Patch Notes


  • Added message in zone when a player levels up.
  • Fixed Weapon Charm – Katana was not working.
  • Disabled updating rankings while in Guild Drill Ground.
  • Decreased loot rates in Boss Spawn instance to default one.
  • Fixed issue with some players not being able to exchange mementos to diamonds.
  • Added information about time left for switching character for mementos to diamonds exchange.

Honor Party Rework

  • Honor Party now is for players of all levels.
  • Updated Questlist with quests until level 105.
  • Reduced stack size of Teaching Ceritificates to 1.
  • Increased cost of Teaching Certificate to 1kk Gold.
  • Added Spirit Points / Training Points to Questbook.
  • Added Spirit Points / Training Points to SpeakFrame.
  • Added Spirit Points / Training Points to Quest Tooltip.
  • Changed Honor Party to allow up to 6 players in 1 group.
  • Added 24 hour expiration timer to Teaching Ceritificates.
  • Removed all previously obtained attributes for Spirit Points.
  • Changed Honor Party benefits to work at maximum 500 distance.
  • Increased number of Teaching Certificates obtainable per day to 3.
  • Added shop in Varanas Class Hall to exchange Spirit/Training Points.
  • Added ability to teleport to people inside the party every 15 minutes.
  • Added checker for unique player when completing quests in Honor Party.
  • Changed Honor Party quest completion message to appear in chatbox also.
  • Added option to see number of quests assisted with to Lehman in Varanas Class Hall.
  • Added Training Points, these are given to the player completing the quest in the group.
  • Added new title for assisting new players once certain number of quests were reached.
  • The Trainee will now obtain a special buff on quest completion for 30 minutes giving various effects.

Quality of Life

  • Shortened level up chat messages.
  • Updated Snoop the Stubborn dialog option icons.
  • Improved action bar skill flow for manual skill casts.
  • Added visibility of unlearned elite spells and Duelist spells in skill book.
  • Added message for failed gathering when being in same place for too long.
  • Added Mindfulness Pill – increases encyclopedia learning experience by 9 times for 24 hours.
  • Added region transport packages to Snoop the Stubborn for faster accessing newer zones/regions.


  • Added invisible weapon hanger.
  • Added interaction cursor to plant pots.
  • Added ranged slot to weapon hangers.
  • Added possibility to lock furniture moving.
  • Added possibility to move furniture height.
  • Added possibility to open planting pots from UI.
  • Added click cursor for special interactive furnitures.
  • Enabled possibility to gift house furnitures from shop.
  • Increased building radius for maximum of large platform.
  • Fixed day lighting and ambience sounds in internal houses.
  • Added free bag slot checker for purchasing house furnitures.
  • Fixed some weapon types had wrong positions based on hangers.

Ancient Dreamland

  • Enabled larger options for exchanging currencies.
  • Increased stack size of Flawed Dreamland Crystal to 1000.

Hall of the Demon Lord (Hard)

  • Removed low level loot.
  • Changed instance to be for up to 12 players.
  • Added Ancient Mementos to the first four bosses.

Temple of Tikal

  • Reduced requirements of The Last Proof and Nobody Trusts me! bosses to Normal Mode.
  • Adjusted some bosses of The Last Proof and Nobody Trusts me! to be last boss of Normal Mode if previous boss wasn’t present.


  • Fixed that 6v6 Arena was not working correctly.
  • Added Death Tracking to Siege War Results Frame.
  • Added killing players in PvP zones grant exp and talent points.
  • Fixed that not building a gate would make it impossible to capture the enemy crystal.

Monster Cards

  • Fixed that some Unique Cards weren’t red rarity when extracted from card book.


  • Corrected combat idle motions of Katana, Staff and Spear in character select screen.
  • Fixed some spells were using spinning kick motion unintentionally instead of earth strike.
  • Fixed some skill motions were attaching ranged weapon to hand unintentionally instead of removing main hand weapon from hand.


  • Added GetQuestSpirit_QuestDetail().

Pumpkin Festival

  • 28 custom cards from festival mobs.
  • 1 hidden title from custom festival event.
  • 9 hidden custom titles from festival events.
  • Visit Celebria and Boss Spawn instance (at gates of Lost Island of Atlantis) between 31.10.22 00:00 CET and 03.11.22 23:59 CET.


During the festival you can exchange Wind Zodiac materials and Aero Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Aero Draconaris from:

  • Pumpkin Festival Reward Manager – exchange 20 x Pumpkin Coins for a reward.

Lost Portal of Death

‌Location: Entrance of Necropolis of Mirrors (Aslan Valley)
NPC: Jason Warrens
Time: Entire Festival, can be completed only once per festival.

Pumpkinhead Says

‌Location: Abandoned District of Dalanis (Thunderhoof Hills)
NPC: Pumpkinhead – Between west and south gates
Time: On the hour, every 2 hours

Pumpkin Pranksters

‌Location: Middle city gate of Dalanis (Thunderhoof Hills)
NPC: Belle Rossly

Pumpkinhead Challenge

‌Location: Abandoned District of Dalanis (Thunderhoof Hills)
NPC: Pumpkinhead

Pumpkin Warrant

‌Location: City gates of Varanas
NPC: Ms. Pumpkin

Mr. Pumpkin

‌Requires completion of event quest “Pumpkin Warrant”
Location: Forsaken Abbey
NPC: Mr. Pumpkin

Ghost Hunter

‌Location: Central Plaza – Event Area (Varanas)
NPC: Herska

Ghost Farm

‌Location: Central Plaza – Event Area (Varanas)
NPC: Kathy Poole

Let’s Scream a Little

‌Location: Lower City West of Varanas
NPC: Mr. Ghost

Halloween Malatina

‌Location: Atlas (Lost Island of Atlantis)
NPC: Yolius

Trick or Treat – Part 1 (Celt Family)

‌Location: Central Plaza – Event Area (Varanas)
NPC: Suspicious-looking Ghost

Trick or Treat – Part 2

‌Location: Lower City West of Varanas
NPC: Little Anna

Colored Ribbons Exchange

‌Location: Dorian’s Farm (Silverspring)
NPC: Shalson

Monster Parade

‌Location: City gates of Varanas
NPC: Monster Parade Organizer

Kaz Madness

‌Location: Oblivion Shrine (Silverspring)
NPC: Kaz Bamandis and Kaz Listo

Patch Notes

  • Fixed it was impossible to wear skins from Magic Wardrobe.
  • Fixed left clicking plant and special furnitures in house was not triggering walk nor opening UI.

Honor Party Rework

  • Reduced stats of Chronicler’s Mentor Title.


  • Changed Perfect Slice to apply an additional strong bleed and a buff that provides 8% movement speed, parry rate and accuracy for 6 seconds. Reduced reaction time to a second from 1.5 seconds.
  • Increased 1-H Hammer and 2-H Hammer weapon maximum level at level 105 to 215 from 145.


  • Reduced Slash bleed multiplier to 25 from 40 for Katana and Spear.


  • Increased maximum spear level at level 105 to 265 from 155.



  • Fixed Harmony wasn’t working properly.


  • Increased fairy attack scaling to 30% from 27%, damage scaling to 12% from 5%.


Dark Core

  • Added Dread buff for all Warden pets that reduces attack power by 10% permanently.



  • Reduced sound effect volume of Power Within buff.

Post Patch Notes

Following changes may not be available in all zones except custom instances & Atlantis CH3 and some changes may not be visible ingame tooltips but will affect damage/heal outputs accordingly, until next client patch.

Custom Instances that changes are not applied yet:

  • Heart of the Ocean (Hard)


  • Changed Perfect Slice bleed type to physical, adjusted damage value accordingly, increased duration to 8 seconds from 6, changed boost to increase katana damage by 2% for 8 seconds stacks up to 3 times instead of movement speed, accuracy, parry rate for 6 seconds.
  • Increased Katana Training damage gain to 12% from 10%.


  • Removed Psychic Arrows distance damage delay.
  • Removed Ruthless Judgment distance damage delay as of no projectile.
  • Removed Heart Collection Strike distance damage delay as of no projectile.
  • Removed Puzzlement distance damage delay as of no projectile.
  • Removed Warp Charge distance damage delay as of no projectile.
  • Removed Weakening Weave Curse damage delay as of no projectile.
  • Changed Knowledge Acquisition to restore 1 Psi every 3 seconds additionally.

Planned Change Log

Following list will include possible changes that may be appear along with upcoming patch. Please consider that this list doesn’t represent the actual patch content and might be different when patch is released.

Modified changes will be highlighted with yellow color, declined changes will be highlighted as strikethrough, changes that might be delayed to another patch with considerably high chance will be highlighted with purple color.

Consider that not all changes are guaranteed to be applied with next patch even if they aren’t highlighted with purple color. Some changes might still stay in Planned Change Log even after a patch gets implemented.

Temple of Tikal (Easy)

Temple of Tikal (Easy) is a beginner friendly instance which one may only enter if they are below a certain gear score.

  • Features a total of 575 Arcadia Coins.
  • Bosses additionally drop Phirius Shells.
  • Removed normal drops from the Bosses.
  • Reduced Boss and Monster Power significantly.
  • Changed Magical and Physical immunities to Damage Reductions instead.
  • Added NPC’s giving tactic instructions for players to better understand the bosses.
  • Added Training Buff Food, which will be provided to players inside once per day. These foods may only be used inside Temple of Tikal (Easy).

Ancient Dreamland

  • Added new copies of old amulets with much higher capacities.


  • Increased Severed Consciousness projectile visual speed by 150%.
  • Increased Psychic Arrows projectile visual speed by 150%.
  • Disabled Psi loss overtime entirely.


  • Changed Perfect Slice bleed to be applied in 3 stacks instead, changed damage base to 7/14/21 from 25, reaching 3 stacks will provide bleed extension that allows you to apply maximum stacks for next 30 seconds.
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