Patch Notes


  • Fixed Draco pets were talking about Zodiacs.
  • Fixed various issues related to Binpike brothers.
  • Increased expire duration on some festival items.
  • Added graphic option to hide magical sigil objects.
  • Fixed whisper frame was not working properly sometimes.
  • Added Experiment No. 5 monster and new card giving Wisdom.
  • Moved Experiment monsters from Howling Mountains to Silverspring.
  • Blocked possibility to stack time-limited items with different generation time.
  • Disabled temporary quest icons at quest placard objects to prevent game crashes.
  • Fixed changing position of accounts in login list was sometimes working unexpected.
  • Changed some festival items to be deleted on festival change instead of having expire time.
  • Added Fancy Boots to the Item Shop, increasing movement speed in most custom and Nostalgia instances. These Boots are mutually exclusive to Mud Shoes, Snow Shoes and Nocturnal Slider.

Arcane Chamber of Sathkur (Hard)

The Arcane Chamber of Sathkur (Hard) is a short instance for up to 36 people designed to reduce the grind needed to catch up to the current nostalgia content.

It will be opened within next days.

  • Removed Instrument Materials from the Instance.
  • Increased all inhabitants level to 105+
    • Monster and Boss difficulty and rewards will scale with the amount of players inside the instance.
      • Once the final Boss has been triggered, it will not be possible to join the instance anymore.
    • Monsters will gain an additional 10% HP and 3% pATK, mAtk and 1% physical and magical damage per player inside.
  • Replaced all previous loot inside the instance with personalized loot and new system Monster Cards.
    • Sathkur’s Ancient Coin will drop for every party member inside every monster.
    • Sathkur’s Ancient Coin will addionally drop after the final boss has been defeated.
      • This amount will scale based on the players inside the instance.
  • Limited entry to once per week.
    • Added reset tickets for the instance.
  • Created ‘Sathkurs Wishing Well’
    • After a Short Quest, one will be able to exchange their Sathkur’s Ancient Coins. Players will recieve the neccessary crafting materials in order to progress for exchanging, with a small chance to gain the specialty material from instances alongside.
    • Being able to recieve materials from instances requires sufficient quest progression.
    • On release, Materials from Heart of the Ocean (Hard), Kalin Shrine (Hard) and Ice Dwarf Kingdom (Hard) will be available.
    • Players will also be able to exchange Arcadia Coins for Talaghan materials at ramping costs.
    • Added 7 new titles to wishing well exchange.
  • To enter the Arcane Chamber of Sathkur, you will have to do Oddlegs Quest line in Sascilia Steppes and finished the “Strange Memories” Quest from Reinar in Atlas.

Item Shop

  • Fixed a few visual elements.
  • Added possibility to search also by item ID.
  • Removed item not found message after search.
  • Fixed it was impossible to gift title from Item Shop.
  • Changed search box to be always visible and searching in live time.

Monster Cards

  • Added 87 new cards in new system to PvP zones.
  • Enabled new system for cards in Arcane Chamber of Sathkur (Hard).


  • Added item color to gift purchase popup.
  • Added possibility to preview skies and grounds.
  • Added possibility to gift house styles and options.
  • Added chat message while purchasing styles and options.
  • Fixed restoring furniture to depot was not removing collision.
  • Implemented 19 new skies and 6 new grounds in place of unpopular ones.


Dark Core

  • Reduced Needle Strike damage by 17%.
  • Increased Earthquake damage by 50% for tank, reduced by 50% for rest.
  • Increased Earth Shattering Strike damage by 50% for tank, reduced by 50% for rest.

Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom (Hard)

  • Reduced Enemy Quake Blow damage by about 40%.
  • Reduced Timeless Magicite cost of Artefacts from 50 to 5.

Kalin Shrine (Hard)

  • Fixed a bug where Magic Immune would not block the appearance of Locathas Frogspawn.



  • Reduced guild leave time join block from 24h to 6h.
  • Fixed success guild invitation message was showed twice for inviter.

Guild Frame

  • Added button to open list of guilds.
  • Improved visual of guild frame when not inside guild.
  • Added rank button for people with rank permissions for preview.

Guilds List Frame

  • Improved details panel visuals.
  • Added possibility to search by guild name.
  • Improved sorting of list along with visual changes.

Interaction Key

  • Improved Interaction Frame text length behaviour.
  • Disabled possibility to interact with not interactive objects.
  • Improved Interaction Frame to use always correct object color.

Quest Book

  • Improved a lot of visuals.
  • Added possibility to search by quest name.
  • Fixed some quest conditions were not clickable.
  • Added buttons to filter by quest types and state.
  • Added button for opening list of available quests.
  • Changed visual and position of abandon quest button.
  • Fixed some quests were missing start/end NPCs information.
  • Moved Start and End NPC buttons to hyperlinked list inside dialog.
  • Added possibility to copy ID of hyperlinks with middle mouse click.


  • Disabled mounts in pvp zones.
  • Removed all Sigil spawns from arenas.
  • Reduced cap of Atlas Tokens to 200 000.
  • Removed drops from all monsters in pvp areas.
  • Fixed Paladin wings were increasing damage taken.
  • Adjusted Siege War rewards to be 1x per day per player.
  • Improved capture messages of Tyrefen Mountain Range.
  • Fixed that arena block was not working correctly in some cases.
  • Added global world win message to Visdun Fortress and Windrunner race.
  • Increased range of some arena spawn protections and increased trigger speed.
  • Fixed countdown clock would be not always closed when leaving battleground early.

Windrunner Race

  • Fixed currency reward message.
  • Added global world win message.
  • Removed zone level up messages.
  • Excluded trigger of Ammo tutorial.
  • Improved leader board visual slightly.
  • Fixed sometimes obtaining Arena Blocked buff when ending match.

Visual Changes

Loading Screen

  • Reworked Loading Screen.
  • Added name of loaded zone.

Map Frame

  • Reworked map icons.
  • Improved some visuals in Legend Frame.
  • Added crafting tools icons to minimap and dialogs.

Title Frame

  • Improved scrolling area visual.
  • Added possibility to search by title name.
  • Added gray badge icon to titles without badge.

Partner Bag

  • Improved visual of blocked slots.
  • Added possibility to change page by mouse wheel.
  • Fixed some visual errors related to Zodiac and Draco pets.
  • Fixed summoning pet or mount was causing their model to disappear.


  • Added quest colors for yellow quest messages.
  • Added tooltip to chat copy button with details.
  • Added Ctrl+A shortcut to static popup editboxes.
  • Fixed some string elements were showing old translations.
  • Fixed store frame was not scrollable with cursor on item icons.
  • Disabled unsuitable race information from Quest NPCs tooltips.
  • Fixed city names were showed incorrectly in Card Book current filter.
  • Made changing self introduction text update opened character frame immediately.
  • Added placeholder for custom label editbox in purchase dialog of new Magic Wardrobe skin slot.

Classes General

  • Increased weapon level contribution rate of subclass to 75% from 50% as long as subclass has higher weapon level.
  • Changed off-hand damage sources to use 70% of main hand weapon damage instead, if weapon is a Katana.



  • Fixed Double Chop was not inflicting earth damage if Spirit of the Oak is not summoned.


  • Increased physical attack rate from dexterity to 1.4 from 0.


  • Increased Fairy physical attack ratio to 5% from 3%.
  • Increased physical attack rate from dexterity to 1.4 from 0.


  • Changed Chain of Light to a 7 seconds of channel, removed cooldown and global cooldown trigger, added MP consumption every 0.9 seconds, if MP is not sufficient during channel, skill will enter 3 seconds of cooldown state.


  • Changed enhanced instrument effects to be represented as extra buffs to clear the visual.


  • Changed War Cry to increase physical damage by 8% additionally.
  • Reduced Absolute Extermination rage cost to 30 from 40, reduced cooldown to 12 seconds from 15.
  • Changed Frenzied Warrior to reduce received area damage by 14.6% additionally.
  • Reduced Hack N’ Slash cooldown to 3 seconds from 4.


  • Changed Anger to apply fear for a second additionally.
  • Changed Splitter to inflict damage to line in front of you instead of to a target.
  • Changed Real Musician to affect Tempo too; Tempo will not be applied to party members as of lacking instrument.


  • Removed Earthy Splash cooldown, added 1 second of cast time, reduced cost to 1% MP from 5% MP.
  • Changed Rock Summon → Rock Resonation: to be level 45 elite instead of 40, changed it to be around-self area spell instead of around target. If a target has Resonation, Rock Resonation will be consumed to apply the damage again to targets surroundings. If surroundings has Resonation, this effect will be triggered again. Cooldown: 6 seconds
  • Changed Rapid Stone Shot to be level 40 elite instead of 45, change it to be a reflecting spell that reflects up to 2 more targets besides current target, reduced range to 90 from 180, applies Resonation for 6 seconds, added 6 seconds of cooldown.
  • Changed Rock Storm to use your current spot as target location instead of designated arena, revised its effects.



  • Changed Crippling Shot to reset cooldown of Pulsing Shot additionally.
  • Reduced Hide and Seek cooldown to 60 seconds from 120.


  • Changed Elemental Rampage to increase 1-H Hammer damage by 30% instead.


  • Changed Shadow Pulse to be level 15 elite instead of 20, change it to provide a buff stacks up to 3 times for 6 seconds.
  • Changed Vicious Attack to be level 20 elite instead of 15, changed it to modify Shadowstab; Shadowstab inflicts 579.6% extra damage for each Shadow Pulse stacks and consumes them.


  • Changed Field of Replenishment effect to be applied to pet of target too if it exists.


  • Increased Rune Energy Consecration duration to 30 seconds from 20.


  • Changed Soul Forge Mystery, Unleashed Soul effect to increase movement speed by 15% for its duration additionally.
  • Increased Heart Collection Rune duration to 30 seconds from 20.



  • Changed Shield of Darkness: A Magical Shield of Darkness surrounds you, allowing the use of skills which require a shield. While this is active, you will generate the least aggro from your attacks. Reduces received damage by 75%, received area damage by 8% and Physical Attack Power by 35%. Increases Physical Attack Power and Attack Speed for more Base Parry Rate you have.



  • Increased Weak Spot Awareness duration to 12 seconds from 8.


  • Increased Venomous Snipe snipe damage boost to 20% from 8%, reduced cooldown to 90 seconds from 180.


  • Reduced Excessive Necessity magical attack gain to 5% from 10%.
  • Increased Hell’s Whistle damage gain to 57.5% from 50%.



  • Changed Shadowstab Perfection to do not apply Bleed without dagger anymore.
  • Increased Frenzied Heart offhand damage to 15% from 10%.


  • Changed Awakening of the Wild; Increases movement speed by 20%, physical damage by 8%, physical attack power by 8%, reduces received damage by 20% for 30 seconds. Cooldown: 60 seconds.
  • Fixed Visceral Impact was not working.
  • Changed Attack Weakener to do not increase physical damage anymore.
  • Changed Decent Observer to increase physical damage by 20% additionally.


  • Increased Frenzy physical and poison damage gain to 15% from 12%.
  • Changed Blasting Cyclone to require 1-H Axe to use, increased hit amount to 4 from 3, increased channel time to 1.5 seconds from 1.


  • Changed The Last Duel to be usable with Katana too.
  • Increased Waiting Game attack gain to 12% from 10%.


  • Changed Sneak Attack to inflict damage twice if Hide is active.


  • Changed Phantom Blade fixed damage value to 1 x STR from 0.2 x DEX.
  • Changed Blood Hound fixed damage value to 0.8/1.5 x STR from 0.2/0.2 x DEX.
  • Changed Bloodthirsty Blade fixed damage value to 1 x STR from 0.2 x DEX.
  • Changed Warden’s Wrath to change fixed damage value of modified skills to STR from DEX.


  • Increased Confusion Mechanism duration to 15 seconds from 10.



  • Increased Wisdom and Bravery conversion rate to 15% from 10%.


  • Increased Shadow of the Baron HP and magical damage gain to 12% from 8%.


  • Increased Magic Drain magical damage gain to 18.8% from 12.5%.


  • Reduced Stars of Light damage loss for each extra target to 24% from 36%.


  • Changed Absence to be passive; Increases your magical resistance and earth damage by 11.9%.


  • Fixed Magma Blade was inflicting up to 15 targets unintentionally without level 40 elite.
  • Changed Elven Mystic to provide 5% magical damage additionally.


  • Changed Great Purgatory Fire damage to 4500 from 3000.
  • Changed Musical Weakness to make Elemental Weakness reduces cooldown of Elemental Catalysis by 30 seconds additionally.



  • Allowed Ethereal Enhance to be used without Oak Walker.
  • Changed Nature’s Revenge to provide 30% physical damage and 30% attack speed instead of 40% attack speed.


  • Changed Music is the Key to be applied to your pet too.
  • Reduced Perfect Harmony cooldown to 90 seconds from 120, increased duration to 30 seconds from 20.


  • Fixed Broken Assymmetry was causing an animation spam.


  • Changed Surge of Awareness to be applied to pet of target too if it exists.
  • Increased Saces’ Embrace damage to 2700 + 0.8 x INT from 1350 + 0.2 x INT.
  • Fixed Terror of Broken Souls was set as a debuff, which was causing of its removal in some scenarios.


  • Increased Consistent Heart Strike fixed damage to 1 x INT from 0.4 x INT.
  • Changed Breathing Control to trigger Enraged automatically instead of resetting its cooldown.


  • Changed Spirit Revival to provide 2 psi instead of 1.
  • Changed Ready and Waiting to increase movement speed by 15% additionally.


  • Reduced Devastating Chop trigger cooldown to 10 seconds from 20.


  • Changed Musical Prodigy to reduce area damage you receive by 30% for its duration additionally.
  • Increased Dark Blast extra damage to 2000 from 1000.


Elite skills may not work in some zones except Atlantis and custom instances until next maintenance.

  • Changed Hatred to be passive.
  • Changed Dark Hand to be active spell. New: Your intelligence and stamina will conflict when this is active. If your base intelligence is higher than base stamina, you will lose 30% from both attributes. If base stamina is higher, you will gain more stamina. Stamina amount is equal to total of base stamina and base intelligence and increases your aggro by 75%.
  • Changed Heresy to allow you to wear shield.
  • Reduced Dreadful Sleep cooldown to 15 seconds from 30.


  • Fixed launcher was not closed in some cases.
  • Fixes issue when launcher was stuck after patch was repacked and cached.
  • Fixed sometimes addons with update available were not showed on begin of list.


  • Added “NpcQuestNPC” to CardNew_GetCardsData()["Cards"].
  • [Client] Added string = <FontString>:GetFontName().
  • Added int = <FontString>:GetFontSize().
  • Added string = <FontString>:GetFontWeight().
  • Added string = <FontString>:GetFontOutline().
  • Added string = <FontString>:GetJustifyHType().
  • Added string = <FontString>:GetJustifyVType().
  • Added bool = <FontString>:IsRTL().
  • Added ..., IsRecruit, IsOwnHouse, IsOpenGuildHouse = GuildBoard_GetNextGuildIDName().
  • Added SetHideSigils( bool enable ).
  • Added bool enabled = IsHideSigils().
  • Renamed Houses_BuyType -> Houses_BuyHouseStyle.
  • Renamed Houses_SetCurrentType -> Houses_ChangeHouseStyle.
  • Renamed PreviewHouseMusic -> PreviewHouseOption.

Festival of Fire

  • 7 custom cards from festival mobs.
  • 8 hidden custom titles from festival events.


During the festival you can exchange Earth Zodiac materials and Geo Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Geo Draconaris from:

  • Ajis – exchange 5 x Festival of Fire Voucher for a reward.
  • Lujken Lajet – exchange 5 x Festival of Fire Voucher for a reward.

Rune Chessboard

‌NPC: Rune Chessboard
‌Event Target: Align one or more lines of crystals of the same color to obtain points
‌Start location: Next to bridge in front of Varanas

Ignite the Holy Fire Altar

‌NPC: Dorimy Laso
‌Event type: mini-game
‌Start location: Next to bridge in front of Varanas

Party Pest Control

‌NPC: Ajis
‌Event type: find and defeat
‌Start location: Varanas Central Plaza
‌Event location: Varanas Gates
‌Event Target: Find mice and drive them away with the use of the Flame Altar

Iron Chef

‌NPC: Drake Gates
‌Event type: Collect Items & Cook
‌Start location: Varanas Gates
‌Event location: Silverspring – Oblivion Shrine
‌Event Target: Collect food in Silverspring and cook it at Varanas Central Plaza


‌NPC: Ethan Bryce
‌Event type: Cure Monsters
‌Start location: Varanas Bridge
‌Event location: Silverspring (Around Varanas Gates)
‌Event Target: Cure the sick monsters with Flame Powder.

Flame Fortune

‌NPC: Giselle Fred
‌Event type: Help NPC/Collecting Points
‌Event location: Taborea
‌Event Target: Collect Runes in the Magic Circle and throw them at the Altar.

Light the Pyre!

‌NPC: Lujken Lajet
‌Event type: Help NPC/Control Fire
‌Start location: Thunderhoof Hills, outside Dalanis City
‌Event location: Thunderhoof Hills, outside Dalanis City
‌Event Target: Control the fire with water and catalyzed runes as the NPC wants it.

Drive Beast

‌NPC: Aishas Gracia
‌Event type: Help NPC, defeat monster
‌Start location: Varanas Bridge
‌Event location: Dust Devil Canyon
‌Event Target: (Group) Defeat the Ice or Fire monster by either assisting NPC or assisting your group.

Patch Notes


  • Fixed addon incompatibilities with Title Frame.

Following changes may or may not work or partially work until next maintenance.


  • Fixed elite skills were missing.


  • Fixed Chain of Light wasn’t consuming MP, changed its reflection to limited to amount of mob around.


  • Fixed extra damage on Shock Overload was applied unintentionally in certain circumstances.

Patch Notes


  • Opened Arcane Chamber of Sathkur (Hard).
  • Fixed Goblin Mines was sometimes giving more Phirius Shells than intended.
  • Fixed purchasing Magic Wardrobe gear slot without custom label was still setting label of placeholder and deducting diamonds.


  • Lowered prices of new skies.
  • Changed style and options tabs to always show price due to gifting possibility.
  • Increased house potion and food stacks to 1000 and made them to be regiven upon obtain new ones.
  • Allowed restacking of housemaid potions/food for first exchanges of the day or after resetting housemaid fatigue, until zone change.

Item Shop

  • Fixed and improved dozen of visual elements.
  • Increased time of showing item as new to 60 days.
  • Added “Find in Item Shop” option to IS items hyperlink right click menu.


  • Reset Guild War Score of all guilds to 1000.
  • Removed expire time from Siege War items.
  • Added deleting of items 1 hour after Siege War ends.
  • Fixed PvP Rewards were sometimes not being given out.
  • Blocked possibility to read monster cards inside battlegrounds.
  • Fixed PvP Gashas shop limits were resetting every time you opened it.
  • Fixed Guild Score Frame was showing incorrect team colour sometimes.
  • Fixed game crash occuring when leaving PvP zone to channel other than 1.


  • Added option to instant enter desired character by double clicking it’s slot.


  • Added class, guild, attribute colors.
  • Added top 1-3 places texture indicators.
  • Cleared rankings for Andor Training Range.
  • Increased maximum score of Andor Training Range to 100.000.


Dark Core

  • Adjusted Purified Scepter attributes.

Visual Changes


  • Added option to resize Equipment Preview by dragging in bottom right corner.
  • Added saving position of House Storage, Bag Frame, Item Shop, Character Frame, Equipment Preview frame.


  • Reworked guild resource frame.
  • Changed guild date time format.
  • Fixed guild list panels were not working for some players.
  • Removed date from guild login and logout messages when timestamp is enabled.

Quest Book

  • Added confirmation popup to abandoning quest.


  • Fixed missing hyperlinks in some broadcast messages.
  • Added player hyperlinks to guild and social chat messages.
  • Fixed some skill and item descriptions were cut in some parts.


  • Blocked usage of DoEmote function in Battlegrounds.
  • Added attribute colors to GetReplaceSystemKeyword function.
  • Decreased limit of maximum calls of DoEmote without break.
  • Fixed BugFrame was not appearing on occurrence of only one error.
  • Fixed it was impossible to open some frames after using ReloadUI with one of them opened.
  • Blocked usage of EquipItem, UseEquipmentItem functions from xml events in Battlegrounds.
  • Blocked usage of UsePetAction, UseExtraAction, UseImplementAction, TargetNearestEnemy, TargetNearestFriend, ChangeParallelID, DoEmote, TB_Teleport functions from xml events.
  • Updated ..., Voc, Voc_Sub, Lv, Lv_Sub = SSB_GetScoreItemInfo().
  • Added string HexColor = GetGuildColor( string GuildName ).
  • Added int GUID = CIMF_GetNewbieItem( int Index ).
  • Added int GUID = CIMF_GetNewItem( int Index ).
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