Patch Notes


  • Fixed some general issues.
  • Added 4 new loading screens.
  • Added Salifus to all Silverspring channels.
  • Replaced Dreamland shops with new equipment.
  • Fixed a few issues with forth boss in Vale of Rites.
  • Fixed rare issues with circles on end boss in Ice Blade Plateau.
  • Decreased amount of tactic objects on second boss in Gorge of the Ice Giants.
  • Fixed end boss in Vale of Rites was sometimes killed by tactic from second boss.
  • Fixed (Magic) Attack, (Magic) Defence, Health Points, Mana Points were counted incorrectly by In-Game Rankings; cleared these rankings.

Fairy Tale Festival

  • 15 custom cards from festival mobs.
  • 2 hidden custom titles from festival events.


During the festival you can exchange Fire Zodiac materials and Pyro Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Pyro Draconaris from:

  • Fairy Tale Event Committee Member – exchange 15 x Fairy Tale Point Cards for a reward.

Little Angel Love

‌‌Event type: use spell on players
‌Start location: Varanas Lower City East
‌Event Target: use spell on players

Little Demon Mischief

‌‌Event type: use spell on players
‌Start location: Varanas Lower City West
‌Event Target: use spell on players

Magical Nautilus Shell

‌‌Event type: collect monsters via magical shell
‌Start location: Varanas Bridge
‌Event Target: find and collect squirrels


‌‌Event type: herd cows
‌Event Information: Varanas Central Plaza and Silverspring
‌Start location: Varanas Central Plaza
‌Event Target: use spell on NPCs

Theatrical Performance

‌‌Event type: be part of a theatrical performance
‌Start location: Varanas Central Plaza
‌Event Target: players need to speak “their lines” in a performance

Dragon Story

‌‌Event type: fight
‌Start location: Varanas Central Plaza
‌Event location: Varanas Administration District
‌Event Target: defeat giant dragon

Story Ceremony

‌‌Event type: use items on other players to get a reward
‌Start location: Varanas Bridge and Varanas Central Plaza
‌Event location: Taborea
‌Event Target: collect story elements by group with other players

Little Red Riding Hood

‌‌Event type: click on the signs to guide Little Red Hood
‌Start location: Varanas Bridge
‌Event location: Varanas Bridge
‌Event Target: help Little Red Hood to pick flowers and evade the wild wolf

Support Storytelling Troupes

‌‌Event type: Quest (Daily Reset)
‌Start location: Varanas Central Plaza
‌Event location: Silverspring
‌Event Target: finish quest
‌Players receive randomly 1 of 5 quests every day:
‌‌ ‌ ‌ ‌Quest 1: Pumpkin Shortage: Collect 10 Giant Pumpkins
‌‌ ‌ ‌ ‌Quest 2: Three Playful Brothers: Search for the 3 brothers
‌‌ ‌ ‌ ‌Quest 3: Apples and Boars: Capture 1 Wild Boar and purchase 5 Apples
‌‌ ‌ ‌ ‌Quest 4: Delicious Home-Baked Cookies: Answer questions and bring Reginald 10 Home-Baked Cookies
‌‌ ‌ ‌ ‌Quest 5: Wolf Costume Materials: Collect 10 fine manes from Grassland Hyenas and 5 sharp wolf fangs from Mutated Wolves

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