Choose your profession

Are you looking for something different of being a hero? Are you one of those who likes to give his personal touch to everything? Then give a chance to the professions.

You can get everything you need by collecting resources and using them to create special items that makes your work as hero much easier!

The more time you invest in learning and practicing your crafts, the more experience you will have and the fruits of your effort will be better and better!


The best alchemists have extensive knowledge of herbs and minerals that, combined with the relevant runes, result in powerful potions capable of restoring your HP or improving your attributes! Study this profession and quench your thirst for knowledge by improving your skills and those of your allies!


If what you like is make your own armor models, do not hesitate to study this profession. Use natural resources like herbs and minerals and create wonderful items with bonuses and attributes that will earn you endless customers wanting to buy them!


A self-respecting hero must have a weapon accordingly! A perfect combination of wood and mineral can result in a deadly and powerful weapon that would make any warrior sigh. Make your dream come true and become the best weapons smith in Taborea! Everything you need is at your fingertips!


Spice up life and become a great chef, combining all kinds of ingredients and flavors along with natural resources such as woods and herbs and creating wonderful foods and desserts capable of increasing yours and your hungry buyers attributes!


Sew those pieces of cloth and create wonderful tunics, pants, gloves and all kinds of items with bonuses and attributes. Natural resources such as wood or grass are your best allies to create wonderful models with which to leave your customers more than satisfied!


Shape wood and make wonderful weapons such as destructive crossbows and bows or magic wands and staffs, become a woodworking expert and make your buyers happy with your most beautiful and lethal designs!


Many adventurers travel the world in search of natural resources for their crafts or eager buyers, but only the most skilled and wise know how to recognize the best resources. Learn woodcutting and increase your skills and level while you travel around the world!


Extracted from the mountain, minerals are a coveted resource and used by the greatest expert artisans throughout Taborea, but not all people have enough ability to extract this treasure from the mountain and even fewer know how to differentiate it from a common limestone. Become a high-class miner and learn to collect and refine all kinds of precious minerals!


There are those who use their noses to smell flowers and there are those who have a great sense of smell to recognize all kinds of valuable herbs to refine them and use it as ingredients to create powerful potions, tasty foods or armors. If you are one of those with a good nose for creations or business, you may want to learn more about herbalism!