Patch Notes



  • Fixed Nature’s Poison base critical hit rate of 10% wasn’t working properly.



  • Fixed Focal Advantage boost was disappearing randomly for a while.


  • Changed Confusion Mechanism to apply its debuff with a different way to avoid aggro issue.


  • Fixed Autoshot was performing an unintended behavior while having too low attack speed.


  • Fixed Target Focus was tagged as Harmful Effect.
  • Increased Battle Instinct physical attack gain to 22.8% from 11.4%.



  • Increased Blasting Cyclone damage to 3200% from 2250%.
  • Changed Lightning Burn Weapon to increase 2-H Sword attack speed by 20% additionally.

Snowflake Festival

  • 62 custom cards from festival mobs.
  • 9 hidden custom titles from festival events.


During the festival you can exchange Fire Zodiac materials and Pyro Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Pyro Draconaris from:

  • Jack Shackleton – exchange 10 x Goody-Goody Certificates for a reward.
  • Snowland Supply Officer – exchange 10 x Frost Reward Tickets for a reward.

Bad Jingle Brothers

‌Location: Taborea
NPC: Jingle Brothers

Collecting Gifts

‌Location: Logar, Varanas, Silverfall, Harf Trading Post, Obsidian Stronghold and Dalanis
NPC: None

Jingle Brothers Stuck in Chimneys

‌Location: Logar, Varanas Central Plaza, Silverfall
NPC: Donichuka

Exchange fireworks

‌Location: Varanas
NPC: Nina Berlusco

Snowflake Tree Decoration

‌Location: South of Dalanis
NPC: Koli Max

Wishing Snowflake Tree Decoration

‌Location: Varanas Central Plaza
NPC: Wishing Snowflake Tree Decoration

Goody-Goody Certificates

‌Location: Varanas Central Plaza
NPC: Jack Shackleton

New Year’s Eve event

‌Location: Varanas Central Plaza
NPC: Jingle Brother – Mark

Goblin Bank Robbery

‌Location: Bank of Varanas
NPC: Goblin Robbers

Save the Snowflake Gifts

‌Location: Varanas Gates
NPC: Andrew Dell

Adopting a Deer

‌Location: South of Dalanis
NPC: Pak Dicca

Gift from the Snow

‌Location: Ystra Highlands
NPC: Mahar

Snowman King

‌Location: Ystra Highlands
NPC: Frost Snowman King

A Mob of Snowmen

‌Location: Howling Mountains, Aslan Valley, Ystra Highlands
NPC: Snowmen


‌Location: Varanas Central Plaza
NPC: Snowland Explorer Transporter‌

Patch Notes


  • Changed Concentration Prayer to be class skill instead of main, changed it to provide damage and wisdom depending on your wisdom value. Changed maximum level to 1, changed MP cost to 3%. (Old maximum value will be achievable at 250000 wisdom approximately.)


  • Reduced Toxicologist poison damage gain to 120% from 130%.
  • Reduced Toxic Possession received damage reduction to 75% from 80%.


  • Changed Urgent Heal to trigger global cooldown.
  • Increased Rain of Light casting time to 3 seconds from 1.
  • Changed Curing Wave to trigger global cooldown.
  • Increased Savior of Light casting time to 3 seconds from 2, reduced cooldown to 120 seconds from 180, removed damage reduction effect, reduced cooldown reduction amount to 1 second for each heal instead of 3, increased MP cost to 15% from 10%.


  • Changed Camellia Flower MP cost to 2% from 350.


  • Reduced Holy Strike cooldown to 4 seconds from 15.
  • Changed Knowledge of Earth and Light; When you use Holy Strike, you gain an effect thats allowing you to cast spells while walking for 15 seconds, also reduces cooldown of Focus of Mother Nature like before.


  • Changed Spirit of Life; The spirit of life follows you around for 50 seconds. Raid members around the spirit are vitalized, gaining 5% all basic attributes. If the spirit is about to disappear, it may consume another Nature’s Power point to sustain itself for another 10 seconds. The spirit will disappear if you have no Nature’s Power left regardless of its remaining duration. Consumes 5 points of Nature’s Power to summon. Increased cooldown to 300 seconds from 240.
  • Changed Avalanche to modify Rock Slide to apply Withering Seed and Weakening Seed on the target simultanously.


  • Fixed Fury cooldown reset script was resetting a few other skills unintentionally.



  • Rewinct physical attack gain to 20.7% from 22.8%, physical critical damage gain to 20.7% from 34.2%.


  • Increased Spatial Rift set skill radius to 60 from 50.
  • Removed Dark Soul Essence cast time.
  • Removed Chaos Guide cast time.
  • Removed Weakening Weave Curse distance travel delay, removed its travelling particle effect.


  • Changed Beneficial Whisper to provide effect to entire raid.


  • Fixed Savage Power skill and Traces of the Void set skill effects were overriding each other.


  • Changed Rising Tide to provide 1 Psi additionally.
  • Changed Protection Weave Curse to increase all attributes instead of intelligence and wisdom.
  • Increased Soul Enlightenment duration to 30 seconds from 10, changed maximum HP gain to increment on damage output by 5.7%, changed it to affect whole raid and cast Regenerate on every raid member.



  • Reduced Remodeled Assassin physical damage gain to 20% from 24%.


  • Changed Mana Needle Mana Siphon; When Patience and Salvation is active, every stack you gain will recover 1% MP to caster and steals 1% of target’s current MP if they have any.
  • Fixed Holy Surge had no attack animation.


  • Reduced Moon Cleave hit amount to 2 from 3.


  • Reduced Frenzied Heart offhand damage gain to 10% from 12%.


  • Reduced Defense Technique parry gain to 448.8 from 1169.
  • Reduced Enhanced Armor defense gain to 60% from 68.2%.


  • Reduced Runecraft – Diversion parry gain to 538.6 from 1245.
  • Reduced Runecraft – Fortify physical defense gain in Shield Form to 84% from 95.6%.


  • Reduced Spirit of the Oak physical defense gain to 95% from 100%.


  • Changed Amplified Attack to be subclass skill instead of main, changed it to increase attack power depending on caster’s wisdom value. (Approximately 90% of total wisdom will be given as attack.)
  • Changed Grace of Life to be subclass skill instead of main, changed it to increase maximum HP depending on caster’s wisdom value. (Approximately 20% of total wisdom will be given as HP.)


  • Increased Spreading Aide cast time to 3 seconds from 1.
  • Increased Healing Void cooldown to 60 seconds from 20, removed 5% damage reduction.
  • Increased Mana Retention cooldown to 120 seconds from 60, changed MP recovery amount to 9980 fixed value from 473 heal power scaling value.
  • Changed Chain of Life to heal only the targeted unit instead of whole raid, removed its 50% damage reduction effect upon breaking the bond.


  • Changed Healing Diamond Light to affect raid members instead of party members.
  • Changed Diamond Light Activation to do not increase healing anymore, increased MP recovery to 70% from 33%, increased rage cost to 50 from 30, reduced cooldown to 10 seconds from 120.
  • Changed Beacon of Regeneration to have 0.5 seconds of cooldown before repeating heal trigger.
  • Changed Infused Light Chain Rage Control; Every time you channel a spell, you gain 20 rage.


  • Changed Magic Barrier to reduce received damage by 5% instead of increasing physical defense by 17%.
  • Changed Elven Blessing to provide half benefits to raid members instead of caster, also changes Wave Armor to resist 3 hits instead of certain damage value.


  • Removed Divine Incarnation duration.
  • Changed Calm Heart to affect raid members.
  • Swapped Last Prayer and Sacrificial Cure elite levels.
  • Changed Sacrificial Cure Sacrificial Shield to provide a shield to all raid members resisting equal to 50% of HP consumed to use the skill instead.
  • Changed Last Prayer to increase power of Sacrificial Shield by 50% when your health is below 75%.


  • Changed Elemental Defense to change Group Heal to affect whole raid, but increases MP cost.
  • Changed Angel’s Blessing to recover 5% MP, 5 Rage, 5 Focus, 5 Energy every 5 seconds instead.
  • Changed Angel’s Carol; Every time you invoke a direct healing, you gain an Angel’s Carol stack for 15 seconds, which is providing 1% cast speed and magical attack, stacks up to 30 times. Removed duration, added 1% MP cost per seconds and changed cast cost to 5% MP, removed cooldown.
  • Changed Freeze: Using Lightning on a target which has Bone Chill will put them into Freeze state, which is increasing received wind and water damage by 5%.
  • Changed Lightning Rod: Using Fireball on a target which has Freeze will put them into Sublimation state which is letting allies who are attacking to this target to get healed by 150 + 1 x Intelligence of caster.


  • Swapped level of Touch of Revival and Prayer of Tribulation.
  • Changed Touch of Revival to spread Prayer of Tribulation effect on healed target to nearby allies, additionally.
  • Changed Spirit Embodiment to consume 1% MP every second and disappear if there is not enough MP to consume, changed it to have 5 minutes of cooldown after Spirit Embodiment despawns, changed it to recover 10 Focus for every time it invokes heal.

Post Patch Notes

Following changes may not be applied in all zones until next maintenance. They will be mostly applied for custom instances and Atlas CH3.


  • Fixed Concentration Prayer wasn’t working sometimes when there are extra targets.

Patch Notes


  • Corrected various skill description issues.
  • Restored loss TP of skills which were reset on previous patch.
  • Changed normal pets to have dynamic speed.

World Boss Zhargos

  • Changed drop chance and drop pool of recipes.


  • Fixed Nature’s Points weren’t being deducted after a recent change.


  • Fixed Spirit of Life wasn’t working properly.


  • Changed Rain of Light to do not use cast time as output multiplier.