Patch Notes

Travelling Merchant

This is new item available on Paradise; you can summon NPC which allow you to:

  • Repair your equipment in any place.
  • Buy Poisons, Arrows and Projectitles.
  • Buy Fusion Stones and Random Fusion Stone.
  • Buy Health Points herbs and Mana Points stones.

Inferno of Divinity, Atlantis

  • Transport portal has been added to Inferno of Divinity instance.
  • HP phirius potions can be now used in Inferno of Divinity instance.
  • Transport NPCs which can port you through Atlantis has been added.

Game settings directory

  • Game client is using from now own settings directory: My Documents/Chronicles of Arcadia
  • All game and addons settings should be automatically copied to new directory*
    *in case if you are using custom My Documents location, or your game settings was not copied:
    go offline, open My Documents, find hidden direcory Runes of Magic and rename it to Chronicles of Arcadia

Other changes

  • Global Drop rate has been increased from x7 to x10.
  • Effects of Attributes on Scout class has been changed back to: ‌Strenght 1.3 PATK, Dexterity 1.2 PATK.
  • Anniversary Event has been deactivated, ‌players can still exchange certificates with Tina (Atlantis channel 1).


  • All reported textures has been fixed.
  • Issue with a few item names in chat caused by censorship filter has been fixed.
  • Issue with wrong visible values on character tab for items under 100 level on +20 has been fixed.
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