Patch Notes


  • Fixed ping displayed was being effected by fps.
  • Changed Fast Lanes effect to last for 30 minutes.


  • Added beginner packages to Item Shop.
  • Updated description of beginner packages.
  • Updated description and item type of Race & Gender change items.


  • Added 46 new badges to Item Shop.


  • Fixed percent resource restorations were considering maximum resource is always 100.

Mounts & Pets

  • Added 7 new mounts.
  • Changed pet food rarities.
  • Unified prices of Item Shop mounts.
  • Removed timed mounts from Item Shop.
  • Reduced summon time for rental mounts.
  • Added stable minimap icon to all mount merchants.
  • Added button to summon random mount & pet to Parter Bag.
  • Added some mounts from promotions only to regular Item Shop.
  • Unified ride speed of all mounts (except Enchanted Dhal & Zhal and White Unicorn) to 80% in order to diversity usage of mounts for visual after storing in Partner Bag.


  • Changed cast bars with duration smaller than 0.1 second to be instant.
  • Added ID to prestige benefit tooltips with option to disable in interface settings.
  • Fixed it was impossible to summon mounts in some instances such as Mirror Worlds.
  • Fixed bug that benefit “Calling Mount” for open world was also working in instances and improved it’s description.


  • Changed default Shop tab sorting to “New”.

Guild Castle

  • Added Atlas Gold (Small) to Item Shop.
  • Changed towers maintenance cost to scale non-linearly with tower level.

Visual Changes


  • Fixed Yrvandis Hollows map on Spanish locale.
  • Added new item bag indicators to item shop bag.
  • Fixed player tooltips weren’t hidden when inside questbook.

Auction House

  • Improved listing visual.
  • Updated Spanish localization.
  • Changed filtering delay time of items in Auction House from 2 seconds to 0.5 seconds.

Quest Book

  • Updated reward texture.


  • Improved search algorithm in rankings by index.
  • Made “Total TP” ranking temporary save max int value when overflowed.

Title Frame

  • Fixed rarity dropdown was missing badge level 6.

Transport Book

  • Updated background.
  • Updated colors of texts.
  • Added zone tooltip on slot hover.


  • Changed Hide to be usable in combat, added 6 seconds of cooldown and 10 Energy cost.
  • Changed Premeditation: Meditate shortly to make your next 10 offensive spell damage to inflict always critical damage for 10 seconds. Using Wound Attack while having this buff will increase its damage by 50%. Cost: 20 Energy Cast Time: 2 seconds Cooldown: 20 seconds.


  • Fixed Low Blow was inflicting more damage than intended.
  • Changed Sinister Methods; Additionally covers your weapon with poison, every physical damage you inflict except damage over time will inflict small portion of (30% MHDPS) poison damage.


  • Changed Evil Intent: Increases Premeditation stacks to 20, removed cast time but increases cooldown to 40 seconds too.


  • Increased Wrath Attack energy cost to 20 from 15.
  • Changed Fast Draw to inflict half damage when it misses when Precision is active.


  • Added bool = CheckDisableTag( int ).
  • Added arg3 to “ITEMMALL_ITEM_OK” success event with bag slot.

Juice Festival

  • 5 custom cards from festival mobs.
  • 5 hidden custom titles from festival events.


During the festival you can exchange Earth Zodiac During the festival you can exchange Earth Zodiac materials and Geo Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Geo Draconaris from:

  • Ayven Kate – exchange 15 x Juice Festival Attendance Certificates for a reward.

Ninety-Second Open Bar

‌Location: Tergothen Bay
NPC: Lejan Doblin

Juice Promoter

‌Location: Tergothen Bay
NPC: “Juice Barrel” Hank

New Product Tasting

‌Location: Tergothen Bay
NPC: “Iron Cup” Kenden

Don’t be so serious

‌Location: Tergothen Bay
NPC: Lindemannen

Juice Delivery

‌Location: Tergothen Bay
NPC: Pechores

Catch the Kobolds

‌Location: Varanas Gates
NPC: Lobt Kayen

Crazy Bartender

‌Location: Varanas – Central Plaza
NPC: Shela Berit

The Job of Creating Happiness

‌Location: Varanas – Lower City West East
NPC: Aytin Lor

Server for a Day

‌Location: Howling Mountains
NPC: Ryan Saisheeth
‌ ‌ ‌or
Location: Varanas – Central Plaza
NPC: Shobot Glan

Juice Olympics

‌Location: Howling Mountains
NPC: Julia Glun
‌ ‌ ‌or
Location: Varanas – Central Plaza
NPC: Katharine Fulei

Juice Tasting

‌Location: Thunderhoof Hills
NPC: Bill Blake

Juice Courier

‌Location: Varanas Gates
NPC: Meryl Blake



  • Improved server database performance.
  • Added debug for issues with housing and server.
  • Added Male Requirement to use Race Change: Dwarf.
  • Changed majority of HP/MP/Resource potions to do not trigger special magic. (i.e.: Blood Arrow of Scout).


  • Fixed Kladoren Tracer mount wasn’t working.


  • Reverted temporary sending of failed event on cast bar when starting it before casting is done.

Dark Core

  • Fixed it was possible to get stuck when doing dark core pull requirements.

Visual Changes


  • Added descriptions to some zones.
  • Renamed Universal Potion (204553) to Universal Attribute Potion.
  • Fixed Item Shop Bag was giving indicators even with disabled option.

Auction House

  • Added year and seconds to auction purchase history.
  • Added item rarity color to purchase confirmation popup.
  • Fixed categories alignment while clicking different layers.
  • Added tooltip for categories which were cut by triple dots.
  • Added item count values to auction related system chat messages.
  • Added attribute colours to dropdown menu of level and tier header.
  • Enabled whispering per click on seller name back; Improved highlighting.


  • Changed GetAuctionHistoryItemInfo(x) to return last arguments as ..., price, year, month, day, house, minute, second.
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