64-bit Announcement

Learn more about upcoming 64-bit upgrade for Chronicles of Arcadia.

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Realm of Forgotten Legends

Years after Glacis was defeated by an aliance of human, elves and dwarves, the world flourished again. 

But this shouldn‘t last any longer.

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Evil forces

From the depth of the world, listen my to voice

Come to me…

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Forgotten Realm

A passage from our world to a forgotten realm has been opened and it woke up evil beings who once lived there.

A threat spread throught the world again. Who will able to stop it?

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Buried elements discovered

Something weird is happening inside the Taborea. Are you ready to dig into the earth?

Follow our website and Facebook fanpage to be updated about happenings!

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Updated forum engine and new look

Dear citizens of Paradise,

The Paradise forum engine was updated with more features and now supports additional languages.

Take a moment to check out the new look and let us know what you think here:
Updated forum engine and new look

Gorge of the Ice Giants

In the book of The Chronicles there are tales of a powerful Frost Mage, Glacis.
Who was turned into an elemental creature as consequence of a failed spell to resurrect a fellow mage, Athelis.

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Gorge of The Ice Giants

We know the details!

Black Codex confirmed they crossed the gates outside Gorge of the Ice Giants in Chamber of Elements!

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Frost is arriving in Taborea

Frost is arriving in Taborea.

Are you ready to defend your homeland from enemies?

Follow our website and Facebook fanpage to be updated about happenings!

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Chronicles of Arcadia

A magic force has struck the entire world and brought us all together.

Rumour has it that people from another realm have arrived, but it is more than that.

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New adventures

Discover the plans of Loki at May 12, 2017.

Life in Taborea had flourished after the downfall of Wrakal.
For the first time in 500 years, the Kingdoms were at peace.
Varanas City was rebuilt and our lives returned to normal.


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The Garden of Eden

Relax now in the unique Garden of Eden. Go there to enhance your relationships or just to chill out. Meri in Varanas will lead you there.

Let the new Journey begin

Dear Taboreans,

As you have been told and already have seen, me and my father Pakal came back from our home planet in order to share you our abilities and to support you on Taborea. Unfortunately, my uncle Wrakal has other intentions for Taborea.

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Rescue the Princess!

Once upon a time in the lands of Taborea, long before Ayvenas gave up the world, there was a glamorous city.
Full of riches and treasures, this city was the center of all trades and alliances of Humans, Elves, Dwarfs and many more folks.
The people called this city Tikal, which is the old taborean word for magnificent.

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Patch 9.0.0 Return of Pakal

Thousands of years ago, Pakal, the leader of the ancient civilization Tikal thrived in Taborea. His care for the people became a legend and his mystical arrival on Taborea has never been forgotten.

People worshiped him and thought he was one of those who came from heaven. Tikal led and built the prosperous civilization in a short time, until one day…
Pakal left Taborea with his magical construction and disappeared in the darkness of the night sky.

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