Patch Notes

  • Minor localization adjustments.
  • It will no longer be possible to repeatedly send the same message on world chat.
  • Icons, skins, position any types of the level 99 “Energy of Justice” armors have been corrected.
  • General fix of the “Secret Temple of Tikal” attunement quest line.
  • Talent Points rates on Ice Blade Plateau include now correct rates for Easy, Normal and Hard mode.
  • Tactic events for Ice Blade Plateau bosses have been updated.
  • Following quests on Korris and Faristan zones have been fixed:
    • Battle with the Minotaur Warlord
    • The Leader of the Cyclopes
    • Arlya’s New Discovery
    • Blockade of the Darkfell Altar
    • ‌Destruction of the Darkwind Talisman
    • All Quiet in the Holy City?
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