Instant level 80

Are you a newcomer and do not want to start from scratch?
No problem at all!
Search for the Adventurer’s Guide, Johnny Dalker and get your level 80 boost instantly that easiy!

Getting Started

Create your character as you like and enter the world.
Depending on the race you choose, you will start in one of the 3 start zones:

  • Elven Island – Valley of Preparation is your starting zone if you are an Elf
  • Howling Mountains – Pioneers Colony is waiting for you if you are a Human
  • Yrvandis Hollows – Morfantas City is the starting zone for Dwarves.

In all of these zones you will find Johnny Dalker next to your spawn, waiting for you!


You meet the requirements when your character has no level 80 classes yet. That’s all!

Talk to Johnny Dalker and he will boost you with a certain set of items and unique weapons matching your current class.
Additionally he will increase your level to 80 instantly and give you a good amount of TP to level up your skills. He also transports you to a level 80 zone if you want.

Don’t know Paradise yet? Now that you know how to prepare to start the adventure, what are you waiting for to become a hero? This is your chance!