Patch Notes

Kalin Shrine (Hard Mode)

  • Opened gates of new 6-man hard mode nostalgia instance Kalin Shrine in the Dust Devil Canyon.
  • Added new quest line “Memories of Taborea” which is prerequisite for entering the instance.
  • Enabled new card system from newly obtained cards in hard mode.
  • Reworked and revised some original events and mechanics.
  • Adjusted monster and boss values.
  • Added 3 new artefacts.
  • Added 1 new card.
  • Added 1 new title.


  • Noticed travelers from Talaghan lands in Dust Devil Canyon that brought some materials and recipes.
  • Added Talaghan materials (herbs/woods/ore) and recipes for upgrading them.


Added new gear type – artefacts:

  • There are 3 types of artefacts: Sun, Moon, Legendary. Sun and Moon can be placed only in certain slot, Legendary can be put in both.
  • They use 2 new gear slots that have to be unlocked by completing condition for entering the Kalin Shrine (Hard Mode).
  • New artefacts will be added with future nostalgia instances.
  • Provide passive and active bonuses.
  • In future; will have rune slots.
  • Own 100% plussing stones.
  • Can not be unbound.

PNC Store

  • Added new tab in Item Shop – PNC Store. It will contain only visual elements and future extended VIP system. All of them are tradeable on regular conditions.
  • Added 131 new weapon skins.
  • Added 27 new shield skins.

Skins for other weapons will be added later.

Known issue: Search in Item Shop is broken now. Will be fixed with next client patch.


  • Changed name of stats dropped from Medusa in Heart of the Ocean (Hard) to Unknown One from Depth.
  • Fixed disenchanting was allowing to process unallowed items.
  • Adjusted gear score of some of custom item stats.
  • Enabled Battlegrounds back.
  • Fixed multiple UI elements.

Festival of Fire

  • 7 custom cards from festival mobs.
  • 8 hidden custom titles from festival events.


During the festival you can exchange Earth Zodiac materials and Geo Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Geo Draconaris from:

  • Ajis – exchange 5 x Festival of Fire Voucher for a reward.
  • Lujken Lajet – exchange 5 x Festival of Fire Voucher for a reward.

Rune Chessboard

‌NPC: Rune Chessboard
‌Event Target: Align one or more lines of crystals of the same color to obtain points
‌Start location: Next to bridge in front of Varanas

Ignite the Holy Fire Altar

‌NPC: Dorimy Laso
‌Event type: mini-game
‌Start location: Next to bridge in front of Varanas

Party Pest Control

‌NPC: Ajis
‌Event type: find and defeat
‌Start location: Varanas Central Plaza
‌Event location: Varanas Gates
‌Event Target: Find mice and drive them away with the use of the Flame Altar

Iron Chef

‌NPC: Drake Gates
‌Event type: Collect Items & Cook
‌Start location: Varanas Gates
‌Event location: Silverspring – Oblivion Shrine
‌Event Target: Collect food in Silverspring and cook it at Varanas Central Plaza


‌NPC: Ethan Bryce
‌Event type: Cure Monsters
‌Start location: Varanas Bridge
‌Event location: Silverspring (Around Varanas Gates)
‌Event Target: Cure the sick monsters with Flame Powder.

Flame Fortune

‌NPC: Giselle Fred
‌Event type: Help NPC/Collecting Points
‌Event location: Taborea
‌Event Target: Collect Runes in the Magic Circle and throw them at the Altar.

Light the Pyre!

‌NPC: Lujken Lajet
‌Event type: Help NPC/Control Fire
‌Start location: Thunderhoof Hills, outside Dalanis City
‌Event location: Thunderhoof Hills, outside Dalanis City
‌Event Target: Control the fire with water and catalyzed runes as the NPC wants it.

Drive Beast

‌NPC: Aishas Gracia
‌Event type: Help NPC, defeat monster
‌Start location: Varanas Bridge
‌Event location: Dust Devil Canyon
‌Event Target: (Group) Defeat the Ice or Fire monster by either assisting NPC or assisting your group.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed Item Shop search.
  • Fixed some NPCs in different zones were wrong.
  • Fixed new card was missing attributes. Previously obtained cards will be fixed with next planned maintenance.

Post Patch Notes

Kalin Shrine (Hard Mode)

  • Adjusted boss attributes.
  • Changed Iron Rune Warrior to spawn a barrier at entrance during fight.
  • Fixed teleport crystal was working one-way.
  • Extended Yusalien event trigger delay, excluded pets from event.
  • Increased Icebreaker radius to 80 from 25, removed cast time.
  • Disabled loot from monsters before first boss temporary, to review it.
  • Fixed monsters were respawning after some time.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed that it was possible to get stuck during “Strange Memories” quest.
  • Fixed that it was possible to get stuck during “The Antidote” quest.
  • Fixed some artefacts were mistakely in hidden High Durability.
  • Fixed crafting gear with fixed durability was allowing to get High Durability.
  • Fixed Kalin Shrine (Hard Mode) boss ads were counted in kill quests.
  • Fixed Protection of the Past artefact was disappearing on logout.

Patch Notes


  • Implemented new refined artefacts that are an upgrade from the normal versions.
  • Added additional crafting recipes to Logden Darkstove shop.
  • Reworked tank and dps artefact effects.

Kalin Shrine (Hard)

  • Fixed previously obtained Terpsichore cards had no attributes.
  • Added new item “Sun Essence” to final boss Regin loot.
  • Increased Iron Rune Warrior base movement speed.
  • Restored loot from monsters before first boss.
  • Reduced Yusalien pull range.