Thirsty for exciting PvP action? Then read on to learn about the comprehensive PvP system in Chronicles of Arcadia.

Engage in thrilling combat against your fellow players (PvP) to earn Honor Points. These can get you on the PvP ranking list and can be traded in for equipment or other items.

Zone PvP

If the urge to test your prowess should strike during your adventures through Taborea, then face off against the players on your server.

A Matter of Life and Death

When you enter PK mode (player kill), you risk life and limb in combat against other players. Once you reach level 15, visit Lehman in the Varanas Class Hall to gain this ability.

PK mode lets you:

  • be attacked
  • attack opponents who are in PK mode

Fight for Your Honour

Challenge another player to a duel or take a glove to the face yourself. Duelling is not deadly a duel ends when the health bar of one of the duellists reaches one.

Guild Challenge

Go to war against another guild. By paying a certain amount of Gold, your guild can declare war on an enemy guild at any time.

Server PvP

In arenas and on battlefields, you can take on players from the same and other servers. To do so, click on the swords on the Minimap. The unique siege war feature allows you to storm enemy guild castles.

The guild leader can register for a siege war via the guild menu [G]: “Battles” -> “Siege War” ->”Register”

PvP Arenas

In PvP arenas, you can engage in three types of combat:

  • 1 vs. 1
  • 3 vs. 3
  • 6 vs. 6

There are low, middle and high-level arenas so that the battle contestants can be fairly matched.


On a designated battlefield, fight to seize loot from the opposing team and defend your own.

Visdun Fortress (Tower Defense)

Mode: 3 vs 3
Unleash monster hordes upon the opposing team to destroy their fortress, and strategically defend against enemy onslaught by building towers in various shapes and sizes.

Tyrefen Mountain Range (Domination)

Mode: 8 vs 8
Conquer and defend five enemy crystals. The first team to reach 5,000 points wins and receives 100 Honor Points.

Karros Canyon (Capture the Flag)

Mode: 6 vs 6
Nab the enemy’s runes. For each rune stolen, your team receives 500 points. You need 3,000 to win.

Siege Wars

The unique siege war feature lets you take on guilds. On a special battlefield, storm an enemy guild castle or defend your own.

Objectives of the Attacking Guild

  1. Conquer Honor Crystal Guard Towers to receive resources to create catapults, battering rams and much more.
  2. Breach the gates of the enemy guild castle.
  3. Storm the throne room and seize the Honor Crystal in order to win.