Patch Notes


  • Added 7 new reputation badges.
  • Enabled again new system for upcoming weapons.
  • Fixed some effects were removing Camoflaged Armor Guard.
  • Fixed mount summon time from partner frame was still having cast bar when 0s.
  • Cleared history of repurchase back items sold to merchants due new system; if you need to restore something that was lately sold before patch, you can contact support.


  • Improved playing music similar to original functionality.

Seasonal Windrunner Race

  • Added Seasonal Windrunner Race – a new battleground during specific festivals.
  • Playable once per day.
  • Contains 7 new rankings.
  • Added 8 new monster cards.
  • Added Attribute Pumpkin Pies as extra reward for highest finishers.
  • Gameplay of the race is changing depending on currently active festival.

Siege War

  • Blocked entering when another character is already inside.
  • Disabled registering multiple guilds for Siege War at same time.


  • Reduced requirements to create Matrixs to 20.
  • Added recipes to craft Matrix’s as extra option.
  • Fixed Eye of Wisdom mages strings weren’t correct after completing parts of Strange Memories.
  • Added event system to Arcane Chamber of Sathkur (Hard) allowing to earn more Sathkur’s Ancient Coins on special holidays.

Auction House


  • Corrected categories tab.
  • Updated some old translations.
  • Updated Layout of History Frame.
  • Changed layout of the bar below the Browse List.
  • Fixed position of currencies when advanced mode was disabled.
  • Updated old information about max 500 items in tooltip of Browse info label.

Browse Frame

  • Corrected whisper function.
  • Added hover and click to Browse Frame on Price.
  • Added mouse wheel on Seller and Price in Browse Frame.
  • Added colour for headers in Browse Frame while hovering.

Sell Frame

  • Added mouse wheel on Price in Sell Frame.
  • Added hover and click to Price in Sell Frame.
  • Aligned edit box in Sell Frame for promotion tab.
  • Aligned left time in Sell Frame for lower values.
  • Added new Promoting tab with features in the future.
  • Added colour for headers in Sell Frame while hovering.
  • Changed alignment of sections in top of the Sell Frame.
  • Increased list of my offers to take the full space of the Sell Frame.
  • Aligned pricing categories vertically and centered in the top of the Sell Frame.

History Item List

  • Fixed scroll bar in History item list.
  • Changed some visuals in History item list.
  • Excluded not translated names in History item list.


  • Updated .NET version.

Visual Changes


  • Changed Flying Sofa mount seating position.
  • Added gatherings to crafting filter in skill book.
  • Added option to disable auto move on world map.
  • Added descriptions to most zones that were missing it.
  • Added tooltip warning to items inside shops that have expire time.
  • Fixed visual issue while walking to other zone across one continent.
  • Fixed Prestige Star wasn’t being removed when using player tooltip on a GM or offline player.


  • Fixed mount item descriptions.
  • Fixed some skills had old/wrong/broken descriptions in translations.
  • Fixed a lot of strings in Turkish, Russian and Arabic were showing system key names instead English strings when untranslated.

Pumpkin Festival

  • 28 custom cards from festival mobs.
  • 1 hidden title from custom festival event.
  • 9 hidden custom titles from festival events.
  • Added pumpkin festival reset ticket.
  • Changed Pumpkin Pies to scale XP/TP based on player level.
  • Visit Celebria and Boss Spawn instance (at gates of Lost Island of Atlantis) between 31.10.22 00:00 CET and 03.11.22 23:59 CET.


During the festival you can exchange Wind Zodiac materials and Aero Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Aero Draconaris from:

  • Pumpkin Festival Reward Manager – exchange 20 x Pumpkin Coins for a reward.

Lost Portal of Death

‌Location: Entrance of Necropolis of Mirrors (Aslan Valley)
NPC: Jason Warrens
Time: Entire Festival, can be completed only once per festival.

Pumpkinhead Says

‌Location: Abandoned District of Dalanis (Thunderhoof Hills)
NPC: Pumpkinhead – Between west and south gates
Time: On the hour, every 2 hours

Pumpkin Pranksters

‌Location: Middle city gate of Dalanis (Thunderhoof Hills)
NPC: Belle Rossly

Pumpkinhead Challenge

‌Location: Abandoned District of Dalanis (Thunderhoof Hills)
NPC: Pumpkinhead

Pumpkin Warrant

‌Location: City gates of Varanas
NPC: Ms. Pumpkin

Mr. Pumpkin

‌Requires completion of event quest “Pumpkin Warrant”
Location: Forsaken Abbey
NPC: Mr. Pumpkin

Ghost Hunter

‌Location: Central Plaza – Event Area (Varanas)
NPC: Herska

Ghost Farm

‌Location: Central Plaza – Event Area (Varanas)
NPC: Kathy Poole

Let’s Scream a Little

‌Location: Lower City West of Varanas
NPC: Mr. Ghost

Halloween Malatina

‌Location: Atlas (Lost Island of Atlantis)
NPC: Yolius

Trick or Treat – Part 1 (Celt Family)

‌Location: Central Plaza – Event Area (Varanas)
NPC: Suspicious-looking Ghost

Trick or Treat – Part 2

‌Location: Lower City West of Varanas
NPC: Little Anna

Colored Ribbons Exchange

‌Location: Dorian’s Farm (Silverspring)
NPC: Shalson

Monster Parade

‌Location: City gates of Varanas
NPC: Monster Parade Organizer

Kaz Madness

‌Location: Oblivion Shrine (Silverspring)
NPC: Kaz Bamandis and Kaz Listo

Patch Notes

  • Reworked currency icons.
  • Fixed cast bars in minigames and event dungeons.
  • Added 100 level requirement to Seasonal Windrunner Race.
  • Added amount of free spins of Wheel of Fortune for Prestige.

Patch Notes


  • Improved Horatio Tia aggroing when player was higher level.
  • Adjusted spawn monsters inside Pumpkin Malatina to be set to level of player.
  • Reduced Arcadia Coin cost to use stat fragments from Gorge of the Ice Giants and Inferno of Divinity at Edwards family in Lost Island of Atlantis.

Item Shop

  • Fixed searching by ID in Item Shop wasn’t working.
  • Added giftable item to activate Prestige to Item Shop.
  • Fixed weapon attack speeds of some item shop weapons were incorrect.


  • Disabled mount speed benefits inside battlegrounds.
  • Fixed it was possible to take login rewards inside Seasonal Windrunner Race.

Monster Cards

  • Fixed it was impossible to use share to other decks feature on monster cards with maximized attribute values.

Seasonal Windrunner Race

  • Fixed obtaining some titles.
  • Increased allocated time to obtain Phantom Pharaoh.
  • Adjusted distance Giant Pumpkin spawned from player.

Visual Changes


  • Added amount of items sold to auction house system mail.
  • Fixed item tooltips in chat were not showing details about current item.
  • Updated description of temporary transformation potions to indicate they’re consumed upon use.
  • Fixed a lot of strings in Turkish and Arabic were showing outdated text English strings when untranslated.
  • Fixed tooltips were unintentionally being hidden if a bag item is changed/updated when tooltip is visible.

Auction House

  • Fixed resizing of frame for settings tab.
  • Fixed search function in History item list.
  • Aligned PPU check button in Browse Filter.
  • Fixed and aligned Scroll Bar for History Frame.
  • Added amount to mail content about sold items.
  • Changed Layout of bar below the Sell List in Sell Frame.
  • Adjusted display for price per unit, added Tooltip for values < 1.
  • Added possibility to resize Auction House Frame without Advanced Mode.
  • Added another tab left to Settings to switch between Basic Mode and Advanced Mode.
  • Added a toggle button (Default: Off) to enable the display of the price per unit in the Browse List within the Settings tab.

Guild Post List

  • Fixed numbering of posts.
  • Added hover texture for posts.
  • Aligned Buttons below the List.
  • Fixed Scroll Bar for more than 8 posts.
  • Added Edit Message Button to edit selected posts.



  • Fixed Bloodless’ Arrow was taking HP unintentionally since one of recent patches.


  • Fixed Premeditation were behaving weird occasionally.


  • Fixed Blood Arrow was taking more than intended HP upon execution.



  • Fixed Sage of the Swamp wasn’t working correctly.

Patch Notes


  • Changed Strange Memories to be Tutor Quest.
  • Added popup confirmation when renting 7 day Trial Weapon.
  • Fixed sometimes items were looted/obtained with lower amount of stats if twice same stat was rolled.
  • Fixed Guild Castle buildings were deactivating late when not enough gold for maintenance cost was available.

Auction House

  • Added item amount to buyout confirmation.
  • Added a toggle button (Default: On) to display the accurate value of the price per unit in Browse List within the Settings tab.

Guild Post List

  • Removed black overlapping background.
  • Improved visual elements and alignments.
  • Increased maximum of characters in new post frame from 512 to 1024.
  • Added display of current characters on top of guild announcement frame.
  • Increased maximum of characters in guild announcement from 256 to 512.
  • Added display of current characters below the header in new guild post frame.
  • Added possibility to leave edit mode for header with ESC for new/edited posts.

Guild Detail List

  • Removed Slider.
  • Changed alignments of rank items on click.
  • Improved some visual elements and alignments.

Siege War

  • Removed Guild Level being compared when matching guilds.


  • Blocked GC_OpenWebRadio function from automated xml events.
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