We are pleased to announce our completely redesigned .PlayerNet platform to easily reach readability and simplicity because of a better experience of use along with a few more related changes.

Please feel free to share your feedback in the  .PlayerNet platform thread.


  • Rounded 0,99 prices to 1,00.
  • Truncated PNC balance float point.


  • Bigger attachment file size.
  • Wider attachment extensions support.
  • You can now attach maximum 3 files/screenshots in the initial ticket and every reply.


  • Added additional diamonds to VIP purchases.
  • Replaced Permanent VIP in Store with 365 days VIP.
  • Previously activated Permanent VIP will stay permanent forever.
  • Previously bought Permanent VIP vouchers will provide Permanent VIP.
  • Change is related with upcoming rework of the VIP system and as well with reducing abuses.


  • Synchronized Forum accounts with .PlayerNet accounts.
  • From now on, newly created .PlayerNet accounts come along with forum accounts.
  • All existing accounts will be changed into read-only mode until they are connected to .PlayerNet accounts.
  • You will be able to use only one forum account in order to prevent abuses and create false community identity.
  • You can connect your Forum account in the Security tab in the new .PlayerNet platform. Once connected, forum password will be changed to your .PlayerNet password to allow synchronized sign-in.
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