Patch Notes


  • Added /wiki chat command.
  • Decreased respawn time of world bosses.
  • Added level ranges to world maps on hover.
  • Added additional spawn time slot for Aimina at 3:00.
  • Locked Ancient Memento to Diamonds exchanges to a character for 30 days, removed daily exchange limit.


  • Added 296 new house furnitures.
  • Fixed it was impossible to put more than 500 furnitures to Depot.

Siege War

  • Reduced number of daily slots to 3.
  • Changed SW hours to 4:00, 11:00, 19:00.
  • Fixed buildings weren’t correctly providing activity score.
  • Fixed players were sometimes getting kicked too frequently.
  • Disabled capturing enemy crystal when both gates weren’t previously destroyed.


  • Added new weapon type – Katana. katanas are supposed to trigger white hits twice and cause better bleed damage for Warriors.
  • Fixed shield was missing in character model previews.
  • Allowed ranged weapons to swap skins freely with advanced aggregators.
  • Removed duplicate “Current Equipment” tooltip when hovering on equipped gear on action bar.

Monster Cards

  • Moved Zurhidon Protector card to Gift from the Zurhidon chest.
  • Fixed “Experiments” in Howling Mountains were not looting cards with 100% chance.


Realm of the Forgotten Legends

  • Implemented Katana of the Ruins to light weapon combinations.

Dark Core

  • Implemented The Tranquility to weapon exchanges.


  • Changed Shadowstab to apply bleed as long as weapon is sharp. ( Dagger, Axe, Sword, Spear, Katana )
  • Changed Katana Training to provide 10% katana damage additionally.
  • Added a new skill: Perfect Slice – Cost: 25 Energy Cooldown: 2 seconds Requires: Katana, ignores global cooldown – Inflicts 949.9% main hand weapon DPS Physical Damage to target. Slicing again after a while is possible with extra 949.9% main hand weapon DPS Fire Damage and restore 30 Energy, but only masters of the Katana can time this attack properly.


  • Changed Two-Hand Weapon Mastery to increase Katana damage equally.


  • Changed Slash to apply bleed as long as weapon is sharp. ( Dagger, Axe, Sword, Spear, Katana )
  • Changed 2-H Weapon Mastery to increase Katana damage by 91.7%.
  • Increased Spear bleed multiplier to 40 from 10.
  • Increased Katana bleed multiplier to 40 from 1.



  • Changed “Spirit of Embodiment” to only trigger once every 0.5 seconds.
  • Increased “Life Surge” range to 200 from 75.


  • Increased “Tower of Vitality” range to 200 from 100.



  • Changed “Harmony” to apply holy sigils on the target.
  • Increased “Spreading Love” damage reduction duration per enemy hit to 5 seconds from 2.

Juice Festival

  • 5 custom cards from festival mobs.
  • 5 hidden custom titles from festival events.


During the festival you can exchange Earth Zodiac During the festival you can exchange Earth Zodiac materials and Geo Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Geo Draconaris from:

  • Ayven Kate – exchange 15 x Juice Festival Attendance Certificates for a reward.

Ninety-Second Open Bar

‌Location: Tergothen Bay
NPC: Lejan Doblin

Juice Promoter

‌Location: Tergothen Bay
NPC: “Juice Barrel” Hank

New Product Tasting

‌Location: Tergothen Bay
NPC: “Iron Cup” Kenden

Don’t be so serious

‌Location: Tergothen Bay
NPC: Lindemannen

Juice Delivery

‌Location: Tergothen Bay
NPC: Pechores

Catch the Kobolds

‌Location: Varanas Gates
NPC: Lobt Kayen

Crazy Bartender

‌Location: Varanas – Central Plaza
NPC: Shela Berit

The Job of Creating Happiness

‌Location: Varanas – Lower City West East
NPC: Aytin Lor

Server for a Day

‌Location: Howling Mountains
NPC: Ryan Saisheeth
‌ ‌ ‌or
Location: Varanas – Central Plaza
NPC: Shobot Glan

Juice Olympics

‌Location: Howling Mountains
NPC: Julia Glun
‌ ‌ ‌or
Location: Varanas – Central Plaza
NPC: Katharine Fulei

Juice Tasting

‌Location: Thunderhoof Hills
NPC: Bill Blake

Juice Courier

‌Location: Varanas Gates
NPC: Meryl Blake

Patch Notes


  • Fixed Katana weapon type was missing additional attributes when obtained.
  • Fixed 2-H Weapon requirement was not including Katana for some spells.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing card currency loss visually.


  • Fixed Bleed was not applied properly.



  • Fixed random Katana pull was providing wrong item.
  • Fixed Katana pull with Katana of the Ruins was not possible.

Patch Notes


  • Reduced spawn time of some quest world bosses.
  • Fixed it was impossible to place runes into Katana weapon.
  • Added information to pet tooltip about active pet metamorphosis.
  • Fixed some crafted furniture had talk dialogue inside the guild castle.
  • Fixed Ancient Mementos to Diamonds exchange was not working correctly.
  • Fixed ranged weapon was appearing in hand during shooting instead before.
  • Fixed some tooltips were able to overflow game screen in card book and house frame.
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