Patch Notes

Performance Improvements

Added default disabled FPS booster option:

  • Up to 100% more FPS.
  • Can be enabled in video settings.
  • Can work incorrectly on some graphics cards or screen resolutions.
  • If you are unable to start game after enabling it, disable it from launcher settings.
  • In case of multiple graphics cards (like laptops with AMD and RTX) ensure correct card is used to run game in order to use booster.

Interaction Key

Added new option that allows to interact with close objects and NPCs:

  • Default “F” key.
  • Can be also mouse clicked.
  • Possible to change key binding.
  • Highlights object/NPC of interaction.
  • Can be disabled in Controls interface options.
  • Excludes self-pets (Newbie Pet, Travelling Merchant).

Game Guides

Implemented new tutorial popups for various activities through the game:

  • Triggering during gameplay.
  • Contains zoomable screenshots.
  • Can be disabled in new settings tab.
  • All are available in reworked Game Guide frame (F10).
  • Appears as buttons over Chat Frame when action triggered more than 1 tutorial or after minimizing.
  • More tutorials will be added soon.

Character Creation

  • Improved camera behaviours.
  • Updated class description images.
  • Added adjustable character zoom.
  • Added previews of faces and hairs.
  • Disabled breast slider on male sex.
  • Added tooltips with information about race.
  • Added clickable preview of armors and weapons.
  • Added class distance and role information to tooltip.
  • Fixed dwarf was wrongly aligned in character creation.
  • Changed race, class and sex dropdowns into clickable icons.
  • Added confirmation popup on quitting character creation screen.
  • Added motions while switching race, class, sex, armor and weapon previews.
  • Added list of presets with recently generated/used face and hair combinations.
  • Added class can not be used on current race combination information to tooltip.


  • Removed level 5 requirement to use zone chat.
  • Added confirm option when purchasing 80 level pill from Johnny Dalker.
  • Fixed weapons of Funguses in Howling Mountains were disappearing randomly during movement.
  • Reworked Legend frame, added button to it in World Map. (Known: WoWMap POI icons can be still hovered through.)

Character Selection

  • Improved opening of settings frame.
  • Improved size of different UI elements.
  • Fixed tooltip was showing male sex for female character.
  • Added confirmation popup on closing game in login screens.

Monster Cards

  • Improved card stone result chat messages.

Title System

  • Fixed NPC Tracking position of new red boards.

Quality of Life

  • Updated texture of Cast Bar.
  • Improved class exchange message.
  • Enabled moving and saving of Cast Bar.
  • Improved and fixed some small visual glitches.
  • Changed colour of placeholder inside search boxes.
  • Added information to crafting frame buttons when certain crafting not learnt yet.
  • Added Swap class button to Exchange Class frame to quickly switch between classes.


  • Added “Boost FPS” option to settings.
  • Fixed launcher was crashing sometimes on opening.


  • Added UpdateCharacterCreateModelWeapon( int weaponID ).
  • Added UpdateCharacterCreateModelMotion( int motion ).
  • Deleted CharacterCreate_SetLookAtFace().
  • Added ZoomCharacterCreateModel( int zoom 0-500 ).
  • Added int GUID, int Class, int WeaponType/ArmorType, string Texture = GetCharacterCreateWeaponPreview( int race, int voc, int index 1-10 ).
  • Added int GUID, int ArmorType, string Texture = GetCharacterCreateEQPreview( int race, int voc, int gearType 0-3 ).
  • Added string hairName = GetCharacterCreateHairName( int race, int sex, int index ).
  • Added string faceName = GetCharacterCreateFaceName( int race, int sex, int index ).
  • Updated UpdateCharacterCreateModel( ..., int gearType 0-3 ).
  • Added int role = GetCharacterCreateRole( int race, int voc ).
  • Added int distance = GetCharacterCreateDistance( int race, int voc ).
  • Added LOGIN_CLOSE_WINDOW event.
  • Added arg3 = MineType to CASTING_START event.
  • Added popupObjectID to USEOBJECTPOPUP_SHOW event.
  • Added bool isEnabled = GC_GetShowInteract().
  • Added GC_SetShowInteract( bool enable ).
  • Updated <Tooltip>:AddDoubleIconLine( ..., bool isNarrow ).
  • Added SetBoostFPS( bool enable ).
  • Added bool isEnabled, isAvailable = IsBoostFPS().

Patch Notes


  • Reduced casting bar of summoning mounts to 2 seconds.
  • Added critical damage percent information to character frame.
  • Fixed Unstable Energy Flow in Coast of Opportunity was not visible.
  • Disabled possibility to place time-limited items into bank and house storage.

Performance Improvements

  • Added auto-use of main (non-integrated) GPU card for computers (mainly laptops) that have 2 GPU cards. It should also allow in most cases possibility to use Optimize Performance option if it wasn’t possible previously.

Interaction Key

  • Changed highlight visual mode.
  • Added interface option to disable highlight.
  • Changed object highlight to use attitude color.
  • Added turning in direction of interacted object.
  • Changed find distance to use actual touch distance.
  • Added interface option to set custom color and alpha of highlight.
  • Fixed it was possible to still use key with disabled interface option.

Game Guides

  • Added 19 new guides.
  • Corrected grouping of some guides in F10 frame.
  • Fixed minimized tutorials were not always over chat.
  • Fixed scroll area in popup game frame was displayed incorrectly.


  • Reworked login screen.
  • Added Ctrl+A support in text inputs.
  • Fixed account dropdown was buggy while opening settings.

Magic Wardrobe

  • Improved a few visual elements.
  • Added possibility to add labels for gear sets.
  • Fixed gear slot dropdown was not always closed.
  • Fixed wrong gear slot was opened after purchase of new one.


  • Added wings hanger furniture.
  • Added possibility to preview music.
  • Fixed some furnitures were missing models.
  • Fixed some furnitures were missing textures.
  • Corrected position of talismans on house racks.
  • Fixed searching by ID didn’t work in Furniture tab.
  • Added rack, hanger and maid equipment items into unit tooltip.
  • Improved furniture list to scroll to top when unselecting furniture.


  • Improved battleground tooltips.
  • Improved visual of queue frame.
  • Added images to battleground tooltips.
  • Disabled possibility to follow other players.
  • Added zone colour to queue sign and resign messages.
  • Added information about linking possibility to queue frame.
  • Added refreshing of Active Arena with opened queue frame.
  • Updated PvP Ring descriptions to include it’s anti-fear effect.

Siege War

  • Added Register phase chat message.
  • Changed Guild War Merits to be unbound.
  • Improved Siege War phase begin chat messages.
  • Added re-giving of personal upgrades upon re-entry to Siege War.
  • Changed Siege Towers to be captured based on number of players surrounding the tower rather than interacting with it.
  • Change time to cap towers to 30 seconds. (Time to capture is reduced to 15 seconds if no enemy players is near the tower or guards are alive.)

Windrunner Race

  • Disabled ride speed buffs.
  • Disabled talking to Visitors.
  • Improved Results Frame visuals.
  • Changed horses to random light ones.
  • Fixed that the game was causing FPS drops.
  • Added virtual racing gear for duration for race.
  • Changed race to virtual character (similar to Arcanium Arena) – so your items, skins, titles and cards will be not available inside.

Visdun Fortress

  • Improved dialogs.
  • Improved Result Frame.
  • Fixed currency granting.
  • Disabled towers rotating.
  • Disabled raid group creation.
  • Disabled level groups for queue.
  • Improved a lot of visual elements.
  • Improved foundation disappearance.
  • Fixed starting game slider was broken.
  • Fixed it was possible to duplicate towers.
  • Added UI with information about current wave.
  • Fixed active player was punished mistakenly by re-entry block debuff when opponent left or not arrived.

Arcanium Arena

  • Added information about temporary gear.
  • Removed “You are not in a guild!” text when inside.

Quality of Life

  • Added zone tooltips.
  • Reworked some UI icons.
  • Improved dialog of Lehman.
  • Reworked map player cursor.
  • Reworked color picker frame.
  • Improved chat currency messages.
  • Improved visual of Mirror World frame.
  • Improved a few different visual elements.
  • Improved and fixed some small visual glitches.
  • Improved some visual elements of Guild War Frame.
  • Improved name and title of NPCs in Ancient Dreamland.
  • Added opening and closing transition to World Map legend.
  • Added Mirrorworld and Minigames categories to World Map.
  • Updated Quest Tracker to use new quest colours when linking quests.
  • Added ability to copy Title ID with middle mouse button in Title Frame.
  • Changed some Bard’s skill sound tones to make them different from magical instruments.

Character Creation

  • Improved a few visual elements.
  • Fixed game crash when entering character creation after logout.


  • Added <Tooltip>:SetZone( string link ).
  • Added PreviewHouseMusic( int category, int index ).
  • Added SetObjectPopupColor( float A 0-1, float R 0-1, float G 0-1, float B 0-1 ).
  • Added “PHYSICAL_PERCENT_CRITICAL” and “MAGIC_PERCENT_CRITICAL” values to GetPlayerAbility().
  • Added { { ID = ..., Image = ... }, ... } = UnitHanger( unit ).
  • Added [UI:FrameName|Label] keyword for strings to create clickable hyperlinks.
  • Added ADD_FRIEND event when creating relationship.
  • Fixed <AbsDimension> was cutting float values.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed dwarf model motion stuck.
  • Fixed some errors related to tooltips.
  • Fixed sending hyperlinks in whispers was causing issues.
  • Fixed Warlock/Warden was crashing game on German client.

Patch Notes


  • Changed some beneficial skills to ignore immunity.
  • Fixed quest billboards were causing game crash sometimes.
  • Fixed Mindfullness Pill effect was disappearing when you die.
  • Fixed sometimes opening pet frame was crashing game after removing pet egg.
  • Fixed Little Magic Biscuit was overwriting Ghost Cavalier Transformation in Ancient Treasures.

Interaction Key

  • Improved visibility of interaction frame.
  • Fixed interaction frame was appearing for hidden objects.
  • Fixed interaction frame could be positioned outside the edge of the screen.


  • Added two new PvP gashas.
  • Updated Honor Points PvP shops with new 102 set.
  • Fixed 3 vs 3 Arena was causing character details loss.
  • Added two pairs of new PvP wings. (Models not final yet.)
  • Fixed Karros Canyon error message was broadcasting to entire zone.
  • Changed level difference for miss chance calculation inside PvP zones to always assume both players are same (higher) level.

Siege War

  • Decreased Siege Traps Trigger Time.
  • Reduced effect of Fearless to 10 seconds.
  • Fixed string appearing when killing Guards.
  • Added Siege Bandage as new protection item.
  • Removed battle protection from Big Angel Sigh.
  • Increase stack size of Guild War Merits to 10,000.
  • Changed Thunder Force to not disappear on death.
  • Increased number of Battle/Assault time sold to 36.
  • Disabled Siege Gates from receiving positive effects.
  • Changed Drill Ground to be interactable immediately.
  • Changed Bursting Beatles to explode after 15 seconds.
  • Enabled Guild Herald to use skills during Fearless effect.
  • Changed Crystal Source to be the name of the current tower.
  • Changed Eye of True Knowledge to also detect Cover effects.
  • Increased Cost of Battle/Assault time to 150 Guild War Merits.
  • Disabled summoning Guild Honor Guard outside of your own tower.
  • Reduced damage from Throne Skills and Summon: Tornado to 5% each.
  • Changed Insect Repellent Flower to be usable even whilst immobilised.
  • Fixed description of items from Siege War was incorrectly telling players they would be deleted on zone change.

Quality of Life

  • Updated description of Draco Pets.
  • Added used status of pets inside Partner Bag.
  • Added description of selected buff to Zodiac and Draco pets when placed into Partner Bag.


  • Improved performance of CastSpellByName macro function.
  • Added Class field to items in GetObjectInfo and GetAvailableObjectInfo functions.
  • Added Classification field to GetObjectInfo and GetAvailableObjectInfo functions.

Planned Change Log

Following list will include possible changes that may be appear along with upcoming patch. Please consider that this list doesn’t represent the actual patch content and might be different when patch is released.

Modified changes will be highlighted with yellow color, declined changes will be highlighted as strikethrough, changes that might be delayed to another patch with considerably high chance will be highlighted with purple color.

Consider that not all changes are guaranteed to be applied with next patch even if they aren’t highlighted with purple color. Some changes might still stay in Planned Change Log even after a patch gets implemented.

Ancient Dreamland

  • Added new copies of old amulets with much higher capacities.


Dark Core

  • Reduced Needle Strike damage by 17%.
  • Increased Earthquake damage by 50% for tank, reduced by 50% for rest.
  • Increased Earth Shattering Strike damage by 50% for tank, reduced by 50% for rest.

Classes General

  • Increased weapon level contribution rate of subclass to 75% from 50% as long as subclass has higher weapon level.
  • Changed off-hand damage sources to use 70% of main hand weapon damage instead, if weapon is a Katana.


  • Added new passive: Distant Friend: Increases your damage by up to 15% depending on distance between you and the target.


  • Increased Fairy physical attack ratio to 5% from 3%.


  • Reduced Spirit Embodiment heal range to 450 from 1000, changed it to do not ignore obstacles, reduced base heal value by 30%.


  • Changed enhanced instrument effects to be represented as extra buffs to clear the visual. Boosts will be always same for all Bards, 3% damage, 5% attack/cast speed or 3% defense.
  • Fixed Musical Ear was providing 2 stacks unintentionally.
  • Deleted Music from the Heart as of no effect.


  • Changed War Cry to increase physical damage by 8% additionally.


  • Changed Anger to apply fear for a second additionally.
  • Changed Splitter to inflict damage to line in front of you instead of to a target.
  • Changed Real Musician to affect Tempo too; Tempo will not be applied to party members as of lacking instrument.


  • Reduced Earthy Splash cooldown to 1 second from 3 seconds, reduced cost to 1% MP from 5% MP.
  • Changed Rock Summon → Rock Resonation: to be level 45 elite instead of 40, changed it to be around-self area spell instead of around target. If a target has Resonation, Rock Resonation will be consumed to apply the damage again to targets surroundings. If surroundings has Resonation, this effect will be triggered again.
  • Changed Rapid Stone Shot to be level 40 elite instead of 45, change it to be a reflecting spell that reflects up to 2 more targets besides current target, reduced range to 90 from 180, applies Resonation
  • Changed Rock Storm to use your current spot as target location instead of designated arena.



  • Changed Crippling Shot to reset cooldown of Pulsing Shot additionally.
  • Reduced Hide and Seek cooldown to 60 seconds from 120.


  • Changed Elemental Rampage to increase 1-H Hammer damage by 30% instead.


  • Changed Shadow Pulse to be level 15 elite instead of 20, change it to provide a buff stacks up to 3 times for 6 seconds.
  • Changed Vicious Attack to be level 20 elite instead of 15, changed it to modify Shadowstab; Shadowstab inflicts 579.6% extra damage for each Shadow Pulse stacks and consumes them.


  • Changed Field of Replenishment effect to be applied to pet of target too if it exists.


  • Increased Rune Energy Consecration duration to 30 seconds from 20.


  • Changed Soul Forge Mystery, Unleashed Soul effect to increase movement speed by 15% for its duration additionally.
  • Increased Heart Collection Rune duration to 30 seconds from 20.



  • Changed Shield of Darkness: A Magical Shield of Darkness surrounds you, allowing the use of skills which require a shield. While this is active, you will generate the least aggro from your attacks. Reduces received damage by 75%, received area damage by 8% and Physical Attack Power by 35%. Increases Physical Attack Power and Attack Speed for more Base Parry Rate you have.



  • Increased Weak Spot Awareness duration to 12 seconds from 8.


  • Increased Venomous Snipe snipe damage boost to 20% from 8%, reduced cooldown to 90 seconds from 180.



  • Changed Shadowstab Perfection to do not apply Bleed without dagger anymore.
  • Increased Frenzied Heart offhand damage to 15% from 10%.


  • Changed Awakening of the Wild; Increases movement speed by 20%, physical damage by 8%, physical attack power by 8%, reduces received damage by 20% for 30 seconds. Cooldown: 60 seconds.


  • Increased Frenzy physical and poison damage gain to 15% from 12%.



  • Increased Confusion Mechanism duration to 15 seconds from 10.



  • Increased Wisdom and Bravery conversion rate to 15% from 10%.


  • Increased Shadow of the Baron magical damage and area damage gain to 12% from 8%, corrected spell description.


  • Increased Magic Drain magical damage gain to 18.8% from 12.5%.


  • Reduced Stars of Light damage loss for each extra target to 24% from 36%.


  • Changed Absence to be passive; Increases your magical resistance and earth damage by 11.9%.


  • Fixed Magma Blade was inflicting up to 15 targets unintentionally without level 40 elite.
  • Changed Elven Mystic to provide 5% magical damage additionally.


  • Changed Great Purgatory Fire damage to 4500 from 3000.
  • Changed Musical Weakness to make Elemental Weakness reduces cooldown of Elemental Catalysis by 30 seconds additionally.



  • Changed Nature’s Revenge to provide 30% physical damage and 30% attack speed instead of 30% attack speed.


  • Changed Music is the Key to be applied to your pet too.
  • Reduced Perfect Harmony cooldown to 90 seconds from 120, increased duration to 30 seconds from 20.


  • Fixed Broken Assymmetry was causing an animation spam.


  • Fixed Double Chop was not inflicting earth damage if Spirit of the Oak is not summoned.


  • Changed Surge of Awareness to be applied to pet of target too if it exists.
  • Increased Saces’ Embrace damage to 2700 + 0.8 x INT from 1350 + 0.2 x INT.
  • Fixed Terror of Broken Souls was set as a debuff, which was causing of its removal in some scenarios.


  • Increased Consistent Heart Strike fixed damage to 1 x INT from 0.4 x INT.
  • Changed Breathing Control to trigger Enraged automatically instead of resetting its cooldown.


  • Changed Spirit Revival to provide 2 psi instead of 1.
  • Changed Ready and Waiting to increase movement speed by 15% additionally.


  • Reduced Devastating Chop trigger cooldown to 10 seconds from 20.


  • Changed Musical Prodigy to reduce area damage you receive by 30% for its duration additionally.
  • Increased Dark Blast extra damage to 2000 from 1000.


  • Changed Dark Hand to be active spell. New: Your intelligence and stamina will conflict when this is active. If your base intelligence is higher than base stamina, you will lose 30% from both attributes. If base stamina is higher, you will gain more stamina. Stamina amount is equal to total of base stamina and base intelligence.
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