. Increased radius to 75 from 60, reduced base damage to 2384 from 2710, reduced boosted damage to 3590 from 4080.


  • Increased Toxicologist poison damage gain to 124% 130% from 114%.


  • Changed Earth Chain to have point and click target area, increased maximum target amount to 15 from 5, increased its damage to 1349/1868 from 1038/1557, added 6% damage decrement for each extra target.
  • Increased Summer Banquet attack gain to 15% from 6%, reduced cooldown to 90 seconds from 120.
  • Changed Summer Banquet to increase maximum HP by 8% physical and magical attack by 6% of party members, while increasing casters maximum HP by 10%, physical and magical attack by 20% and healing power by 10%, reduced cooldown to 90 seconds from 120.


  • Reduced Moon Cleave damage to 351% from 439%.


  • Reduced Moon Cleave damage to 637% from 796%.


  • Changed Electrical Rage to have 1 second of cast time, removed global cooldown trigger.


  • Changed Stifle to do not require Vulnerable effect, increased stack amount to 15 from 10.
  • Reduced Earthly Strike cooldown to 4 seconds from 6.


  • Increased Waiting Game physical attack gain to 16% from 12%.



  • Reduced Elemental Discipline damage to 121% from 143%.
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