Chronicles of Arcadia

GM Event

Do you enjoy Arcadia? let’s make it even better!

Meet GM Niightware at Varanas bridge channel 1, at 20:00 CEST.

Let’s all enjoy the Arcadia Relay Event!

Hall of PoM event!

You always wanted to get Proofs of Myth as easy as Mementos? Then this is your chance.

Each boss in the Hall of survivors drops 2 Proofs of Myth from now. The last boss drops even 3.
Go for it and take advantage of this special event, who knows how long it stays 🙂

VIP Membership

We have implemented a VIP membership system for those who want to support us even more.

You can choose between a 7 day and 30 day membership (to test if you like it or not) or a full lifetime VIP membership, which means you will keep the privileges of a VIP membership forever.

Doesn’t that sound great? Take a closer look at it HERE.

Happy Birthday Chronicles of Arcadia

Happy birthday Chronicles of Arcadia!

To celebrate that anniversary, new events are waiting for you. Go to varanas and check out the funny minigames!

Masked Ball in Taborea!

We have added a small patch to fix the droprate of the CL healer boots and some English language strings of the new items. You should be now able to link them properly in chat.

Snail Attack

Would you like to help us cleaning up the snails? It has been raining a lot in Sacilia Steppes. A lot of snails came out of the ground and trees…

Visit the Weapon Drill Ground in Sacilia Steppes and eliminate the snails and increase your relationship faster than ever before!

Cyclops Week on Chronicles of Arcadia

The work is done, gates to the Cyclops Week were opened.

Great new things are waiting for you ingame. such as a new instance, a whole new zone, many new items, and a real great new adventure.

Have a nice week!

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Patch 7.0.4Cyclops Lair HM and Kashaylan

Dear Chronicles of Arcadia community, it is time.

Here is the thing everyone of you is waiting for a long time, we are pleased to present you an amazing remake of the old level 50 instance “Cyclops Lair”!
Strong mobs and four even stronger bosses are waiting for you and bring new epic items with them.

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GM Event

We organized a GM event to let us all celebrate and enjoy the game after a hard struggle last few days.

Please meet GM Niightware at Varanas Bridge at 20:00 CET for the event participation.

Let us all enjoy!

Design Contest Winner: Ragnar

We have selected our Design contest winner! Congratulations Ragnar. You amazed us with your design.

The design will be implemented in the client and be used for the website. Enjoy your well earned 10.000 diamonds!

Happy New Year!

Dear loyal Arcadia players, Happy New Year! and happy new year for all of you who still needs to count down!

May this year be the best for all of us and thank you so much for your trust in our community.

Hall Elements Instances

Hall elements instances are open: Hall of Fire, Hall of Water, Hall of Chaos and Hall of Earth.

Get your legendary items now! Grind your crystals and exchange these at Willy Wonker NPC inside Arcanium Chamber.

Please talk to Willy Wonker for more details and information about the rules. Enjoy your gameplay!

3 months of Chronicles of Arcadia

It is already 3 months since our doors are opened for the whole world. We are proud to rech this line.

To celebrate this event, we have present for everybody in their mailbox. Also a big celebration event will come soon. This event will be anounced later.

Congratulations to all of you and we are greatful to have you all here in our new world.

Lotery Winners

Dear Players, it took a while but finally we can announce all the winners of the lottery event. Also we extended the amount of winners. Not only the lottery has winners but everybody won something! Check out your mailbox because it contains your prize.

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Fight for your guild!

The wars are coming, dangerous enemies strikes your walls.

Call your guild, gain your strength by Siegewars Titles and defeat your opponents. From today, all level 95+ players can receive 2 Badge of the Trials from Sophia every 24 hours.

Sign up for Siegewars now and grab your titles faster than ever before.