Patch Notes

Heart of the Ocean (Hard Mode)

  • Opened gates of new 6-man hard mode nostalgia instance Heart of the Ocean in the Weeping Coast.
  • Added materials into Heart of the Ocean hard mode for exchange into new set items.
  • Reworked and revisited some original events and mechanics.
  • Added 5 new jewelery item sets with each ring and earring.
  • Removed all prerequisites for entering the instance.
  • Adjusted monster and boss values.
  • Added new dialogue to Sequitee.

World Boss Zhargos

  • Adjusted size of dragons.
  • Changed visual of portals.
  • Excluded tanks from one event.
  • Changed exit portals of one event.
  • Increased teleport range of portals slightly.
  • Added possibility to also click event portals.


  • Fixed Secret Temple of Tikal map alignment.
  • Fixed house zone music was stopping after a while.
  • Fixed water-walking mounts behaviour while jumping over water.
  • Added separate error message while trying to log in with e-mail address.
  • Disabled showing secondary password creation prompt on first account log in.
  • Added possibility to use Black Codex Transportation spell inside House and Guild Castle.
  • Fixed multiple tactics in end game instances with removable ads containing loot were delayed/broken sometimes.



  • Removed rage cost of Deadland Protection
  • Changed Power Slash to reduce rage cost of Slash by 10 additionally.


  • Reduced Pulsing Shot recoil force by 50%.


  • Changed Cross Chop to have 6% damage decrement for each extra target.



  • Fixed Rune Pulse Bomb was triggering Disassemble twice.


  • Fixed Phantom Walkers weren’t spawning properly inside Jerath event.


  • Added GetCardHyperlinkInfo( string Link ) => int ObjID, int ItemState, int CardState, int CardType, table AbilityType { int Ability1, … }, table AbilityValue { int Ability1, … }, table AbilityLocked { bool Ability1, … }, bool CardLocked, table CardZone { int Zone1, … }, int Rare