Patch Notes

Performance Improvements

  • Fixed game client starting was taking longer than usual.
  • Improved base FPS in areas with many objects (monsters, players, interactive elements).


  • Fixed interface settings tabs were conflicting with some addons.
  • Fixed talking with Rhognu on French client was causing game crash.
  • Blocked Quest Helper version that was crashing world map for some players; uploaded new version – it will be available soon.


  • Added option to change order of saved accounts.
  • Added option to open credentials dropdown on starting game.
  • Changed clicking of account in dropdown to instantly login to it.


  • Added slot number to furniture tooltips in Furniture tab.
  • Updated weapon rack dialogues to indicate it can be used for ranged weapons.
  • Fixed insert information in furniture tooltips was showing wrong key combination.

Monster Cards

  • Improved a few visual elements in Card Stone frame.
  • Improved the output of information to the chat when improving monster cards.
  • Fixed Talaghan Giant Sand Crab monster card now displays in correct zone filter.
  • Fixed a bug when incorrect popups appeared about changing the maximum numeric values of attributes when improving a card.


  • Fixed some quests in Kashaylan could not be completed.
  • Fixed some quests from Jacob could not be completed after competing IDK HM questline.

Title System

  • Fixed Sign Up for Title Training wasn’t completable.
  • Fixed some quests were giving wrong system messages after obtaining training.
  • Added Error Message when trying to obtain new quest with existing already active.

Auction House

  • Removed more bid related UI elements.
  • Added filter for listing only gold/diamond sales.


  • Improved join button options on Queue Frame.
  • Fixed an error in Siege Frame when using scrollbar in wrong places.
  • Added confirm option when transmuting PvP equipment to indicate that non-PvP stats will be destroyed.

Ancient Dreamland

  • Fixed that stage UI was disappearing on zone change.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the scrollbar in tips frame to be bigger than intended.

Visual Changes

  • Deleted minimap Bulletin Button.
  • Added icons to guild maid dialogs.
  • Updated Character Frame tab icons.
  • Removed Player Search tab from Social Frame.
  • Improved readability on the Public Event Frame.
  • Moved Snoop transport shop to the top of the list.
  • Improved Button & Ornament texture on SpeakFrame.
  • Added dialogue item colors and dialogue icons to NPC Rhongu.
  • Updated Script Border texture to be in same style as Speak Frame.
  • Fixed Quest Book & Speak Frame item rewards anchors were different.
  • Disabled Snoop transport shop when all unlocks of the region were already obtained.
  • Added error message to tooltip of crafting objects when player doesn’t have the required skill unlocked to use them.


  • Fixed Seed of Source set skill wasn’t working properly.



  • Fixed Rune Syphon was healing enemy target instead.


  • Implemented new skill: Morale Slash: Whirl your sword around to inflict 480% main hand weapon DPS damage to enemies and restore 25 rage, 10% HP. Requires 2-H Sword or Katana. Cooldown: 15 seconds


  • Added int colorInt = RGBtoInt( float R 0-1, float G 0-1, float B 0-1 ).
  • Added int shiftedNumber = ShiftLeft( int number, int bytes ).
  • Added int NPCID = GetSpeakObjID().

Snowflake Festival

  • 62 custom cards from festival mobs.
  • 9 hidden custom titles from festival events.


During the festival you can exchange Fire Zodiac materials and Pyro Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Pyro Draconaris from:

  • Jack Shackleton – exchange 10 x Goody-Goody Certificates for a reward.
  • Snowland Supply Officer – exchange 10 x Frost Reward Tickets for a reward.

Bad Jingle Brothers

‌Location: Taborea
NPC: Jingle Brothers

Collecting Gifts

‌Location: Logar, Varanas, Silverfall, Harf Trading Post, Obsidian Stronghold and Dalanis
NPC: None

Jingle Brothers Stuck in Chimneys

‌Location: Logar, Varanas Central Plaza, Silverfall
NPC: Donichuka

Exchange fireworks

‌Location: Varanas
NPC: Nina Berlusco

Snowflake Tree Decoration

‌Location: South of Dalanis
NPC: Koli Max

Wishing Snowflake Tree Decoration

‌Location: Varanas Central Plaza
NPC: Wishing Snowflake Tree Decoration

Goody-Goody Certificates

‌Location: Varanas Central Plaza
NPC: Jack Shackleton

New Year’s Eve event

‌Location: Varanas Central Plaza
NPC: Jingle Brother – Mark

Goblin Bank Robbery

‌Location: Bank of Varanas
NPC: Goblin Robbers

Save the Snowflake Gifts

‌Location: Varanas Gates
NPC: Andrew Dell

Adopting a Deer

‌Location: South of Dalanis
NPC: Pak Dicca

Gift from the Snow

‌Location: Ystra Highlands
NPC: Mahar

Snowman King

‌Location: Ystra Highlands
NPC: Frost Snowman King

A Mob of Snowmen

‌Location: Howling Mountains, Aslan Valley, Ystra Highlands
NPC: Snowmen


‌Location: Varanas Central Plaza
NPC: Snowland Explorer Transporter‌

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