For new players

Discover what Chronicles of Arcadia can offer you and immerse yourself in a world like no other, where you can enjoy exciting adventures alongside a growing community of players.

Chronicles of Arcadia

  • Register, download and play for free.
  • Quick and effective support team.
  • Diligent GMs to help solve doubts.
  • Over 9,000 exciting quests and missions.
  • Free content updates and regular maintenance.
  • Extended community for interaction and enjoyment.
  • Exciting story that will catch you from the beginning.

Character development

  • Three races to choose from.
  • Armor sets with built-in bonuses.
  • Eleven different classes to choose from.
  • Advanced planting system for gardening enthusiasts.
  • Advanced wardrobe and lots of skins for personalization.
  • Dual-class system with customizable skills and elite skills.
  • Customizable house and private housekeepers with special abilities.
  • Relationship and marriage system with special zone to level relationships quicker.

Easy start

  • Game tutorial popups.
  • Pet for beginners until level 100.
  • Tutorial for first steps and quests.
  • Attractive starting regions for each race.
  • Optional 91 level boost for one class with equipment.
  • Customizable character control with mouse and/or keys.
  • Game map and radar system to locate resources and NPCs.
  • Customizable user interface for custom addons and configuration.

Achievements and activities

  • Extensive monsters compendium.
  • In-game and web rankings you can rule.
  • Daily quests and mini-games on zones and in guilds.
  • Customizable, upgradeable guild castles with different styles to choose from.
  • In-game and forum events as well as festivals to enjoy and get special rewards.
  • Extensive pet systems that will make your life easier and follow you on your adventures.

A world without comparison

  • Auction House for business.
  • In-game mail system for communication.
  • Arcane Transmutor for forging your power.
  • Fast transport using portals and transport book.
  • Impressive group instances and raids with varying difficulty levels and public encounters.

Exciting PvP battles

  • Duels, PK mode and PvP Events.
  • Various activities such as “Capture the Flag”.
  • PvP battles against other players to have fun!
  • Battlegrounds with different numbers of participants.
  • Siege Wars with powerful siege weapons and rewards.

Join Chronicles of Arcadia now and start enjoying a world full of fantasy and incomparable adventures!

For returning players


  • Maximum level: 105.
  • Loot chance x7.
    • Except Monster Cards in the new system.
  • Experience Points x5
    • Can be switched to x1 or blocked.
  • Talent Points x10
    • By reduced skill costs.


  • Reduced debt on zones.
  • Quest simplifications (items, kills).
  • Possibility for quick level upgrades.
  • Atonement Voucher up to level 100.
  • Greatly improved questing experience.
  • Weapon charm for faster weapon leveling.
  • Increased XP/TP debt reduction (tombstone).


  • Talaghan – new zone, 82 new quests, 3 public zone events and challenges.
    • Talaghan Skies expansion – 99 new quests, 2 new subzones.
  • Lost Island of Atlantis – main zone, worldboss Aldo, the weapon training ground.

Special Zones

  • Celebria – Community Events zone.
  • Atlas Defense – weekend party minigame.
  • Garden of Eden – relationship leveling ground.
  • Boss Event – Community Events party instance.
  • Arena of Darkness – PvE, PvP and betting.
  • Arcane Forge – instance for mana tier stones.

Custom Instances

  • Dalanis Nightmare
  • Secret Temple of Tikal (Easy/Hard)
  • Inferno of Divinity
  • Gorge of the Ice Giants
  • Realm of Forgotten Legends (Normal/Hard)
  • Dark Core
  • Orkham

Nostalgia Instances

  • Cyclops Lair (Hard)
  • Hall of Survivors (Hard)
  • Hall of the Demon Lord (Hard)
  • Heart of the Ocean (Hard)
  • Kalin Shrine (Hard)
  • Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom (Hard)
  • Arcane Chamber of Sathkur (Hard)
  • Forsaken Abbey (Hard)
  • Entity Chamber (Hard)
  • Necropolis of Mirrors (Hard)

Engine Improvements

  • Fixed flickering effects.
  • 64-bit client and server.
  • High Definition textures.
  • Camera zoom speed option.
  • Fixed all known crash types.
  • Improved RAM management.
  • Increased max camera zoom out.
  • Improved performance of effects.
  • New graphics options for better performance.
  • Fixed multiple issues with saving game settings.
  • FPS booster option disabled by default. Up to 100% more FPS.
  • Screen resolution improvements, maximize, and borderless modes.


  • Reworked and Extended Rankings.
  • Badge title level 5 with new bonuses.
  • Over 218 new festival and monster titles.
  • Over 900 new festival and monster cards.
  • Over 100 new monster cards obtainable in PvP and Minigames.


  • Balanced class skills.
  • New playable Class for all races: Bard.
  • Elite skills for 20 new class combinations.
  • Revised damage and healing formulas.
  • Reworked and improved multiple Item Set Skills.
  • Removed damage and heal over time effect value cap.
  • Race and gender change, allowing all classes on the same character.

Buffs & Spells

  • Increased Buffs Limit – Now up to 200.
  • Option to sort buffs in multiple orders.
  • Extended Item-Set Skill Slots.
  • Improved visibility of unlearned Elite spells and Duelist spells.


  • Over 2400 new furniture.
  • New 30 and 40 slots chests.
  • Possibility to reset fatigue of housemaids.
  • Scalling and changing the height of furniture.
  • Increased maximum furniture slots to 1000.
  • 3 new external house styles with different sizes of usable area.
  • Options to customize external houses – ground, sky, and music.
  • Gathering, encyclopedia learning, and Maximum Plant Count bonuses.


  • New Pet Skills.
  • Secret 13 Draco Pets.
  • Metamorphosis elixirs.
  • Faster pet crafting tools.
  • Pets with weapon training bonuses.
  • Faster loot collection with pet perfume.
  • Pet movement speed adjusted to your character speed.
  • Summon your Cenedrils and let them fight for you like pets.
  • Traveling Merchant pet – summonable shops and equipment repair.
  • Pet Gathering level increased to 100, alongside new Gathering Resources.


  • Tier XIII runes.
  • New gear types: Robots and Artefacts.
  • New weapons: Instruments, Spear, Katana, and Gun.
  • Golden Wings offering movement speed bonuses.
  • Added 31 new Stage 1 stats to various world bosses.


  • Bone scale modifiers.
  • Equipment skin cleaner.
  • Colorful Auras with bonuses.
  • New Equipment, Pet, and Transformation skins.
  • Ability to store weapons in the Magic Wardrobe.
  • Expanded variety of weapon skins, shields, and wings.


  • Extended Bag Pages up to 12.
  • Extended Item Shop Bank Slots.
  • Increased Bag Item Queue Speed.
  • Increased max stacks of food, potions, runes, Phirius tokens, and ammunition.


  • Bulk Transmute for stacked items.
  • Sold Items to NPCs – now available after relog.
  • New equipment, mounts, pets, attributes, plussing stones, and recipes.

Shopping, trading & exchanges

  • Daily free gifts from NPCs.
  • View of sales history without item.
  • Old-fashion revisited Item Shop with all items.
  • Improved vendor sell/throw confirmation to prevent removing valuable items.
  • Shadowmoon Merchant NPC allows purchasing of Item Shop items using in-game currencies.


  • Increased Gold Cap to 2kkk.
  • Added many new currencies.
  • NPC exchanges: Gold, Diamonds, Ancient Mementos, Honor Points, Badges of Trials.

Auction House

  • Diamonds trade in Auction House.
  • Increased speed of Auction House searching.
  • Auction House maximum auction duration: 7 days.
  • Auction House maximum auction amount per player: 100.


  • No Expiration Time for Mails.
  • Enhanced mail functionality: loading more than 30 mails at once.


  • Improved Whisper Frame.
  • All hyperlinks from other players on chat in your language.


  • Parent-Child relationship.
  • Extended Relationship Slots.


  • Region transport packages for faster zone access.
  • Extended Transport Book – Extended to 14 pages.


  • Reworked PvP Balance.
  • Standardized PvP Equipment.
  • Reworked PvP Battlegrounds.
  • New PvP Gear, including special PvP runes.
  • Blocked a lot of elements in Battleground zones for balance and abuse prevention.

Siege War

  • Reworked Siege War Titles.
  • Siege War Titles are no longer lost upon changing zones or disconnecting.
  • Added items to get all the Siege War Titles and items to reset your siege war Titles.

Other Improvements

  • Reworked Cenedrils.
  • Reworked character creation.
  • Enhanced Guild Towers buffs.
  • Reworked Minigames along with rewards.
  • Reworked Monster Compendium and Card System.
  • Added saving of Account Details on Login.
  • Resolved most of the known issues and exploits.

Visual Changes

  • Reworked and configurable Unit Tooltip.
  • Added button (F) to interact with nearby objects and NPCs.
  • Optionally new way of displaying item attributes in an icon way.
  • Option to resize equipment preview by dragging the bottom right corner.
  • Added attack/movement/ride speed, aggro, loot, and tp/exp bonus information to the character frame.
  • Spell type with colors on screen and in tooltips, reworked interface frames, tooltips, icons, and textures.

Regular Events

  • Instance with straightforward bosses in Celebria.
  • Faster relationship level-ups through events.
  • Contests for screenshots and stories with special rewards.
  • Anniversary events featuring login bonuses and restoration cards.
  • Daily Advent Calendar and forum-based voucher distribution.

Prestige VIP Pass

  • Over 60 Unique Benefits
  • 20 Levels of Progression over a 90 Day Season
  • 2 Subscription Options
  • Free Trial Option
  • Integrated old VIP Bonuses
  • Daily Login Rewards
  • Switch your Class in the Open World/Instances
  • Exclusive Title scaling with your Progression
  • Longer Duration in Auction House
  • Hide Seller/Buyer Name in Auction House