Update: We managed to create converter that will eliminate need of redownloading game client! We are expecting final patch to be up to 500 MB. However, after patching you will require to convert files, which can take around 10-30 minutes depending on available CPU power. Along with this change, patch will be shared during maintenance.

We are excited to announce the upcoming 64-bit upgrade for Chronicles of Arcadia in the next months. This upgrade will significantly increase game and server performance, allowing you to play with higher FPS and provide a smoother overall experience.

However, since we will fully migrate to 64-bit, Chronicles of Arcadia will no longer be compatible with 32-bit systems, so we recommend upgrading your system to 64-bit (minimum Windows Vista) in order to continue enjoying your adventures in Taborea.

The game client file structure will change, requiring you to download new files and complete a fresh installation.
Attempting to patch an old client will not be possible, so be sure to have the storage space and the capability to download over 16 GB of data.

We will keep you updated when it is closer to the planned release date. The 64-bit game client will be available for download a few days prior to official launch date. No character progress will be lost.

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