Patch Notes


  • Fixed “Current Zone” fitter in card book was not always refreshed on zone change.
  • Added 1000/5000/10,000/25,000 Arcane Transmutor Charges items.
  • Re-enabled Research Expert and A Light refreshment Public Quests.
  • Limited maximum golden gear pull to 10 cores usage.
  • Fixed that Vital Request was not possible to accept.
  • Added Swift Camel Mount (Permanent).

Dark Core

  • Changed ‘Dark Core’ loot distribution to consume Karma every 5 runs instead of every 4-6 runs.


  • Fixed boss was wiping raid earlier sometimes upon a fail.
  • Fixed boss was being stuck after a certain type of fail.

Dark Core

  • Fixed boss was being stuck upon a certain fail.
  • Improved boss motion visuals.
  • Fixed Nature Goddess buff wasn’t applied upon entering zone.

PvP Rework


  • Added a new tag, “PVP-Gear”.
    • Regular Equipment is no longer allowed within battlegrounds.
    • PvP-Gear is disabled outside of Battlegrounds.
    • Old PvP-Sets are now marked as “PvP-Gear”.
  • Introduced standardized equipment for Player-versus-Player scenarios. 
    • Equipment is obtainable from Daniel Telamon near the atlas arena. Additional sets may be purchased for 5.000 Diamonds in the nearby shop.
    • Added runes only for PvP gear which can be upgraded like regular runes.
      • Two special runes, which need to be unlocked via the Arcane Transmutor were also added. Good luck finding the recipe! 
      • Added new PvP rune drillers to the Itemshop and Atlas-Token Shop.
    • Added new plus stones for PvP Gear, obtainable in the Itemshop and the Atlas-Token-Shop.
  • Introduced a new shop selling items for Atlas Tokens.
    • Introduced two new items: The “Siege War Title Expansion Scroll” and the “Siege War Title Reset Scroll”.
    • Atlas tokens (AT) are obtained from PvP only. Game modes and Zones which will grand ATs are:
      The Siege War, Visdun Fortress, Tyrefen Mountain Range, Arcanium Arena and the 1v1, 3v3 6v6 arenas
    • Atlas tokens are obtained based on the time spent inside the arena. A player may gain 60 Atlas Tokens per minute inside an arena. Atlas Token’s amount is also based on performance and activity within the arena.
      • Winning will award 10% more tokens.
      • Losing will award 5% less tokens.
      • Draws will always grant the loss rewards in all modes.
      • Disabled receiving rewards on multiple accounts.
  • Added PvP Resistance, PvP Damage dealt to character frame.
  • Enabled AutoReviving inside all PvP Arenas.
  • Added extra dialogue options to buy all original level 50-100 PvP gear in Obsidian Stronghold.
  • Disabled Magic Wardrobe in all battleground zones. temporary only in Arcanium Arena.
  • Disabled Size Changing effects in all battleground zones.
  • Forced hide transformation effects in all battleground zones.
  • Reduced cooldown of PvP Gloves effect to 60 seconds.
  • Disabled using PvP Gloves effect outside of battlegrounds.

Arcanium Arena

  • Added a 20 Minute Timer, once elapsed, the game will end.
  • Disabled the following mechanics inside the arena:
    • Passive card bonuses
    • Cenedrils
    • Titles and Title System 
    • Pets
  • Rebalanced the skills within the AA.

Visdun Fortress

  • Added a 15 Minute Timer, once elapsed, the game will end.
    Disabled players attacking spawning waves.
  • Reworked the game to prevent stalemates:
    • Increased the starting points to 100.
    • Different Waves will now spawn at different times.
    • Rebalanced the strength of turrets.

Karros Canyon

  • Added a 20 Minute timer, once elapsed, the game will end.
  • Adjusted the Rune Chair to cancel all hides.

Tyrefen Mountain Range

  • Added a 20 Minute timer, once elapsed, the game will end.

Siege War

  • Buildings are now immune to damage until at least one friendly gate has fallen.
  • Removed Crystal Extraction Towers from the Processing Factory shop.
  • Added Crystal Extraction Towers to the Throne.
  • Increased number of Crystal Extraction Towers sold to 15.
  • Disabled capturing towers inside SW vehicles.
  • Rebalanced Siege Vehicles:
    • Scorpions now deal enhanced damage to other vehicles but little against players and buildings.
    • Rams deal almost no damage against players and other vehicles but increased damage against buildings.
    • Catapults deal almost no damage against buildings or vehicles but deal good damage against players.
  • Increased reward amount of Badges of the Trial.
  • Adjusted a draw to give losing rewards to both sides.
  • Heraldry now grants you to gain 100.000 HP instead.
  • Increased Guild Guard HP.
  • Disabled receiving rewards on multiple accounts.

Tank Rework

  • Changed Aggro formula to be multiplicative, changed the values of many sources of aggro accordingly.
  • Reduced Hatred & Reconciliation rune effects by 33%.
  • Reduced Doomlord & Dark Magic Costume Potion aggro gain to 10% from 75%.
  • Reduced Pungent Vileness aggro gain to 5% from 15%.
  • Reduced Rage Potion aggro gain to 10% from 25%.
  • Reduced Shield of Protection of Tikal aggro gain to 10% from 25%.
  • Reduced Transformed Shield of Protection of Tikal aggro gain to 8% from 23%.
  • Reduced Achilles Steel Shield of Protection aggro gain to 13% from 33%.
  • Reduced Achilles Divine Shield of Protection aggro loss to 13% from 33%.
  • Reduced Zhargos’ Shell aggro gain to 18% from 36%.
  • Reduced Phargos’ Shell aggro loss to 18% from 36%.
  • Reduced Realm of Forgotten Legends lower set aggro modifiers to 42% from 63%.
  • Reduced Gorge of Ice Giants lower set aggro modifiers to 36% from 55%.
  • Changed Tranquility Powder to do not share cooldown with other similar items.


  • Increased Guardian of the Pass aggro loss to 25% from 15%.


  • Changed Concentrated Precision to provide 5% HP and 10% defense instead of 27.3% HP.
  • Changed Shield Bash aggro gain to 60% from 172.5%.


  • Changed Threaten: Your knightly charisma inflicts the eminent dread to your enemy. When activated, your spells will reduce targets attack power by 8% for 10 seconds. This can be stacked up to 4 times. Threaten lasts 900 seconds.
  • Increased Holy Power Explosion duration to 30 seconds from 20 seconds, decreased cooldown to 25 seconds from 40 seconds, increased aggro gain to 90% from 62.5%, changed mana recovery to 5% per 5 seconds from 3% per 2 seconds.
  • Changed Holy Seal stacks to do not inflict damage over time.
  • Increased Holy Strike MP cost to 765 from 255.
  • Reduced Shield of Discipline damage reduction to 50% from 68.5%.
  • Reduced World Domination set skill aggro gain to 15% from 25%.
  • Removed Charge global cooldown trigger.
  • Changed Strike of Punishment: Untainted holy energy adheres to the weapon, giving the target a severe punishment. Inflicts 400% main hand weapon DPS damage. If target has any, it consumes all Holy Seal and reduces their attack power by 4% for each stack for 12 seconds. Cooldown: 4 Seconds, Cost: 170 + 1% MP
  • Changed Flawless Scarlet Sword set skill: Deals 600 light damage to the target and makes it unable to carry out physical and normal attacks for 3 seconds. Cooldown: 30 seconds Cost: 100 MP
  • Changed Wicked Backfire set skill to reduce aggro by 25% instead of increasing by 5%.


  • Changed God’s Sword: When Active, your offensive physical abilities will inflict 120% offhand weapon DPS damage with high aggro generation. God’s Sword lasts for 900 seconds. Requires: Offhand weapon
  • Changed Crazy Blades: While it is active, decreases received damage by 20% and provides physical defense equal to 4 x offhand damage. Also allows you to use spells that requires a Shield without a Shield. Requires: Offhand weapon
  • Changed God’s Vengeance: When your Punishment hits the target who has 4 stacks of Holy Seal, it will reset cooldown of Shadow Step.
  • Changed Smash -> Flurry: Attacks your target 4 times in rapid succession, dealing 448% + 0.93 x STA main hand weapon DPS per hit. Damage will be increased to 700% main hand weapon DPS + 1.39 x STA per hit by consuming 1 stack of Holy Seal. Base damage will generate high aggro, and boosted damage will generate even higher aggro than usual.
  • Changed Whirlwind Shield Mastery: Increases damage of Whirlwind Shield and makes it generate 5 rage per enemy it hits.
  • Changed Deadly Whirlwind to increase aggro generated by Whirlwind additionally.
  • Changed Authoritative Deterrence: Forces a target to face and attack you and you become the one with the most aggro. Also increases your current aggro by 5%.
  • Changed Divine Punishment to increase damage target receive by 2% for each Holy Seal target has instead of increasing light damage.


  • Changed Intensification; Increases magical damage by 20%, additionally it will provide magical damage equal to 20% of your physical damage and critical magical hit rate by 50% of your critical hpysical hit rate for 40 seconds.
  • Changed Mana Shield: Instantly restores 100% MP and reduces received damage by 25%. Each time you receive a damage, Mana Shield will cost 3% MP. This shield last 60 seconds.
  • Changed Magic Healing; While your Mana Shield is in effect, an extra 3% of HP is recovered every 3 seconds.
  • Changed Holy Light Domain: The power of the holy light in you inflicts 1090 + 0.2 x STA light damage every second to surrounding targets within range. If a shield is equipped, each leve ladds to aggro generated.
  • Changed Hall of Order: When Holy Light Domain is active, inflicting damage will cause you to inflict extra damage. Damage of Holy Light Domain can’t trigger Hall of Order.
  • Changed Holy Shield to recover MP instead of HP.


  • Changed Resolution to provide attack block for entire raid.
  • Changed Holy Smite: Deals minimum 350%, maximum 1400% main hand weapon DPS light damage to target depending on amount of Holy Seal target has. It will consume all Holy Seal to heal the nearby raid members, restoring an amount of HP that is equal to between 0.3 x STA and 1.2 x STA. Healing an ally will cause them to take 15% reduced damage for 10 seconds.
  • Reduced Holy Protection aggro gain and loss to 21% from 35%.


  • Removed Holy Flank trigger cooldown, reduced attack gain to 5% from 10%.
  • Removed Shackles of Light global cooldown trigger.
  • Reduced Truth Shield Bash cooldown to 15 seconds from 30.
  • Removed Earthly Protection duration.
  • Changed Potent Blessing to no longer increase own heal power, reduced received heal gain to 12% from 25.2%.


  • Changed Arrow of Vengeance to pull enemy towards you additionally.
  • Changed Holy Strike to get range depending on ranged weapon, changed its damage to 631% ranged weapon DPS + 198% main hand weapon DPS. Cost: 755 MP, 1 ammo
  • Reduced Heavenly Arrow cooldown to 20 seconds from 30.
  • Changed Sacred Resistance to do not increase physical defense, but heals you by 5% HP.
  • Changed Sacred Protection to do not increase damage dealt of raid, instead reduces damage received.
  • Changed Blood Arrow to do not grant aggro, reduced light damage gain to 5% from 20%, removed constant HP loss, added 2% HP & MP cost per ranged weapon hits.


  • Increased Oppression duration to 10 seconds.


  • Removed Holy Power Explosion cooldown, increased duration to 900 seconds from 20, changed resource recovery to 2% HP + 20 Focus every 2 seconds, no longer recovers Focus on heal.


  • Changed Whirlwind Shield to generate 5 Rage for each enemy it hits.
  • Changed Whirlwind to inflict 150% more aggro.
  • Changed Authoritative Deterrence: Forces a target to face and attack you, and you become the one with the mst aggro. Also increases your current aggro by 5%. Cooldown: 30 seconds Cost: 10 Rage
  • Changed Punishment to increase damage target receive by 2% per stack of Holy Seal consumed, instead of light damage.



  • Changed Rune Energy Influx: Shield Form: Increases your aggro by 50%, Disassembly Mode: Decreases your aggro by 30%. Also recovers HP by 1% when Rune Pulse hits. passive
  • Changed Attack is the Best Defense set skill to provide 3% aggro per stack additionally.
  • Increased Rune Growth – Protection Rune damage reduction to 21.6% from 10.8%


  • Changed Runecraft – Devotion to additionally allows you to wear Plate armor.
  • Increased Holy Aura duration to 30 seconds from 6, but changed immunity to 30% damage reduction. Damage reduction will be 50% if Shield Form is active. Cooldown: 60 seconds.
  • Reduced Divine Vengeance cost to 10 Rage from 15, changed damage type to light from physical, generates additional aggro while being in Shield Form.
  • Reduced Holy Attack cooldown to 2 seconds from 8, generates additional aggro while being in Shield Form.
  • Changed Reviving Blast: Revives all dead raid members within 60 radius. The caster will be unable to move for 4 seconds. ( Can only be used in a Shield Form state.) Cost: 75% HP Cooldown: 3 minutes.


  • Changed Rune Aggregation to allow you to equip Plate armor and increases maximum Rage by 100% additionally.
  • Changed Enraged to grant 200 Rage instead of 100, increases your Rage accumulation by 50% instead of 20%, lasts 40 seconds instead of 10.
  • Changed Eye for an Eye: When activated, you will do a counterattack for every parry you do to inflict 300% main hand weapon DPS physical damage. Successful counterattacks will apply Electrocution effect and recover 5 rage. Lasts 900 seconds.
  • Changed Slash to inflict area damage, generates more aggro while being in Shield Form.
  • Changed Arc Strike to generate more aggro only in Shield Form instead of always.


  • Changed Survivalist to grant 1% physical damage reduction for every piece of Plate armor worn additionally.
  • Changed Holy Strike to apply Holy Seal.
  • Changed Blinding Explosion to Stun instead of Fear, no longer reduces amount of damage allies take, reduces damage on yourself instead by 2% per enemy hit, changed maximum stack of damage reduction to 10 from 5.



  • Changed Spirit of the Oak to no longer reduce attack power, but reduced defense gain to 50% from 95%.
  • Changed Punch to Stun target instead of reducing their attack power. Triggers when you parry an attack.
  • Changed Entangle to Root all enemies within 50 radius of pet and pulls them together.
  • Changed Iron Focus set skill to increase your aggro by 25% additionally.
  • Added a new passive skill, Natural Instinct: You will receive even lesser damage from parried hits. 40% of actual damage instead of 50%


  • Changed Discipline by Nature to allow you to wear a Shield additionally.
  • Changed Oak’s Power: Heart of the Oak will provide 10 stack of Oak’s Power. Every time you use and offensive spell, a stack will be consumed to inflict extra damage to enemy. This attack will ignore defense of targets.
  • Changed Parrying Nature to no longer increase parry rate, instead recovers 1% HP and MP on a parry. Requires Spirit of the Oak to be summoned.
  • Changed Elven Amulet to do not trigger global cooldown, increased damage reduction to 35% from 20%.
  • Changed Holy Survival: Sacrifices your pet to protect your raid members for 5 seconds from all damage. Cooldown: 300 seconds Cost: 5% MP
  • Changed Damage Transfer to be permanent buff, works as toggle spell. While active, your pet absorbs 15% of total damage you receive.
  • Increases Enhanced Armor Plate armor defense to 120% from 50%. .


  • Reduced Ire cooldown to 15 seconds from 30.
  • Changed Resilience of Life to increase your defense by 30% additionally.
  • Changed Pulse Mastery to increase aggro and physical defense by 60% while Spirit of the Oak is summoned, and just reduces aggro by 10% when it is not summoned.
  • Increased Undying Might cooldown to 300 seconds from 180, no longer blocks hits, allows you to cheat death once within 15 seconds.
  • Changed Coat of Arms: Can’t be used on yourself. Binds you with an ally. Increases Physical Defense by 30% and Parry Rate by 20% for both of you. Bond will be broken when you are too far away or either one of you is dead.
  • Changed Feral Leader to reduce aggro of friends only of Spirit of the Oak is summoned. 


  • Changed Fortified Armor to allow you to equip Plate armor additionally.
  • Changed Master of Aggro: Grants you 8% aggro per piece of Plate armor worn.
  • Changed Runic Nature HP gain to 10% from 24.7%, reduced Healing gain to 15% from 18.5%.
  • Changed Punishment Strike to increase received damage of target by 1% instead of reducing their defense.
  • Increased Mighty Guardian defense gain to 135% from 94%.
  • Reduced Punisher Guardian’s Blessing cooldown to 60 seconds from 180, removed Rage cost, decreased damage gain to 20% from 40%, increased damage reduction from 20% to 30%.
  • Increased Guardian’s Restoration duration to 30 seconds from 10, reduced HP gain to 1% from 6% per second, increased reduced damage received to 20% from 8%.
  • Reduced Shielding Formation cooldown to 60 seconds from 120 seconds, increased duration to 30 seconds from 20 seconds.


  • Reduced Chiron attack scaling to 0.75 from 0.9.



  • Changed Musical Runes set skill Music Rune: Sturdiness to no longer grant parry, instead, reduces damage received by 5%.


  • Changed Divine Elementalist 8% aggro gain to 15% aggro loss.


  • Changed Agility -> Assassin’s Mindset: Increases dodge rate and magic resist rate by 8.6%.
  • Changed Evasion -> Forsaken Maneuver: Increases dodge rate and magic resist rate by 43%.
  • Changed Informer to increase physical accuracy by 5970 additionally.


  • Changed Disassembly Shadow to recude your aggro by 24.8% additionally.


  • Changed Green Seed; Reduces your aggro by 25%.


  • Changed Frost Scars; Reduces aggro of raid members by 10% for 900 seconds.


  • Fixed Barrier Resilience wasn’t usable.

Crafting Festival

  • 6 custom cards from festival monsters.
  • 22 hidden custom titles from festival events.


During the festival you can exchange Wind Zodiac materials and Aero Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Aero Draconaris from:

  • Craft Festival Cashier – exchange 6 x Craft Festival Celebration Certificates for a reward.

Element Conversion

‌Start Location: Varanas Bridge
Event target: Help Myden Neil test his new Element Converter

Yizzi & Yasha – Artificer [Artificers’ Guild]

‌Gifts special recipes only to those that have Mastered (level 60) at least one Production Craft.

Nolika’s Research

‌Event type: collect items
Start location: Varanas City
Event location: everywhere in Taborea
Event target: help Nolika to collect

Flea Market

‌Event type: collect / get items changed for other items
Location: Dalanis City
Event target: Help Nobo Yanag to collect items

The Great Production Leap

‌Event type: level up crafting skills
Location: Varanas and Dalanis City
Event Target: increase crafting skills

Spinning power

‌Related NPC: Abu Laruel
Location: Silverspring, near Bridge to Varanas
Event Info: control the Energy Acceleration of Nucleus

A Mission from the Craftsmen

‌Event type: collect items
Start location: Varanas City
Event location: Varanas City and Silverfall
Event target: get quest item by killing monsters, collect items
Event Info: 6 Sub Quests
‌ ‌ ‌- Armor Crafter’s Commission
‌ ‌ ‌- Alchemist’s Commission
‌ ‌ ‌ – Blacksmith’s Commission
‌ ‌ ‌ – Carpenter’s Commission
‌ ‌ ‌- Cook’s Commission
‌ ‌ ‌ – Tailor’s Commission

Helping Hand of the Craftsmen

‌Event type: craft items
Location: Varanas City
8 time slots each day: 2:20 am, 6:20 am , 10:20 am, 2:20 pm, 6:20 pm, 10:20 pm
A broadcast will be sent out when the event starts
Event ends after 30 minutes
Event Target: assist the Craftsmen

Post Patch Notes

Dark Core


  • Fixed main tactic was not playable.

Patch Notes


  • Changed elemental damage formula to actually be possible to ‘resist’ against high level targets. This includes all elemental damages, both physical and magical.
  • Changed buff removals while being AFK in Gorge of the Ice Giants, Realm of the Forgotten Legends and Dark Core.
  • Possibly fixed Dark Core B4 failure when failing tactic.


  • Reduced amount of Atlas Tokens obtained in 1v1 Arena, 3v3 Arena by 50/75%.
  • Fixed that Tyrefen Mountain range was not giving Atlas Tokens.
  • Made it easier to gain activity during Siege War towards the reward checker.
  • Cleared all buffs on entry to battlegrounds that were not cast by the player.
  • Removed all Sigils on entry to the battlegrounds.
  • Fixed that Pinpoint was wrong price in the PvP Shop.
  • Improved display for PvE and PvP Items on tooltips.


  • Reduced Iron Focus set skill aggro gain to 12% from 25%.


  • Reduced Pulse Mastery aggro gain to 20% from 60%.


  • Fixed Informer was missing changes from previous patch.


  • Changed Vigilant Assassin to reduce effects of modified spells by half.


  • Changed Death’s Touch 32.7% magical accuracy gain to 21.8% physical accuracy gain.


  • Fixed Musical Runes was missing changes from previous patch.



  • Fixed Holy Light Domain wasn’t inflicting damage properly.

Dark Core

  • Changed Corruption buff to provide 15% accuracy additionally.

Post Patch Notes


  • Changed buff removals while being AFK in Gorge of the Ice Giants, Realm of the Forgotten Legends and Dark Core.



  • Fixed Holy Power Explosion was recovering HP instead of Focus.

Patch Notes


  • Changed custom rune rarities to regular color schemas.
  • Disabled built-in and addon version of ChestFix due to higher chance of losing house chest items with it.

Wheel of Fortune

  • Added option for free spin only once per player per day.
  • Added requirement of 15 minutes online for free spin per day.
  • Added option to make paid spin before free time passes. You can still free spin after it when 15 minutes passes.


  • Re-Enabled 1v1 Arena.
  • Added Cooldown to reentering arena if leaving before match has concluded.
  • Fixed that healers were healing less then intended.
  • Added Atlas Rush Event – For 1 hour starting 20:00 every day gain 50% more Atlas Token inside the specified arena.
  • Fixed Visdun Fortress was not giving Atlas Tokens.
  • Adjusted Arena Activity Formula.
  • Disabled attribute related extra damage portion of spells in PvP.


  • Changed “Blessing of Rebirth” to area of effect instead of single target, decreased damage reduction to 5% from 15%, increased its duration to 15 seconds from 10 increased cost to 5%.
  • Changed “Mage’s Repayment” to “Seed of Source”, increased Mana Recovery to 100%, added 100%  recovery to Energy, Focus and Rage
  • Changed “Holy Void” to be an instant cast with no global cooldown, increased its cooldown to 18 seconds. Added a new effect that lowers your targets physical and magical defenses by 18.8% for 18 seconds. Cost: 10% Mana
  • Changed “Regeneration” to no longer provide flat heal, increased the percentage based heal to 5.2%, decreased it’s run time to 18 from 20 seconds, changed the healing intervals to 3 seconds from 2.


  • Changed “Heart Rune Energy” rage cost to 5 from 20, removed it’s wisdom gain
  • Changed “Quick Heal” to additionally grant 12% increased Wisdom
  • Changed “Tower of Vitality” to no longer provide additional attributes, instead providing 5% increased attack and cast speed. Increased it’s duration to 30 from 20 seconds


  • Changed “Curing Shot” heal interval to 3 seconds from 2, decreased it’s duration to 18 from 20 seconds.


  • Changed “Psychic Arrows” to inflict Water Damage from Dark Damage, changed it’s additional damage to 2.0 x Wisdom from 0.3 x Intelligence
  • Changed “Touch of Revival” to an area of effect spell from directional fan shaped
  • Changed “Life Surge” duration to 30 seconds from 15, decreased it’s healing per second to 2% from 4%, changed it’s attribute gain to 5% damage gain


  • Moved Wisdom gain from “Briar Shield” to it’s passive, “Briar Blessing”
  • Changed “Wave Armor” to apply it’s damage reduction and blocking of attacks separately 


  • Changed “Holy Tune” Healing over time to 2% from 4% per second
  • Changed “Musical Joy” to 5% Movement Speed gain from 8.1%
  • Changed “Musical Halo” to 15% resource consumption reduction from 20%


  • Changed “Holy Power” to be passive, removed its flat wisdom gain.


  • Changed “Angel’s Blessing” to recover 10 focus, mana, energy and rage from 5
  • Moved “Heal”s wisdom gain to “Enlightenment”
  • Changed “Windrider Halo” to increase physical and elemental accuracy from just elemental accuracy
  • Fixed “Sublimation” wasn’t triggering “Angel’s Carol” properly


  • Changed “Blossoming Life” to no longer provide flat heal, increased the percentage based heal to 5.2%, decreased it’s run time to 18 from 20 seconds, changed the healing intervals to 3 seconds from 2.


  • Changed “Healing Arrows” resource cost to 10% Mana from 20 Focus, increased it’s healing intervals to 3 seconds from 2, increased it’s cooldown to 15 from 5 seconds
  • Changed “Camelia Flower” resource cost from 2% Mana to 35 Focus, increased it’s healing intervals to 3 seconds from 2, increased it’s duration to 9 seconds from 6.


  • Changed “Rain of Light” Mana cost to 15% from 5%, increased it’s cooldown to 15 seconds from 10, reduced healing by about 25%, increased heal interval to 3 seconds from 2, increased it’s duration to 15 seconds from 10.
  • Changed “Urgent Heal” to no longer have a global cooldown trigger


  • Changed “Augmentation Mechanism” cooldown to 16 seconds from 30
  • Changed “Rune Vitaliy Mechanism” to provide 2% HP and MP from 5% HP and 2% MP, changed recovery interval to 2 seconds from 5
  • Changed “Healing Forge” to additionally passively increase Wisdom by 10%


  • Reduced “Crocodile Charmer” Crocodile size by about 50%.
  • Changed “Crocodilian Bite” to have 200 range from 90, changed its cast type to instant, fixed crocodile not attacking enemies on being teleported.



  • Changed “Focused Aide” to no longer trigger global cooldown
  • Changed “Nature’s Aide” cost to 10% Mana from 50, decreased its cooldown to 30 seconds from 120, changed Mana Recovery to 3% from 1% and its interval to 3 seconds from 1. Buff is now exclusive to “Field of Replenishment”
  • Changed “Angel’s Prayer” cooldown to 1 minute from 5



  • Changed “Healing Fortune” to additionally passively increase Wisdom by 12%
  • Changed “Spreading Pain” to grant yourself the healing increase portion of “Healing Fortune”


  • Changed “Dark Druid” to convert 100% of your Intelligence to Wisdom
  • Changed “Dark Therapy” to additionally allow your “Concentration Prayer” to scale with Intelligence.

Post Patch Notes

  • Restored TP of some downgraded skills, which is changed with one of previous patches.

Planned Change Log

Following list will include possible changes that may be appear along with upcoming patch. Please consider that this list doesn’t represent the actual patch content and might be different when patch is released.

Modified changes will be highlighted with yellow color, declined changes will be highlighted as strikethrough, changes that might be delayed to another patch with considerably high chance will be highlighted with purple color.

Consider that not all changes are guaranteed to be applied with next patch even if they aren’t highlighted with purple color. Some changes might still stay in Planned Change Log even after a patch gets implemented.


  • Changed server EXP rates to x7 from x10.
  • Fixed TranslateHyperlink was sometimes freezing clients.
  • Fixed client crash when no IsCustom texture existing in game tooltip.
  • Added item name to Transaction History in for PNC items.
  • Fixed some currencies were not always displayed in chat when added or deducted.
  • Fixed house furniture EXP and TP bonuses were not working for characters above 103 level.
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