Patch Notes

Game Engine Lifting

From now on, you require 64-bit Windows system to run the game. You can either download patch as always (~300 MB) and wait 5-30 minutes (depending on CPU power) to convert fdb files to 64 bit (recommended) or download fresh client once it is available.

In case you downloaded patch between 4:02 – 4:47 CET, your fdb files got corrupted and you should redownload game client.

  • Added game logo on startup.
  • Removed all known game crash types.
  • Improved game RAM memory management.
  • Upgraded client and server to 64 bit environment.
  • Improved multiple elements resulting in higher FPS.
  • Increased possible amount of simultaneously played sounds.
  • Reworked UI size calculation methods resulting in sharp UI elements.
  • Reworked some ground textures along with their better load management
  • Fixed buggy highlight texture on certain objects like some house furnitures.


  • Modified crash reporter tool.
  • Increased total limit of hidden and visible buffs and debuffs to 200.
  • Fixed water-crossing mounts were missing idle animation over water.
  • Increased maximum value of Talent Points, Health Points, Aggro Points.
  • Fixed some elemental skills weren’t having miss rate depending on elemental accuracy.
  • Fixed Alcohol Loosens the Tongue quest wasn’t working properly when you deal high damage.
  • Fixed Occult Knowlege quest from Strange Flask in Bethomia instance wasn’t finishable in hard mode.
  • Implemented Sismond’s Wheel, Sismond’s Runic Wheel, Sismond’s Ritual Staff, Sismond’s Mighty Staff skins.

Arcane Transmutor

  • Disabled possibility to transmute locked items.
  • Adjusted prices of dirty purify stones related with increased tier creation.
  • Changed Purified Stones to self-use energy visible in UI; you can still use them directly.
  • Removed Random Fusion Stone from shops and added it as option to UI paid with gold; you can still use owned stones.

Interface Changes

  • Revised various UI elements.
  • Disabled mails duration time.
  • Reworked spell casting bar frame.
  • Increased macro content limit size to 1023.
  • Added pet egg level information to auction lists.
  • Fixed linked pet skills weren’t being correct sometimes.
  • Fixed some addons weren’t able to read changed ammunition tooltips properly.
  • Fixed rare issues with ISS tooltips, added ISS skill type information to General ISS.
  • Added additional pages for npc sold items; list will be now stored also after logout.
  • Modified current and maximum values of ui scale option; automatically updated them on first startup.
  • Disabled incompatible versions of ArcadiaUtilies, CharPlan, DungeonLoots, ItemPreview2, QuestHelper, QuestState, yaCIt, WoWMap related to 32 bit lua files and old version issues. New versions will be available at Chronicles of Arcadia CurseForge.


  • Disabled precompiled 32-bit lua files (.luac, .luc etc.).
  • Added int Purified = GetMagicBoxPurified().
  • Addeed int Cost = GetMagicBoxDirtyStoneCost().
  • Added int SmeltMode = MagicBoxSmeltMode() / MagicBoxSmeltMode( SmeltMode ).
  • Added GetObjectInfo() readers for all existing .db files; they all will be listed soon on new API info page.
  • Added OrgObjID, ItemState, RuneVolume, Quality, PowerQuality, Level, Inherent0, Inherent1, Inherent2, Inherent3, Inherent4, Inherent5, Rune0, Rune1, Rune2, Rune3, Durable, ImageObjectID, OrgQuality, Rare = GetGearHyperlinkInfo( string link ).
  • Updated string link = GenerateGearInfo( OrgObjID, ItemState, RuneVolume, Quality, PowerQuality, Level, Inherent0, Inherent1, Inherent2, Inherent3, Inherent4, Inherent5, Rune0, Rune1, Rune2, Rune3, Durable, ImageObjectID, OrgQuality, Rare ).


  • Changed Life Seed item set skill to give the item to target member instead of caster.



  • Reduced Fearless Shot cooldown to 2 seconds.
  • Reduced Crippling Shot cooldown to 12 seconds.
  • Fixed Hide and Seek wasn’t removing aggro while used in Disassembly Mode.


  • Fixed Obstacle Force Field wasn’t working properly.


  • Changed Explosion Wave to require axe equipped.
  • Fixed Frantic Slash axe requirement wasn’t working correctly.


  • Fixed Chain Drive wasn’t removing upon Recovery being used.



  • Removed Fatal Shot global cooldown trigger.
  • Increased Forged Shot maximum stack amount to 10.
  • Removed Reflected Shot global cooldown trigger, increased reflection amount to 5.


  • Fixed Elemental Cloak wasn’t removing aggro.
  • Changed Elemental Discipline to get triggered with non-critical hits, added chance to it to restore 20 focus, increased its damage by 50%.



  • Fixed Heroic Escape wasn’t removing aggro.
  • Reduced Oak Walker’s Blessing cooldown to 90 seconds.


  • Reduced Master of Light and Darkness cooldown to 90 seconds.


  • Removed Feint dodge requirement, removed 20% more accuracy for hits of this skill.


  • Increased Irresistible Force damage increment to 24%.
  • Changed Recovery of Life to Rage of Calmness, removed trigger cooldown, increased rage consumption reduction to 30%, increases area damage by 40% additionally, increased duration to 15 seconds.


  • Increased Spirit Blade Storm radius to 100.
  • Increased Rage Blow rage and focus refresh amount to 30.


  • Removed Slash 25 HP cost.
  • Reduced Unbridled Rage cooldown to 60 seconds
  • Changed Blood Rune Weapon to return HP costs of Slash, Bloody Slash, Stifling Attack and Vendetta Blow when they inflict critical damage.



  • Increased Magma Blade base damage by 50%, fix damage by 100%.


  • Reduced Earth Marking cooldown to 60 seconds.
  • Increased Earth Groaning Wind base damage by 50%, fix damage by 100%.



  • Reduced Poisonous Explosion cooldown to 2 seconds.
  • Increased 1-H Axe Mastery damage increment to 107%.

Autumn Banquet Festival

  • 8 custom cards from festival mobs.
  • 7 hidden custom titles from festival events.


During the festival you can exchange Water Zodiac materials and Hydro Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Hydro Draconaris from:

  • Fez William – exchange 15 x Autumn Banquet Vouchers for a reward.

Provision Collection

‌Location: Varanas Gates
NPC: Provisions Supervisor
Event Target: Collect food bags from the farms and deliver to the Bridge at Varanas

The Roast Ostrich Feast‌

‌Location: Logar, Varanas, Silverfall, Obsidian Stronghold, Valley of Preparation
NPC: None
Event Target: Eat and enjoy festival food served on event tables, get buff and title.

‌Cinnamon Leaf

‌Location: Whole Taborea
NPC: Fez William
Event Target: Trade collected items for rewards from NPC.

Colorful Feather Prayer

‌Location: Dalanis City Gate
NPC: Lavanda Vitt
Event Target: Feed the Ostriches & pluck their feathers!

‌Ostrich Caravan

‌Location: Silverspring
NPC: Lorence Hollow
Known Issue: Ostrichs sometimes don’t spawn or despawn after event start

‌Lost Eggs

‌Location: Varanas Gates
NPC: George Makov
Event Target: Trace and brought back lost ostrich eggs.

‌Errand (chain quests)

‌Location: Varanas Central Plaza
NPC: Anoraf Laiken

‌Duck Out

‌Location: Outside The Kingdom of Lechif
NPC: Florent

‌Egg Thief

‌Location: Varanas Gates/Silverspring (Southwest Farm)
NPC: Chamo/Kardly Auck
Event Target: Collect and exchange items in order to earn a reward.

‌Ostrich Code

‌Location: Varanas Gates
NPC: Ostrich Caretaker
Event Target: Find the correct order of emotes to communicate with Ostriches.

Patch Notes


  • Adjusted heal output.
  • Improved FPS slightly.
  • Fixed some game crashes.
  • Fixed some fullscreen issues.
  • Added FPS Limit interface setting.
  • Fixed several issues in Whisper Manager.
  • Added ShowError(), callable also by /bug.
  • Reduced required gold to exchange for dias at Cedric.
  • Fixed Big Purified Package wasn’t usable when bag is full.



  • Fixed Rune Pulse wasn’t resetting with Chain Drive proc.


  • Fixed Rune Pulse wasn’t resetting with Chain Drive proc.
  • Increased Frantic Slash Marking critical damage boost for Charged Chop to 100%.


  • Fixed Rune Pulse wasn’t resetting with Chain Drive proc.


  • Reduced Crippling Shot cooldown to 8 seconds, decreased it’s damage by 30%.
  • Changed Fearless Shot to inflict full Rune Pulse damage, also clarified description.
  • Increased Pulsing Shot cooldown time to 10 seconds, increased it’s damage by 50%, changed knockback effect to recoil effect with maximum of inflicting damage to 5 targets.



  • Changed Forged Shot to increase gun damage instead.
  • Reduced Master Sniper casting time increment to 1 seconds.
  • Reduced Rain of Vengeance cooldown to 6 seconds, halved it’s damage.


  • Removed Piercing Arrow global cooldown trigger.



  • Reduced Master of Darkness and Light damage increment to 40%.


  • Increased Protection of Nature duration to 15 minutes.
  • Changed Elven Guidance to be triggered with any offensive pet skill.
  • Fixed Movement Restriction wasn’t interrupting spell casts, reduced cooldown time to 20 seconds.


  • Increased Phantom Contract damage increment to 20% for player and pet.


  • Changed Will Attack to decrease cooldown of Frantic Briar to 4 seconds, also makes it increase received damage of targets by 6% instead, when Spirit of the Oak is summoned.


  • Reduced Valiant Shot casting time to 1 second.
  • Reduced Centaur’s Arrow casting time to 1 second.
  • Changed Sacrifice stun effect to 100% casting speed decrement effect.
  • Reduced Untamable cooldown time to 2 seconds, reduced focus cost to 20.
  • Reduced Anti-Magic Arrow cooldown time to 1 second, reduced focus cost to 5.
  • Changed Morale Boost to Morale and Desire, increases your and your party members’ movement speed by 22.8% for 10 seconds, also increases your physical damage by 33.1% + 331.2 for 30 seconds, increased cooldown time to 120 seconds.
  • Changed Wind-Piercing Arrow to increase attack speed by 5% stackable up to 10 times, removed duration time, now it will reduce stack of effect by one upon each successful physical skill use as long as Chiron isn’t Sacrificed. Each stack gain will restore focus by (10 – stack quantity) * 3. Critical hits will stack twice.


  • Changed Master of Aggro; increases aggro by 75%.
  • Increased Punisher Guardian parry increment to 40%.
  • Increased Runic Nature HP effect increment to 24.7%.
  • Changed Punishment Bash to be inflicted to multiple targets and added aggro multiplier.
  • Changed Roar of Nature to knock enemies down additionally, reduced cooldown time to 8 seconds.



  • Changed Blood Poison to make Blood Arrow increase ranged weapon damage by 186.5%.


  • Changed Fearless physical attack increment to 15% physical damage, increased duration to 30 seconds.

Post Patch Notes

These changes will be applied only in custom instances until next patch.



  • Changed Shot to inflict ranged weapon DPS instead.



  • Fixed Pulsing Shot wasn’t inflicting damage to multiple targets.



  • Changed Chiron the Centaur skills cast time to 2 seconds, changed Sacrifice to disable Forest Surrounding effect while active.
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