Patch Notes


  • Invisibility Potion of Bolon is now bound and can be used only if the player has accepted the quest « Spy! » and is located in the zone « Dragonfang Ridge ».


  • Spirit of the Tempest Height has been updated. The event has now 20 phases with constantly increasing mob levels and values. Also the loot chests have been adapted, which allows the players to obtain items with a level close to theirs. The event will start everyday at 15:00 CET and 20:00 CET.
  • Mirror World Instances have been activated. This is a new event which contains a total of 6 mini dungeons. Each of these dungeons contains special mobs and a boss which drop items needed for another new feature called the « Cenedril ». You can start with that event after you have completed a small quest in Varanas. After that you can reach the dungeons via the Mirror World – button near your avatar.
  • Cenedril Pets will make your character stronger. As the Mirror Worlds have opened their gates, you will be able to collect materials for a new kind of Pets. Increase their rank and their level, the higher they are – the higher attributes do they give.


  • Skills have been updated to the lastest version Not affected are our custom skills of the scout, p/s, p/w etc.
  • Mirror Shards are a new currency coming with the Mirror World. Their will be shops in the near future where you can buy great items for those new coins.

New Zone

  • The Moorlands of Farsitan opened their gates. A new epic questline, corresponding with new titles are waiting for you. You can reach this new zone over the northern pass of the Splitwater Coast.

New Instances

  • Bone Peak is a hardmode raid instance in the north of Splitwater Coast. All 3 modes have been opened.
  • Raven Heart is a small instance in the south of the Moorlands of Farsitan. All 3 modes have been opened.
  • You can find the Madro Troll Nest in the north of Farsitan. All 3 modes have been opened.
  • Dynamic Mirror Shrine is the home of the Cenedril Liphisto
  • Steadfast Mirror Heart of the Ocean is the home of the Cenedril Bendor
  • Mystical Mirror Water Cave is the home of the Cenedril Mersi


  • You will receive a Login Gift from now everyday you log in your character to the game. This feature will remain in a test phase and may be deactivated at any time.
  • Leaving a party/raid inside an instance will now correctly teleport you to a spawnpoint near you.
  • Pets will no longer be able to attack an enemy through walls in Siege Wars.
  • The Hall of Chaos now works correctly and Boss 1 drops a treasure chest.
  • Tina and other affected Event NPCs have now a max level of 102, also the min level 110 has been removed.
  • The rewards for the Arcanium Arena have been adapted. Check out the new items in Varanas Central Plaza.
  • The attack speed of the magical sword and hammer from Tikal have been adapted a little.
  • The magical damage of the wand from Tikal has been increased.
  • The Arrow of Accuracy from Tikal does not disappear after relog anymore
  • The Upper Body loot from Wrakal in the Secret temple of Tikal has been moved to the last Boss in Troll Nest Hardmode, to make it more attractive for players to farm this instance as well
  • Skills which have been increased to 55 with our last patch and didn’t work correctly should now work as intended.