Patch Notes

New NPCs

New Phirius Vendors have been added:

  • Angus: Varanas – Central Plaza.
  • Ansa: Obsidian Stronghold – Glory Square.
  • Waylen: Thunderhoof Hills, Dalanis – Old City District.
  • Bolek: Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan, Front Line Alliance Camp – Depository.
  • Anas: Wailing Fjord, Muckgale Port.
  • Beytin: Splitwater Coast, Port Shard.


  • Due to lag reasons the relationship snails have been removed from the Sascilia Steppes – Instead you will be able to enter a new zone to level your relationships with your friends.
  • The new zone is called „Garden of Eden“ and can be entered via the NPC „Meri“ in Varanas. You will not be disturbed inside there, because it is a private zone which only your party members can enter with you.
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