Patch Notes


  • Disabled possibility to place “Unique” items into bank and house furnitures.
  • Assigned loot from Bee Queen to player with highest event contribution.
  • Fixed a few Talaghan ground issues.

Minigames Rework

  • General Changes:
    • Removed Phirius Shells from the item shop promotional rotation.
  • Updated the Phirius Shell shops: 
    • Introduced new minigame sets alongside a new stat line. New items will be obtainable for 300 Phirius Shells each.
  • Updated the following Minigames:
    • Updated all* rewards chest in the minigames with new loot.
    • Created a new item: Phirius Deposit-Injector.
    • Introduced 48 new cards obtainable in the minigames.
    • Adjusted the levels of monsters inside the minigames to always reflect player levels.
    • Added a new Title, “Master of Minigames” which is obtainable by exchanging it for a high amount of minigame tokens and unlocked all prior minigame titles.
  • Malatinas Course of Terror:
    • Sigils may no longer be destroyed by the player before activating them.
      • Canons may still destroy them before activation!
    • Increased sigil activation range.
    • Disabled the Ostrich Courier.
    • Added 10 arcane charges as an end reward.
    • Added 1 Ghost Card guaranteed as an end reward.
  • Malatinas Survival Game:
    • Adjusted the end reward of one arcane charge to 10.
  • Goblin Mine:
    • Changed the Mimic at the end to provide crafting materials.
  • Andor Training Range:
    • Added a function for players to exchange a certificate of time and a certificate of survival for a 3 day trial weapon.
    • Added badge title functionality to the titles of the Minigame.
  • Treasure Hunt:
    • Added improved guild materials to the drop table of certain chests.

*except for jade chests in the sascilia treasure hunt minigame. Their rewards will be updated at a later date.


  • Reduced Moon Cleave cooldown to 10 seconds from 30.


  • Reduced Moon Cleave cooldown to 5 seconds from 10.


  • Reduced Moon Cleave cooldown to 7 seconds from 15.


  • Reduced Excellent Combat Training damage gain to 30% from 40%.


  • Reduced Rose Vine damage gain to 22% from 28%.


  • Changed Rapacious Poison cost to 20 focus from 20 rage + 10 focus, changed it to provide 12% physical damage and 12% physical attack instead of just physical attack.
  • Changed Fed by the Malice to increase attack power by 10% instead of movement speed, changed duration to 60 seconds.
  • Reduced Fatal Measures cooldown to 4 seconds from 6.
  • Changed Leakage to inflict damage every second instead, and reduced focus consumption to 5 from 10.
  • Changed Master of Frenzied Venom to change Frenzy to a passive spell additionally.
  • Changed Toxic Battle to modify Whirlwind, Blasting Cyclone and Probing Attack too.


  • Increased Electrical Rage defense and damage gain to 25% from 14.5%.


  • Changed Tempo to ignore terrain obstacles. sound ability
  • Changed Octave Shifting to ignore terrain obstacles. sound ability
  • Reduced Deadly Notes damage gain to 76% from 100%. 12% damage nerf
  • Changed Harmony to get interrupted while moving.


  • Reduced Intensity speed gain to 12% from 20%.
  • Reduced Soul Gale radius to 60 from 80.


  • Changed Robotic Feelings to do not add cooldown to Lost Sanity anymore.
  • Reduced Agriculture Rune damage amount to 1/2/4/7 from 1/3/5/8.


  • Changed Anger to require 2-H Axe to use. description attunement


  • Changed Incredible Riff to ignore terrain obstacles. sound ability


  • Changed Fireball Shower to get interrupted while moving, increased cooldown to 4 seconds from 3.
  • Reduced Fire Nova damage to 4730 from 5160.
  • Reduced Fiery Magic damage to 2838 from 3010.


  • Changed elemental damage type to dark damage from wind damage.
  • Reduced Immaterial Recurrence damage to 512% from 732%, reduced cooldown to 6 seconds from 8.
  • Reduced Soul Hunter damage to 130% from 140%.


  • Removed Berserker Rune rage cost.
  • Changed War Cry to have 20 rage cost.


  • Reduced Elven Magic damage gain to 47% from 73%. 15% damage nerf


  • Changed Dark Rune to do not increase dark damage anymore.
  • Reduced Mass Destruction damage to 251% from 314%.



  • Fixed Solo wasn’t healing members properly, changed it to ignore terrain obstacles.



  • Changed Musical Halo to be weaker when Druid/Bard Neotropical Warmth is active.
  • Changed Holy Tune to require instrument to use.
  • Changed Music Saves Lives to require instrument to use.
  • Changed Music in your Heart to do not remove instrument requirement from Musical Attack.


  • Reduced Vanish cooldown to 3 minutes from 10.


  • Increased Oak Walker attack scaling to 18% from 14%.
  • Fixed Oak Walker buff was being active unintentionally without Oak Walker.


  • Increased Chiron the Centaur attack scaling to 21% from 14%.
  • Extended Sacrifice duration to 30 seconds from 15, changed it to make pet lose 10% damage instead.


  • Reduced Explosion of Power pet attack speed gain to 48% from 60%.


  • Increased Essence of Poison damage gain to 30% from 24%.
  • Increased Psychic Shadow attack scaling to 25% from 16%.


  • Changed Power Sigil to also provide same buff to your pet, changed it to be passive.


  • Increased Ruthless Judgment base critical hit chance to 10% from 0%.


  • Reduced Saces’ Impatience cooldown to 15 seconds from 20.
  • Changed Self Awareness to reduce channel time of Severed Consciousness to 1 second from 1.5.
  • Reduced Dark Rain channel time to 1 second from 1.5.
  • Fixed Shot triggered by Dark Rain of Severed Consciousness was behaving like focus cost is base cost of your Shot even if you have focus cost reductions. (i.e.: Neotropical Warmth of Druid/Bard)

Music Festival

  • 40 different stats from Heavenly Score.
  • 26 custom cards from festival monsters.
  • 22 hidden custom titles from festival activities.


During the festival you can exchange Earth Zodiac materials and Geo Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Geo Draconaris from:

  • John Bach – exchange 15 x Notes and Musical Scores for a reward.

Cavy’s Riot

‌Event type: Kill monsters
Start location: Varanas
Event location: Varanas Bridge, Obsidian Stronghold Gates
Event Target: Find Cavy Riot and kill as many Cavies as possible
Reward: Musical Notes, Musical Scores, Phirius Potions

Musical Scale

‌Event type: Play melody
Start location: Varanas
Event location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event Target: Talk to Venus Garter, memorize musical notes and play the tune correctly

Annual Musical Horse Trials

‌Event type: Kill monsters‌
Start location: Varanas
Event location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event Target: Speak to John Bach, form a Group, pass by 3 checkpoints and fight off monsters, deliver Music Box safely to Lia Luther

Music Parade

‌Event type: Music, Interaction
Start location: Varanas
Event location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event Target: Talk to Jade Baglama, receive instrument, take part in the Music Parade

Rescue the Musical Angel

‌Event type: Fight, Puzzle
Start Location: Varanas Bridge
Event location: Forsaken Abbey
Event Target: Talk to Nedo Andus, transport to Event Location, touch platform to‌ ‌Start event, solve energy puzzle and obtain treasure box

Musical Energy Collection

‌Event type: Puzzle
Start Location: Varanas Bridge
Event location: Varanas Bridge
Event Target: Talk to Nala Melody, ‌Start musical device, solve the puzzle

Gate Keeper

‌Event type: Movement, Puzzle
Start Location: Varanas
Event location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event Target: Talk to Armosen Lok, Hit the tunes on the Musical scale

Turn the Gramophone!

‌Event type: Movement, Puzzle
Start Location: Varanas
Event location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event Target: Talk to Pullli, trade Torn Scores for Restored Score, Start the gramophone, hit the right energy boxes

Lost Magic Note

‌Event type: find and kill monsters, movement
Start location: Dalanis
Event location: Dalanis, Thunderhoof Hills

Patch Notes


  • Fixed some zones were missing names.
  • Fixed some monster cards weren’t dropping in minigame zones.



  • Changed Leakage to recover focus on successful hits instead of consuming.

Patch Notes


  • Increased stack amounts of pet consumption items to 1000 from 99.
  • Disabled Wrath and Raid runes for talisman due to having no effect.
  • Fixed Experimental Dwarven Ale effects weren’t visible in combat log.
  • Fixed Phirius Deposit-Injector effects weren’t visible in combat log.
  • Changed Prayer of Resting recipe requirement 6x Pure Moxa Extract to 18x Moxa Extract to make Moa’s Warhorse skill usable via Moa’s weaponry.
  • Fixed unit name was being invisible if entities appear on cursor initially.
  • Fixed missing consumables messages on transport book was showing IDs instead of names.


  • Fixed that disconnecting during Course of Terror would make progress impossible.
  • Fixed that Fine Keys were disappearing on logout.
  • Fixed that some sneak effects were not being removed when entering Ancient Treasures.
  • Added Clear Count to end of Malatina’s Dungeon.
  • Fixed that some stat values were incorrect.

Talaghan Public Events

  • Added system message when failing to register correctly for the Hydras Charmer Event

Garden of Eden

  • Increased base level of mobs by 2.



  • Reduced Rune Overload damage to 436% from 872%.
  • Increased Solo: Shredding duration to 12 seconds, changed it to inflict damage once every second instead of twice.
  • Fixed Shock Overload wasn’t disappearing when you use Shield Form.
  • Fixed Rune Overload wasn’t disappearing when you use Disassembly Mode.


  • Changed Shadow Pulse to do not trigger global cooldown instead of ignoring global cooldown. reason: player base having hard time using ignoring global cooldown mechanic



  • Changed Fed by the Malice to provide 4% physical damage instead of 10% attack power.
  • Changed Leakage to do not inflict damage if NPC targets has no target.
  • Fixed Whirlwind poison damage type color wasn’t visible in combat log.
  • Changed Leakage to be triggered every 2 seconds instead of every second.



  • Increased The Sinister dark damage gain to 32% from 21%.


  • Increased Engineer’s Blade rage recovery to 20 from 15.
  • Increased Genius Creation to increase posion damage by 8.1% additionally.


  • Increased Haste and Blood strength gain to 20% from 15%.
  • Increased Art of War damage gain to 40% from 20%.
  • Changed Real Musician to reduce damage gained by Incredible Riff to 10% from 30% additionally.



  • Increased Wind Rune damage gain to 42% from 30%.
  • Reduced Thunderous Rage damage gain to 10% from 20%, reduced cooldown to 90 seconds from 120.


  • Reduced Wraith Attack energy cost to 15 from 25, changed it to inflict damage to 8 targets instead of 6.
  • Reduced Fast Draw cooldown to 8 seconds from 12.


  • Changed Life Rope Throw to Blade of Tartarus; Throws a flaming blade to enemy, inflicts 1355% main hand weapon DPS fire damage and increases fire damage they take by 8% for 10 seconds. Cost: 1 projectile Cooldown: 3 seconds No Global Cooldown Trigger effect can’t be used together with Prairie Fire of Scout/Mage.
  • Reduced Hell Blades fire damage gain to 40% from 50%.


  • Changed Power of the Lion duration to 900 seconds from 30, removed cooldown, reduced defense gain to 54% from 68%.


  • Removed Detection duration.


  • Changed Repelling Arrow to affect frontal area. 2.5x aggro multiplier
  • Changed Healing Shot to inflict 438% ranged weapon DPS to target and heal all raid members around you by 320% ranged weapon DPS. 2.5x aggro multiplier
  • Changed Enhanced Armor Protection to Uncomfortable Shell; Increases physical defense by 60%, but decreases physical attack by 60% too. Also increases parry rate by 25%.
  • Changed Mana Conversion to Archer’s Aide; Decreases MP and Focus cost by 100% for 30 seconds. Cooldown: 90 seconds
  • Changed Mana Recovery to Urgency; Increases your movement speed by 11.5%.
  • Changed Armor-piercing arrow; Inflicts 580% ranged weapon DPS light damage to targets in designated area and decreases their defense by 12% for 8 seconds. Cooldown: 15 seconds can’t be used together with Disarmament effect. 2.5x aggro multiplier
  • Changed Spirit Meld, increases aggro generated by Reflected Shot additionally, reduced trigger cooldown to 10 seconds from 30, increased duration to 15 seconds from 10, changed attack gain to 11.5% from flat values.
  • Changed Blessed Quiver to reduce Healing Shot cooldown to 4 seconds and makes it be critical all the time.
  • Changed Transformation Torrent to change Archer’s Aide to Reduce MP, Rage, Focus, Energy costs for party members additionally.


  • Increased Bravery duration to 20 seconds from 10.
  • Reduced We Will Win! cooldown to 60 seconds from 90.
  • Reduced Musical Shot trigger cooldown to 10 seconds from 20.


  • Increased Boiling Blood damage gain to 26.3% from 21%.
  • Increased Focus ratio to 45% from 35%.


  • Changed Sapping Arrow to Dark Shot; Inflicts 763% ranged weapon DPS dark damage to target. Cooldown: dependent of ranged weapon speed no longer reduces target defense or increase your attack, reduced base range to 0 from 50, reduced energy cost to 20 from 30.
  • Changed Exploiting Shot to increase your physical damage by 5% and physical attack by 20%, reduced trigger cooldown to 10 seconds from 20.


  • Changed Body Vitalization and Mind Vitalization to do not affect any type of pet.


  • Changed Mind Vitalization to do not get overridden by Druid/Mage Vitalizations.


  • Fixed Quick Help was trying to restore 10 energy instead of 10% MP.



Reworked skills:

Level 15 – Kraken’s Curse

You carry the curse of the Kraken, reduces your Physical Damage by 10%, but increases damage of your pet by 10%.

Level 30 – Summon Chiron the Ghost Centaur

Cost: 15% MP
Cast Time: 4 seconds
Summons the apparition Chiron to aid you in the battle.
Pet Skill – Apparition Shot
10 Energy
Cooldown: 8 seconds
If master uses Shade of the Ocean, Chiron will use this automatically.
Inflicts 1750 wind damage and increases the physical attack power of pet and master by 8% for 15 seconds. While your pet have this effect active, each Apparition Shot will recover 15 Focus to master and 15 Energy to Chiron. (After the effect has ended it cannot be triggered again for 10 seconds.)

Level 50 – Sacrifice of the Pirate

Cooldown: 90 seconds
Sacrifices your pet to reverse Kraken’s Curse temporarily, for 30 seconds.

Level 70 – Whistle of the Ghost

When Chiron uses Apparition Shot, you and your Chiron will gain a stack of Whistle of the Ghost. It will increase Physical Attack Speed by 5% for 8 seconds. Stacks up to 6 times.

Level 25 – Shade of the Ocean

Cooldown: Ranged weapon dependent
Cost: 20 Focus
Inflicts 579.8% + 0.5 x STR ranged weapon DPS water damage to target.

Level 35 – Secret Agreement

Permanently increases your Physical Damage by 21.5% and all damage caused by Chiron the Ghost Centaur by 21.5%
The maximum level of this skill is 55.

Level 60 – Dark Waters

Cost: 15% HP
Cooldown: 90 seconds
Take the power of depths, increases Physical Attack Power by 20% and Physical Damage by 15% for 30 seconds.

  • Changed Elven Guidance to do not work with Chiron anymore.
  • Reduced Chiron model size by 20%, fixed it was teleporting randomly to the owner when has no enemy, allowed it to do regular attacks from distance, changed regular attacks to have ranged weapon motions.
  • Removed Centaur’s Arrow.



  • Changed Flame of Fire to passive, your pet uses it instantly when you use Shot on your target if pet has sufficient MP. Area spread won’t trigger this, removed cast time, increased damage to 6590. keeping damage output same while making skill use relying on master’s Shot usage.
  • Changed Magic Crossflow to increase only your cast speed, additionally increases attack speed by same amount. allowing caster to use Shot more frequently during long sustain situations


  • Reduced maximum target amount of Magma Blade to 6 from 15, increased damage to 1950 from 1462. increasing low-crowd sustain while halving big crowd damage from this spell.


  • Changed Ion Storm trigger chance to 65% from 50%.


  • Changed Earth Core Barrier to maximize your cast speed instead of just 20%.


  • Halved Stars of Light channel time, but decreased 1585 from 2265. class was underperforming and was not fluent due to long channels, slight buff.


  • Changed Tide Mastery to do not affect Outburst.
  • Changed Tide Burst to trigger Outburst as default.
  • Changed Wave Essence to increase Outburst trigger chance of Tide Burst to 100% from 60%.
  • Corrected Tide Mastery description.

Post Patch Notes

Following changes will be active all instances and Atlantis CH3 until next actual maintenance.

Realm of Forgotten Legends

  • Fixed Athelis after Balton wasn’t working as intended.



  • Fixed pet wasn’t inflicting damage.
  • Halved Flame of Fire damage. pet is triggering this twice with 70 elite, so we thought its a bit too much


  • Fixed Magma Blade target amount wasn’t reduced properly.



  • Reduced Healing Shot heal amount to 32% ranged weapon DPS from 3200% ranged weapon DPS. initial value was wrong, but correct value was too much either.



  • Fixed Whistle of the Ghost was losing stacks upon using offensive skills.

Patch Notes


  • Changed Prayer of Repletion recipe to do not include Pure Moxa Extract.
  • Fixed Phirius Deposit-Injector was interrupting some buffs.


  • Removed Beast’s Roar global cooldown trigger.


  • Changed Psychic Warrior to passive; activates when you enter to Willpower Blade state.


  • Increased Dark Method damage gain to 30% from 24%.


  • Changed Psychic Tap to increase your magical damage passively.


  • Reduced Dark Exchange cooldown to 15 seconds from 30.


  • Changed Shot to decrease cooldown of Saces’ Impatience by 1 second as long as caster is under effect of Willpower Blade or Willpower Construct.
  • Increased Saces’ Impatience cooldown to 18 seconds from 15.


As of our observations, mages are over performing (due to low base damage, high scaling on attack speed buffs, considerably lesser attack power of other physical damage dealers) in lesser supported raids, our goal is to achieve lesser diversity between physical damage dealers and mages, in a less supported raid by providing them similar attack power and creating a non-existing diversity between low-end equipment versus high-end equipment for mage.

  • Changed Shetamb’s Think Tank set skill to do not increase intelligence, but increases magical damage by 12% instead of 10%.
  • Changed Wisdom to provide 8% + 115 magical damage instead of 10.4% + 115 intelligence.
  • Changed Static Field to get affected by global area damage reduction. 40%
  • Reduced Purgatory Fire MP cost to 2% from 3%.
  • Increased Thunderstorm damage to 3885 from 2331, reduced hit amount to 3 from 5, increased debuff duration to 7 seconds from 5.
  • Increased Electric Compression duration to 30 seconds from 20, increased Static Field damage gain to 25% from 15%.
  • Changed Plasma Arrow to Alternative Current; Passive: When successfully use an electric spell, you will be in Charged state for 10 seconds. Charged state will provide same effects as previous Plasma Arrow. electric spells are Electrostatic Charge, Discharge, Electric Bolt, Electric Explosion, Thunderstorm, Voltage Seize
  • Removed Electric Compression global cooldown trigger.


  • Changed Focused Beam to change Static Field to ignore global area damage reduction additionally.
  • Changed Meditative Current to work with Flame/Electric Bolt instead of Flame/Plasma Arrow.


  • Changed Earth Scepter to increase your earth damage only, by 28%.


  • Changed Mother Earth’s Wrath to inflict 4643 damage always.
  • Changed Control Flame to increase both earth and fire damage by 24% instead of providing just 36% earth damage.


  • Changed Voltage Seize to inflict its damage to targets within 80 radius of target. Increased damage to 6291 from 3775.
  • Changed Electric Explosion to inflict 1935 + 2328 damage instead of 1935/2328.


  • Increased Great Purgatory Fire damage to 3000 from 2600.
  • Changed Fire Within to increase your fire damage by 20% instead.


  • Increased Cursed Fangs damage to 1935/943 from 1742/858.


  • Changed Disable to work with Rising Tide instead of Flame/Plasma Arrow.
  • Moved Tide Mastery passive to modify Rising Tide to Disable.



  • Changed Wind Chop damage to 1426% main hand weapon DPS wind damage instead of 657% physical + 963% wind.
  • Changed Nature’s Revenge; Focuses Nature Crystal on you. Crystalline Acceleration increases your attack and cast speed by 40%.


  • Increased Apparition Shot energy cost to 30, changed it to do not get triggered by Shade of the Ocean if there is no sufficient energy.
  • Reduced Chiron’s attack scaling to 18% from 21%.
  • Reduced Dark Waters attack gain to 15% from 20%.
  • Fixed Whistle of the Ghost effect was muting the player in some chat channels.


  • Increased Blade of Destruction cooldown to 6 seconds from 4, increased damage to 7200 + 2 x INT from 2400 + 0.3 x INT.


  • Increased Focused Aide heal gain to 10% from 6.5%.



  • Increased Wraith Attack energy cost to 20 from 15.



  • Changed Toxic Possession to reduce magical attack by 25% additionally.
  • Increased Toxicologist damage gain to 142% from 120%.


  • Reduced Holy Teachings heal power gain to 5% from 20%.
  • Changed Spreading Blossoms to add 15 seconds of cooldown to Blossoming Life additionally.
  • Increased Regeneration cooldown to 45 seconds from 30.


  • Reduced Rune Vitality Mechanism duration and cooldown to 16 from 30.


  • Changed Swampland to generate one Nature’s Power when used, increased radius to 60 from 30.


  • Fixed Rising Tide had wrong damage value.


  • Reduced Sacrificial Cure cooldown to 30 seconds from 180.


  • Reduced Healing Diamond Light MP cost per second to 4% from 7%.


  • Reduced Elven Technique heal gain to 5% from 20%.


  • Fixed Freeze was triggering when you get heal instead of when you heal.


  • Reduced Weakened Musical Halo effectivity to 5% from 10%.



  • Changed Suicide Advance -> Suicidal Warfare; Increases your physical damage by 11.2% while decreasing physical defense by 11.2%, increased duration to 20 seconds from 15.
  • Reduced Light Pulse radius to 60 from 100.


  • Changed Waiting Game -> Hesitant Touch; Changes your Shadow Pulse to do not get affected by global cooldown for 30 seconds.

Post Patch Notes

Following changes may not be applied in all zones until next maintenance, values might be differ in in-game tooltips. They will be active in Atlantis CH3 and all custom instances.



  • Fixed Toxic Possession wasn’t working properly.

Planned Change Log

Following list will include possible changes that may be appear along with upcoming patch. Please consider that this list doesn’t represent the actual patch content and might be different when patch is released.

Modified changes will be highlighted with yellow color, declined changes will be highlighted as strikethrough, changes that might be delayed to another patch with considerably high chance will be highlighted with purple color.

Consider that not all changes are guaranteed to be applied with next patch even if they aren’t highlighted with purple color. Some changes might still stay in Planned Change Log even after a patch gets implemented.

Monster Cards

  • Changes of card types.
  • Reworked Monster Compendium interface.
  • Activated new card system on 5 next areas.
  • New stones for easier creating better cards.
  • Changing card attributes on additional decks.
  • Fixed some obtained cards had broken attributes.
  • Increased ranges of HP, MP, PDEF, MDEF attributes.
  • Stardom System – sharing cards between decks and more.

More details on forum: Planned changes for the Monster Cards patch.

Following changes will be applied along with next big main instance content which has no estimated time of arrival yet.


  • Changed Amplified Attack to get scaled based on unbuffed wisdom and/or base bonus heal points.
  • Changed Grace of Life to get scaled based on unbuffed wisdom and/or base bonus heal points.


  • Changed Concentration Prayer to get scaled based on unbuffed wisdom and/or base bonus heal points.
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