Patch Notes


  • Fixed that sometimes character was stuck after teleport and unable to cast spells properly.
  • Fixed some ambient sounds and music were played continuously even after leaving related area.
  • Fixed that some zone names were cut incorrectly from transport book.
  • Fixed that it was possible to click through the SetSkill Frame.
  • Fixed that the Xaviera public event in Wailing Forest would sometimes not restart correctly.
  • Fixed that it was possible to get stuck after completing The Last Proof quest.
  • Increased cenedril heart materials maximum stack to 10000 from 1000.


  • Removed Light Shot skill was sometimes remaining after event completion.


  • Implemented addons management.
  • Fixed flickering in news section.
  • Starting launcher again will restart launcher instead of opening active one.
  • Improved client integrity report.


  • Changed Forge and Forge Effect to do not disappear when your HP reach to 1.


  • Increased 145 base weapon level skills to 165.


  • Added "PVP_DAMAGE" and "PVP_RESISTANCE" values to GetPlayerAbility()

Masked Festival

  • 16 custom cards from festival monsters.
  • 5 hidden custom titles from festival activities.


During the festival you can exchange Water Zodiac materials and Hydro Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Hydro Draconaris from:

  • Masked Ball Reward Commissioner – exchange 10 x Masked Ball Medals for a reward.

Invitation Courier

‌NPC: Rain Nahills
Location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event description: Give a Party Invitation to the required NPCs.

Ball Mask Package exchange

‌NPC: Shiani Alian
Location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event description: Exchange TP runes to Ball Mask Package

Eulogy of Spring

‌NPC: Shiani Alian
Location: Varanas Central Plaza, Howling Mountains
Event description: Collect and deliver items

The Truth Under the…

‌NPC: Masked Ball Host
Location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event description: Find and match correct NPCs.

Hero in Disguise! “Masked Striker Association”

‌NPC: Big Spyror
Location: Thunderhoof Hills
Event description: Find and kill NPCs.

Help Ikes Get His Act Together!

‌NPC: Ikes Kalefan
Location: Thunderhoof Hills
Event description: Use actionbar to move items.

Patch Notes

Monster Cards

  • Fixed possible dupe of unique cards.
    • Removed cards that were obtained by dupe.
  • Fixed animation for some cards.
  • Fixed incorrect card type display.
  • Fixed a bug where when reaching 5 stars on cards, attributes on additional cards were deleted.
  • Fixed all existing cards that exceeded the maximum possible limit of numeric attribute values.
  • Removed the “Shared” property on some old cards.
  • Fixed unique cards that could lose their unique attributes when they were modified.


  • Disabled Provisions Ostrich Courier in Ancient Treasures.
  • Added spell physical attack type to tooltips.
  • Fixed some npc model previews had no weapon attached.
  • Players who disconnect will now maintain registration status during the Talaghan public events.

Patch Notes


  • Disabled revive and knockdown motions underwater.
  • Fixed that sometimes the final door in Ancient Treasures would remain closed.
  • Changed total Gear Score so only one weapon slot with the highest score is counted.

Auction House

  • Fixed owned cards filter was not always working properly.
  • Removed obsolete Auction House card type filter.
  • Added new Auction House tabs.
    Please note they will apply only to newly placed items.
    • Supplies
      • Orbs
      • Others
    • Materials
      • Others
    • Monster Cards
      • Old Card
      • General Card
      • Physical Card
      • Magical Card
      • Defensive Card
      • Boss Card
      • World Boss Card
      • Unique Card
    • Partners
      • Pets
      • Pet Food
      • Cenedril Materials
    • Special Items
      • Title System
      • Guild Contribution
    • Money
      • Other

Monster Cards


  • Reduced Asmial shop gold prices by 50%.
  • Added Kills and Disenchants to cards tooltip.
  • Added related festival name to festival cards tooltip.
  • Changed festival cards in new system so they require only disenchants to upgrade stars.
  • Restored 99 festival cards from new system enabled zones to new card types that were unintentionally affected with previous patch. Restored their attributes.

Card Book

  • Added “Festival” filter.
  • Added “Card Type” filter.
  • Added searching cards by ID.
  • Fixed some small visual issues.
  • Fixed model zoom for some cards.
  • Added linking cards to search box.
  • Removed “New System Cards” filter.
  • Added linking card from big frame to chat.
  • Reworked info button tooltip information.
  • Fixed card book title was not translate-able.
  • Changed book to load current zone on opening.
  • Added deck card amounts information to footer.
  • Fixed Main Menu frame was opening old card book.
  • Added attribute value ranges to selected card frame.
  • Added Deck number information to total attribute counter.
  • Fixed total attribute counter was counting old disabled cards.
  • Fixed that clicking on filter dropdown was clearing search box text.
  • Fixed ASC/DESC sorting arrows switcher were showing reverse info.
  • Fixed sorting by name was not working properly for accented characters.
  • Fixed obtained card amounts in card filter were not updated on switching deck.


  • Cleared Cards rankings.
  • Cleared Gear Score ranking.
  • Fixed “Unique Cards” ranking.
  • Fixed card rankings were not updating.
  • Excluded old disabled cards from rankings.
  • Added update condition information to card rankings.


  • Fixed killing working launcher process.
  • Added “Disable Minimize to Tray” option.
  • Added click cursor over install/update/delete addon icons.
  • Fixed addon download for addons containing alpha or beta versions.
    If you downloaded GridCliqueIt, QuestHelper or scrutinizer by launcher before, it is recommended to update them again.



  • Fixed Splitter wasn’t showing its earth damage in combat log and description.



  • Fixed Probing Attack wasn’t showing its poison damage in combat log.
  • Fixed Blasting Cyclone wasn’t showing its poison damage in combat log.


  • Rewritten most of NewCardFrame including function and frame name changes.
  • Renamed CARDSTONE_FRAME_CARDDECKCHANGED event to CardDeckChanged.
  • Edited GetTotalCardCount(int deck) function.
  • Added OwnedCard(int ID) function.

Patch Notes

Monster Cards

  • Fixed card type and festival dropdowns were not updated when owned card amounts changes.
  • Changed Physical/Magic/Defense festival cards to General card type.
  • Enabled back 15 cards that were accidentally disabled earlier.
  • Fixed and unified models zoom for most of cards.
  • Fixed some cards were missing zone.
  • Fixed broken card name sorting.


  • Implemented new blunt/slash/pierce spell types for some physical spells that will affect damage output against NPCs, this change will affect only last main content for a while.


  • Changed Amplified Attack to get scaled based on unbuffed wisdom and/or base bonus heal points.
  • Changed Grace of Life to get scaled based on unbuffed wisdom and/or base bonus heal points.


  • Changed Concentration Prayer to get scaled based on unbuffed wisdom and/or base bonus heal points.

Patch Notes

Monster Cards

  • Fixed lags occuring when killing monster of which you own card from new system.
  • Fixed opening card book was not setting current zone when you are on other channel than 1.

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