Patch Notes


  • Reworked a few currency icons.
  • Adjusted prices of rentals and slots in various places.
  • Adjusted stats on healer starter gear to Wisdom stats.
  • Added ability to search by name and ID in Bag and Bank.
  • Fixed level up broadcast was not being displayed to other players.
  • Fixed transporting between Limo Desert and Dalanis was not possible.
  • Changed Heal based shield effects to use bonus heal points instead of magical damage.
  • Changed starter gear for Druids and Priests to more closely reflect the stats needed for their main roles.
  • Added possibility to see locked characters name from other characters on Ancient Mementos exchange attempt.

Magic Wardrobe

  • Added 20 new buyable style slots.
  • Added 10 new buyable item pages.
  • Removed boundary limits of coloring.
  • Changed item pages to display 2 at once.
  • Changed style slots selection into dropdown.
  • Improved confirmation messages when adding item.
  • Adjusted prices of purchasing extra style and page slots.
  • Added Main Hand, Second Hand and Ranged Weapon slots.
  • Added possibility to search by name and ID in Magic Wardrobe.
  • Added Artefact slots, which will become functional in the future, so stay tuned!
  • Added possibility to extract PNC skins into Wardrobe for free without losing base item.
    To use this feature, one needs to drag item into the Wardrobe. Confirming it will put the PNC skin into the Wardrobe and additionally restore the default skin of the item.

Temple of Tikal (Easy)

Temple of Tikal (Easy) is a beginner friendly instance which one may only enter if they are below a certain gear score.

  • Features a total of 575 Arcadia Coins.
  • Bosses additionally drop Phirius Shells.
  • Removed normal drops from the Bosses.
  • Reduced Boss and Monster Power significantly.
  • Changed Magical and Physical immunities to Damage Reductions instead.
  • Added Instructor Crystals: an NPC giving tactic instructions for players to better understand the bosses.
  • Added “Tikals Fresh Breeze” as a permanent buff to any player inside the instance, which will reduce mana consumption by 85%.
  • Added Training Buff Food and Instruments, which will be provided to players inside once per day. These foods may only be used inside Temple of Tikal (Easy).


  • Fixed Quest Book scrolling lag.
  • Reworked visual of reward values.
  • Added quest level to npc speak dialog.
  • Added marker for newly accepted quests.
  • Increased quest track slots from 30 to 60.
  • Improved Quest Book and Speak Frame visuals.
  • Fixed opening quests in Quest Book was causing lag.
  • Fixed first 2 Quest Tracker settings weren’t working.
  • Hidden completed quest conditions from Quest Tracker.
  • Added possibility to pin one quest to top in Quest Tracker.
  • Added marker for regular/daily/public/epic/tutor quest types.
  • Changed colors of names to regular/daily/public/epic/tutor quest types.
  • Added option to group your quests in Quest Book by Zone where possible.


  • Removed lag after purchasing gifts in shop.
  • Disabled lock button when furniture is not placed.
  • Added possibility to disable auto show of house frame.
  • Added possibility to preview furniture from shop in world.
  • Added refresh of left time for invitations and blocking in Players frame.

Motions & Weapons

  • Fixed instruments were held inversely.
  • Fixed attach point for tambourine on character.
  • Fixed house hangers were displaying some weapons wrongly.
  • Fixed some non-ranged spells were taking ranged weapon into hand.
  • Fixed combat idle motion was not always applied in character selection screen.
  • Fixed it was impossible to use titanium hammers on some weapons including Katanas.

Honor Party

  • Removed some quests that were repeatable.
  • Added party member names to Teleport dialogue.
  • Added green quest icons for better display of Tutor Quests.


  • Disabled psi loss over time entirely.
  • Increased Psychic Arrows projectile visual speed by 150%.
  • Increased Severed Consciousness projectile visual speed by 150%.


  • Changed Perfect Slice bleed to be applied in 3 stacks instead, changed damage base to 7/14/21 from 25, triggering sound and visual 0.1 seconds early for better reaction time.


  • Fixed Autoshot was providing experience points to present weapon skin type instead of actual weapon type.


  • Added CoolSuit_SetLabel(string).
  • Added Houses_FurnishingPreview(int OrgObjID).
  • Updated ..., eqPos2 = CoolClothBag_GetItem(x).
  • Added nil/string = CoolSuit_GetLabel(int PageID).
  • Added int v1, int v2, int v3, bool open = CoolSuit_SetLabelCost().
  • Added int iCheck_LV = GetQuestLevelByIndex(int iType, int iIndex).

Patch Notes


  • Added marker for newly obtained items in bag.
  • Added 10 new loading screenshots from housing.
  • Improved FPS performance in crowded places slightly.
  • Fixed and improved great number of different elements.
  • Changed level up broadcast to appear across all channels.
  • Fixed some housekeepers weren’t allowing /Bard classes to swap class.
  • Fixed that Dwarf Class NPC’s weren’t giving players starter gear for their extra classes.

Item Shop

  • Added possibility to gift PNC items.
  • Improved dozens of visual elements.
  • Increased top selling list to 30 items.

Currency Exchanges

  • Limited NPC Maica Pance exchange to 5000 Ancient Mementos per day.

Quality of Life

  • Added icons to house maid dialogs.
  • Changed icon of “Universal Potion”.
  • Simplified debt tooltip information.
  • Adjusted GM and Mage class colors.
  • Improved fallback for missing item icons.
  • Separated chat EXP and TP values with dots.
  • Added icon to “Open Auction” dialog options.
  • Added icon to “Open Mailbox” dialog options.
  • Added hyperlink to buff tooltip hover chat message.
  • Enabled targeting of Wishing Well Crystal in Varanas.
  • Added icon to all “Leave Conversation” dialog options.
  • Added possibility to rent bag pages by click on red slots.
  • Added icon to all “I want to see what you have for sale” dialog options.

Mail Box

  • Allowed to load more than 30 mails at once.


  • Added all Snoop Teleports to 1 page.
  • Added Zone Color to Snoop Zone names.
  • Changed all Codex Book dialogs to be on 1 page.
  • Added colouring to instance level based on your current class level.

Magical Wardrobe

  • Fixed it was impossible to place pants inside.
  • Disabled unnecessary information from Magic Wardrobe item tooltips.
  • Fixed it was possible to wear unmatching weapon types; (for newly weared styles only).

Tutor System

  • Fixed and improved displaying of tutor quests on world map.
  • Added warning when completing honor quests too far from leader and member.


  • Fixed sending gift to players with long nickname was crashing zone.
  • Fixed swapping items between house maids was crashing zone sometimes.
  • Fixed House furniture list was not showing inaccessible furnitures due to reduced slots.


  • Increased time allowed AFK before being kicked from Siege War.
  • Changed Siege War Rewards to be given based on players overall performance rather than merit count.
  • Changed Battleground Rewards to be given based on players overall performance rather than time spent in Arena.


  • Removed Fast Lanes from being given to the player upon entry to Survival Games.

Character Frame

  • Improved dozens of visual elements.
  • Fixed collapse groups were buggy sometimes.
  • Added marker when you first time get gear of certain slot.
  • Regrouped bonuses into General and Other section of dropdown.
  • Added possibility to enter character description editor by clicking it.


  • Added search box.
  • Removed pages from shop.
  • Added scrollbar to the shop.
  • Renamed “Sell” tab to “Buy back”.
  • Improved multiple visual elements.
  • Fixed Asmial shop search was inaccurate.
  • Added item rarity text coloring to Sell tab.
  • Added displaying of currencies used in the shop.


  • Changed “(Complete)” condition text in Quest Book to icon.
  • Fixed reward gears weren’t showing all information in tooltips.


  • Improved multiple visual elements.
  • Updated rarity dropdown to contain names and colors.

Character Selection

  • Decreased character zoom.
  • Improved character tooltip.
  • Fixed delete character button was too hardly reachable.

Character Creation

  • Fixed face zoom position for dwarf.
  • Added possibility to pick random face/body.
  • Added possibility to use more skin and hair colors.
  • Improved a lot of UI elements and camera behaviours.
  • Removed reset of character direction when changing hair color.
  • Changed body sizes to be random opon entering character creation.

Newbie Pet

  • Removed message of current level monsters on level up.

Ystra Highlands

  • Added zone broadcast for bosses spawn.
  • Reduced respawn time of Ystra Winter Spider.
  • Reduced respawn time of Winternight Ice Witch.
  • Added global spawn of Anselve after a certain number of Ystra Winter Spider kills.
  • Added global spawn of Aisha after a certain number of Winternight Ice Witch kills.
  • Added global spawn of Akeli, the sage after a certain number of Elder Reindeer kills.

Dark Core

  • Fixed it was possible to get stuck after completing The Request of the Light Nature Goddess.

Temple of Tikal (Easy)

  • Disabled using Golden Armour inside.
  • Fixed that Last Boss Chest was not dropping a Tikal Stat.


  • Changed Rune Overloads activation cost to 10 from 15 rage, it’s cost per second to 10 from 15, increased it’s damage to 635% from 438%.
  • Changed Rune Pulse to deal 850% damage while in Shield Form instead.
  • Added a new skill: Hammerfall
    • An intense hammer strike shatters your target, inflicting 1649.2% main hand weapon DPS physical damage. (Each level adds to aggro.)Puts both Shield Form and Disassembly Mode into cooldown for 6 seconds.
  • Increased Runecraft – Fortifys physical defense gainto 94% from 84%.
  • Reduced “Shield Form” Strength-to-Stamina conversion to 65% from 80%.


  • Increased Holy Roar damage to 480% from 320%.


  • Changed Runecraft – Charge to additonally inflict 350% bonus damage on both Shock and Rune Overload if the target is affected by electrocute.
  • Changed Blast of Vengeances Radius to 150 from 200, it’s cooldown to 8 from 15. Added a 3 second silencing effect to it.
  • Increased Superior Suppression damage to 980% from 580%.


  • Changed Righteous Explosion to deal Light Damage instead
  • Changed Holy Attack to deal Light Damage instead.
  • Increased Reviving Blast range to 100 from 60.


  • Changed Holy Power Explosion to no longer have a cooldown, increased it’s run time to 900 from 30 seconds.


  • Changed United Efforts to no longer move you, instead just decreases the damage taken of you and your allies in a radius of 50 around you by 30% for 12 seconds.
  • Changed Master of Parry to allow you and your nearby raid members to parry the next 3 hits instead.
  • Reduced Whirlwind cooldown to 6 seconds from 10


  • Changed Shackles of Light to add a holy sigil on hit.


  • Changed Wave Armor to apply damage absorption and damage reduction seperately.


  • Changed Last Prayer to increase shielding above 75% health instead of below 75% health.
  • Changed the Light Fairys Devotion Halo to instead increase attributes of all raid members by 3% from 5% Wisdom.


  • Increased Elven Teachings cast speed gain to 30% from 10%.
  • Changed Chain of Life to have reduced healing, decreased it’s internal cooldown to 2 seconds from 10.
  • Reduced Regenerate cast time to 1 second from 3.


  • Changed Recover to only apply it’s healing over time when it can consume one point of nature’s power, increased it’s duration to 25 seconds from 14, adjusted heal over time value accordingly.
  • Changed Weakening Seed, Withering Seed to no longer consume Nature’s Power for their maximum effects but still always provide one.


  • Changed Swampland to no longer be cast on the ground. It now is an aura around the caster. Increased it’s range to 100 from 60, increased it’s cooldown and run time to 30 from 15
  • Changed Crocodilian Bite to no longer require nature’s points for it’s maximum effect. Additionally causes your Crocodile to attack with death roll on hit.
  • Increased Death Roll stack size to 5 from 3.
  • Reduced Solo cooldown to 1 Minute from 3.


  • Fixed a bug where Blossoming Life would sometimes heal less than intended.


  • Changed Mechanism Implosion to Mechanism Explosion, as it now repells enemies rather than pulling them together. Reduced it’s cooldown to 20 seconds from 60, added a stun of 3 seconds to it.



  • Changed Regenerate to again have flat heal per 3 seconds.
  • Increased Ring of Comfort radius to 100 from 50
  • Changed Great Salvation to additionally remove curses and harmful effects from your target.
  • Changed Urgent Heal to additionally grant 1 Psi.


  • Changed Psychic Warriors damage reduction to 30% from 50%, reduced it’s aggro gain to 20% from 50%.


  • Added <Tooltip>:SetCoolCloth(link).
  • Added GC_SetBagMarker(bool isBagMarker).
  • Added GC_SetGearMarker(bool isGearMarker).
  • Updated ..., Race = GetCharacterInfo(xxx).
  • Added bool isBagMarker = GC_GetBagMarker().
  • Added bool isGearMarker = GC_GetGearMarker().
  • Edited GIVE_NEW_ITEM event to appear also in non-loot cases.
  • Updated ..., Defense = GetBattleGroundPlayerScoreInfo(xxx).
  • Updated ..., Deaths = GetGuildHouseWarPlayerScoreInfo(xxx,xxx).
  • Edited GetStoreSellItemInfo(xxx) to return both moneyType and price -1 when empty.

Known issues

  • PNC amount is not refreshed in IS after purchase (until IS reopen / spending other currency).

Patch Notes

  • Fixed some incompatible addons.
  • Blocked some incompatible addons.

Patch Notes

  • Improved new item markers.
  • Fixed some addon incompatibles.
  • Fixed it was impossible to summon servants.
  • Swapped positions of Buy and Gift buttons in Item Shop.
  • Moved aggro bonus in character frame to first tab of dropdown.
  • Changed Fast Lanes from Custom Rings to have priority over other similar effects.
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