Patch Notes


  • New Zone: Korris.
  • New Instance: Ice Blade Plateau (Easy, Normal, Hard).
  • Plenty of new quests, titles and items.
  • 100 additional furniture slots have been enabled. You can now buy up to 200 slots in your houses.

Additional Stuff

  • Snoop, Housemaid and Auction House Clerk have been added to Korris, you will find them in the Secluded Bay.
  • Drop rate for Boss cards in Inferno of Divinity has been increased.


  • Set bonus of the upper body chain set from Inferno of Divinity has been corrected and will give now 15% attack speed.
  • S/R Elite Exploiting Shot will now have the correct effect level at 51+.
  • Multiple localization adjustments.
  • Clear Thought and Family Ties can now be applied simultaneously.
  • Level 99 Items for honor points now have the correct icons.
  • 236 Stamina / 590 Physical Attack Safeguard of the Mountain Pilgrim is not nameless anymore.
  • Princess of Morfantas Stone Statue is now also obtainable when a player already completed the quest Save Our Faith.
  • Global Drop Rate bonus was not working correctly, it has been fixed and set to x7.
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