Patch Notes


Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom (Hard Mode)

  • Opened gates of new 6-man hard mode nostalgia instance Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom in the Dragon Fang Ridge.
  • Added a new Title, “To know every trick in the book”, a Tier V Title found under the section crafting.
  • Extended new quest line “Memories of Taborea” which is prerequisite for entering the instance.
  • Added 3 new purple and red artefacts. They will be required for further upgrades.
  • Added Sun Essence to the endboss loot with little drop chance.
  • Reworked and revised some original events and mechanics.
  • Added new hidden instance event secret and rewards.
  • Adjusted monster and boss values and mechanics.
  • Added 18 new Gorge-like stats “of Stasis”.
  • Added 10 new artefact runes.
  • Added 5 new monster cards obtainable in Hard Mode only.
  • Changed 24 existing monster cards obtainable in Hard Mode to be included in new system when newly looted.
    Known: Temporary cards can not be modified and displaying tooltip like old ones. Until then you can recognize new system cards by random attribute value.


  • Added 100 new loading screens.
  • Changed icon of Relationship Elixir.
  • Fixed one client crash related to skills.
  • Fixed an issue about Zodiac/Draco pets.
  • Added weapon exp charms to Item Shop.
  • Changed many technical under-hood aspects.
  • Changed Wheel of Fortune free spin to reset along with daily quests.
  • Fixed quest and npc track frames were working wrong for some monsters.
  • Fixed weapon experience boosts weren’t affecting ranged weapon experience.
  • Fixed charms tooltips were showing too low durability. Separated their values with dots.
  • Removed double msg about currency spending in npc shops and when looting from some bosses.
  • Changed NPC resist point gain per wisdom to 0 from 0.36. this was causing magical spells to resist more than expected.


  • Fixed that Cenedrils & Titles weren’t disabled inside Siege War.
  • Fixed that Windrunner Race would never start.
  • Fixed that Atlas Rush Event wasn’t working.
  • Added visible tracker for SW Activity.
  • Improved SW Activity Check.

Dark Core

  • Fixed armor sets were showing 8 items as max for set stats unintentionally.

Omen Darkwood

  • Changed Forest Spirit Totem to be applied without fail.


  • Changed Silence to be applied without fail.


  • Changed Focused Beam to do not neglect the global 40% area damage reduction.


  • Changed Vow of Silence to be applied without fail.



  • Fixed Wrist Attack was usable by any Scout.


  • Removed Concentration Practice level limit.



  • Reduced Chiron damage scaling to 400% from 500%.


  • Fixed Elven Prayer was buffing pet unintentionally.
  • Reduced Earth Spirit Essence pet attack scaling to 70% from 80%, damage scaling to 5000% from 6000%.


  • Changed Broken Asymmetry 1-H damage gain to 12% from 4%.


  • Fixed Forge on-hit effect wasn’t triggering when you use other similar on-hit effects over it. i.e.: Attack is the Best Defense



  • Changed Throwing Mastery -> Poison Stab; Stab your offhand dagger to a close range enemy, just to immediately pull it back off, inflicts 977.2% offhand weapon DPS poison damage twice. Cooldown: 4 seconds Cost: 20 Rage Channel: 0.5 seconds Requires: Offhand Dagger Damage Type: Physical/Slash
  • Increased Decay critical hit rate gain to 2804 from 280.


  • Increased Combat Master critical hit rate gain to 3275 from 655.


  • Reduced Focal Advantage maximum attack gain to 18% from 24%.



  • Reduced The Last Duel cost to 20 rage from 25, increase hit amount to 3 from 2, increased channel to 0.8 seconds from 0.5.


  • Changed Frenzy damage and poison damage gain to 12% from 10%.


  • Increased Blood Rune Weapon attack gain to 12% from 6%.


  • Increased Psychic Battle Technique damage gain to 18% from 14%.


  • Corrected few skill description.
  • Fixed Open Flank was edited by an obsolete elite skill.


  • Changed Shadowstab Perfection; You learnt how to use your axes in an absolute silence, Shadowstab uses both Axes to inflict 584.5% main and offhand weapon DPS damage now but will have 2 seconds of cooldown.


  • Changed Electric Attack to inflict 1570% CPS wind damage instead of 1570 wind damage.
  • Changed Lava Weapon to inflict 1570% CPS fire damage instead of 1570 fire damage.
  • Changed Lightning Burn Weapon to increase magical damage of 2-H Sword by 20% additionally.


  • Fixed Barbarian Battle Cry was consuming 1 Rage instead of 3, changed it to stop affecting targets if there is lower than 10 Rage instead of ceasing, fixed it was interrupting some casts.



  • Changed Hesitant Touch to increase Shadow Pulse critical hit chance by 10% additionally.


  • Changed Kinetic Chop to reduce cooldowns by 1 second instead of 2 if you equip 1-H weapon.


  • Changed Rune Siphon; Inflicts 440% main hand weapon DPS dark damage to target. If you possess any Forge stacks, it will consume all and inflicts 440% for each consumption. Also recovers 440 HP for yourself.
  • Changed Indomitable Spirit to make boosted Dark Energy Strikes to give 2 Forge stacks additionally.


  • Changed Magical Form to increase 1-H Hammer magical damage by 133.9% additionally.



  • Reduced War Cry cooldown to 30 seconds from 90.

Anniversary Festival

  • Festival will lasts for 7 days.

Treasure Riot

‌Event type: find and collect items
Start NPC: Kekonee
Start location: Varanas Bridge
Event Target: Find a collect the set of cards to trade them with Kekonee.

A Magical Method of Disaster Aversion

‌Event type: transform into a frog, find and collect monsters
Start NPC: Sebastian
Start location: in front of Dalanis City
Event location: Thunderhoof Hills
Event Target: find and collect frogs

Frog Killer

‌Event type: find and kill monsters, collect items
Start NPC: Witch Daila
Start location: Logar and Heffner Camp
Event location: Howling Mountains, Coast of Opportunities
Event Target: find and kill magic frogs to collect items

Candara Frog Contest

‌Event type: like a battue
Start NPC: Ivan Asla
Start Location: Varanas City
Event location: Varanas City
Event Target: drive frogs through race course

Sea of the Frogs

‌Event type: collect items, defeat monsters
Start NPC: Misian
Start location: Heffner Camp
Event location: Coast of Opportunities
Event Target: collect ingredients, transform to a frog, find items and defeat guards

Flogg’s Fortune Cookie

‌Event type: find and collect
Start NPC: Flogg Shuiss
Start Location: Varanas Bridge
Event location: Varanas Bridge
Event Target: use transformation potion and speak to frogs to obtain items

Space Supremacy

‌Event type: collect within the time
Start NPC: Gredd Starchaser
Start Location: Varanas Bridge
Event Target: capture the colored space balls within a limited time

Clear the Playground

‌Event type: capture monsters
Start NPC: Fell Cage
Start location: Varanas Bridge
Event Target: Use the net to capture the Light Crows flying above the ground

Research Materials

‌Event type: capture monsters
Start NPC: Dennis Jones
Start location: Varanas Bridge
Event Target: Use the scent to capture a Greedy Ball floating in space

Retrieve the Space Balls

‌Event type: capture items
Start NPC: Abu Brokenlamp
Start location: Varanas Bridge
Event Target: Retrieve the Faulty Space Balls to be repaired

Frog Transformation

‌Event type: transform into a frog, find and catch monsters
Start NPC: Standler Luya
Start location: Varanas Bridge
Event location: Silverspring
Event Target: find the fairies and touch them in right order

Alalis Trial

‌Event type: Find the NPC
Start NPC: Peacher
Start Location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event Target: Follow Alalis closely and find her.

Buzzkill – Help the Cook

‌Event type: find, collect and deliver items
Start NPC: Convokenz Rushman
Start Location: Varanas City Entrance
Event location: Lake of Magic Mist
Event Target: find items and bring them to Convokenz Rushman

Patch Notes


  • Fixed some issues with the Siege War Activity Checker.


  • Fixed small issues with new Memories of Taborea Questline.

Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom (Hard Mode)


  • Reduced damage of some AoE spells from mobs inside Ice Dwarf Kingdom.
  • Disabled pets from some spells.

Mole King

  • Fixed that Mole Claw was interuptable.

Icebound Guardian

  • Fixed that Runic Shock wasn’t working correctly.
  • Reduced Healing from Repair.

Mula Nail

  • Fixed that Whirlwind Chop wasn’t always being cast.


  • Changed some parts of original tactic.
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