Patch Notes


  • Fixed that sometimes character was stuck after teleport and unable to cast spells properly.
  • Fixed some ambient sounds and music were played continuously even after leaving related area.
  • Fixed that some zone names were cut incorrectly from transport book.
  • Fixed that it was possible to click through the SetSkill Frame.
  • Fixed that the Xaviera public event in Wailing Forest would sometimes not restart correctly.
  • Fixed that it was possible to get stuck after completing The Last Proof quest.
  • Increased cenedril heart materials maximum stack to 10000 from 1000.


  • Removed Light Shot skill was sometimes remaining after event completion.


  • Implemented addons management.
  • Fixed flickering in news section.
  • Starting launcher again will restart launcher instead of opening active one.
  • Improved client integrity report.


  • Changed Forge and Forge Effect to do not disappear when your HP reach to 1.


  • Increased 145 base weapon level skills to 165.


  • Added "PVP_DAMAGE" and "PVP_RESISTANCE" values to GetPlayerAbility()

Masked Festival

  • 16 custom cards from festival monsters.
  • 5 hidden custom titles from festival activities.


During the festival you can exchange Water Zodiac materials and Hydro Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Hydro Draconaris from:

  • Masked Ball Reward Commissioner – exchange 10 x Masked Ball Medals for a reward.

Invitation Courier

‌NPC: Rain Nahills
Location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event description: Give a Party Invitation to the required NPCs.

Ball Mask Package exchange

‌NPC: Shiani Alian
Location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event description: Exchange TP runes to Ball Mask Package

Eulogy of Spring

‌NPC: Shiani Alian
Location: Varanas Central Plaza, Howling Mountains
Event description: Collect and deliver items

The Truth Under the…

‌NPC: Masked Ball Host
Location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event description: Find and match correct NPCs.

Hero in Disguise! “Masked Striker Association”

‌NPC: Big Spyror
Location: Thunderhoof Hills
Event description: Find and kill NPCs.

Help Ikes Get His Act Together!

‌NPC: Ikes Kalefan
Location: Thunderhoof Hills
Event description: Use actionbar to move items.

Patch Notes

Monster Cards

  • Fixed possible dupe of unique cards.
    • Removed cards that were obtained by dupe.
  • Fixed animation for some cards.
  • Fixed incorrect card type display.
  • Fixed a bug where when reaching 5 stars on cards, attributes on additional cards were deleted.
  • Fixed all existing cards that exceeded the maximum possible limit of numeric attribute values.
  • Removed the “Shared” property on some old cards.
  • Fixed unique cards that could lose their unique attributes when they were modified.


  • Disabled Provisions Ostrich Courier in Ancient Treasures.
  • Added spell physical attack type to tooltips.
  • Fixed some npc model previews had no weapon attached.
  • Players who disconnect will now maintain registration status during the Talaghan public events.

Patch Notes


  • Disabled revive and knockdown motions underwater.
  • Fixed that sometimes the final door in Ancient Treasures would remain closed.
  • Changed total Gear Score so only one weapon slot with the highest score is counted.

Auction House

  • Fixed owned cards filter was not always working properly.
  • Removed obsolete Auction House card type filter.
  • Added new Auction House tabs.
    Please note they will apply only to newly placed items.
    • Supplies
      • Orbs
      • Others
    • Materials
      • Others
    • Monster Cards
      • Old Card
      • General Card
      • Physical Card
      • Magical Card
      • Defensive Card
      • Boss Card
      • World Boss Card
      • Unique Card
    • Partners
      • Pets
      • Pet Food
      • Cenedril Materials
    • Special Items
      • Title System
      • Guild Contribution
    • Money
      • Other

Monster Cards


  • Reduced Asmial shop gold prices by 50%.
  • Added Kills and Disenchants to cards tooltip.
  • Added related festival name to festival cards tooltip.
  • Changed festival cards in new system so they require only disenchants to upgrade stars.
  • Restored 99 festival cards from new system enabled zones to new card types that were unintentionally affected with previous patch. Restored their attributes.

Card Book

  • Added “Festival” filter.
  • Added “Card Type” filter.
  • Added searching cards by ID.
  • Fixed some small visual issues.
  • Fixed model zoom for some cards.
  • Added linking cards to search box.
  • Removed “New System Cards” filter.
  • Added linking card from big frame to chat.
  • Reworked info button tooltip information.
  • Fixed card book title was not translate-able.
  • Changed book to load current zone on opening.
  • Added deck card amounts information to footer.
  • Fixed Main Menu frame was opening old card book.
  • Added attribute value ranges to selected card frame.
  • Added Deck number information to total attribute counter.
  • Fixed total attribute counter was counting old disabled cards.
  • Fixed that clicking on filter dropdown was clearing search box text.
  • Fixed ASC/DESC sorting arrows switcher were showing reverse info.
  • Fixed sorting by name was not working properly for accented characters.
  • Fixed obtained card amounts in card filter were not updated on switching deck.


  • Cleared Cards rankings.
  • Cleared Gear Score ranking.
  • Fixed “Unique Cards” ranking.
  • Fixed card rankings were not updating.
  • Excluded old disabled cards from rankings.
  • Added update condition information to card rankings.


  • Fixed killing working launcher process.
  • Added “Disable Minimize to Tray” option.
  • Added click cursor over install/update/delete addon icons.
  • Fixed addon download for addons containing alpha or beta versions.
    If you downloaded GridCliqueIt, QuestHelper or scrutinizer by launcher before, it is recommended to update them again.



  • Fixed Splitter wasn’t showing its earth damage in combat log and description.



  • Fixed Probing Attack wasn’t showing its poison damage in combat log.
  • Fixed Blasting Cyclone wasn’t showing its poison damage in combat log.


  • Rewritten most of NewCardFrame including function and frame name changes.
  • Renamed CARDSTONE_FRAME_CARDDECKCHANGED event to CardDeckChanged.
  • Edited GetTotalCardCount(int deck) function.
  • Added OwnedCard(int ID) function.

Known issues

  • Cards are not sorted by name.

Planned Change Log

Following list will include possible changes that may be appear along with upcoming patch. Please consider that this list doesn’t represent the actual patch content and might be different when patch is released.

Modified changes will be highlighted with yellow color, declined changes will be highlighted as strikethrough, changes that might be delayed to another patch with considerably high chance will be highlighted with purple color.

Consider that not all changes are guaranteed to be applied with next patch even if they aren’t highlighted with purple color. Some changes might still stay in Planned Change Log even after a patch gets implemented.

Following changes will be applied along with Dark Core instance on the 4th July:


  • Implemented new blunt/slash/pierce spell types for some physical spells that will affect damage output against NPCs, this change will affect only last main content for a while.


  • Changed Amplified Attack to get scaled based on unbuffed wisdom and/or base bonus heal points.
  • Changed Grace of Life to get scaled based on unbuffed wisdom and/or base bonus heal points.


  • Changed Concentration Prayer to get scaled based on unbuffed wisdom and/or base bonus heal points.
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