Patch Notes

World Map

  • Improved World Map quest filters to update immediately.
  • Fixed World Map quest icons were often missing or not updating.
  • Fixed World Map zone tooltip was showing whilst inside legends frame.
  • Fixed World Map quest filters would reset on logout when buttons were disabled.
  • Added default enabled option to disable NPC icons outside currently displayed zone.
  • Fixed quest icons tooltips outside current map were showing wrong zone and coordinates.

For Newcomers

  • Improved message when first logging in after purchasing VIP.
  • Adjusted some mount speed potions weren’t able to be used whilst riding.
  • Added page about Pet Merchants and Miller’s Ranch to Magic Cavy tutorial.

Monster Cards

  • Fixed Fear Element card was not obtainable.
  • Fixed Raichika the Destroyer card was not obtainable.


  • Fixed some issues with The Fleeing Goats quest.


  • Fixed some skills were able to be used through castle walls.
  • Added PvP name linking for Clean/Dirty Mana Stones in Chat Frame and Auction House.

Visual Changes

  • Added option to show buff ID directly in the tooltip.
  • Fixed House Frame filter when “All” filter was selected.
  • Disabled old card frame from being opened by some addons.
  • Added item rarity color and resource colour to Guild Contribution frame.

General Class Changes

  • Reverted teleport change for dash skills.
  • Changed aura buffs to be refreshed upon changing zone or loss of the actual caster of the buff if your class is able to create the aura, instead of immediately losing them.


  • Changed Surge of Awareness to be self cast that affects surroundings instead of being click to use, increased radius to 120 from 50.
  • Changed Calm Paradox to be self cast that affects surroundings instead of being click to use, increased radius to 120 from 50.
  • Changed Otherworldly Whisper to be permanent buff that triggers its effect when you use a skill that consumes Psi instead, changed it to be usable regardless of Willpower Construct state, removed Psi cost, removed received damage reduction, increased radius to 80 from 50.
  • Changed Mind Barrier; Reduces received damage of raid members by 5% and increases received heal by 2% for 25 seconds. Can be stacked up to 5 times. Casting time: 1 seconds Cost: 1 Psi Requirement: Willpower Construct
  • Increased Knowledge Acquisition maximum duration to 900 seconds from 300.


  • Fixed Deep Breathing Control wasn’t working properly with Breathing Control triggers.
  • Changed Heart Fence to affect whole raid, reduced damage reduction to 25% from 50%.
  • Removed Mind Transference global cooldown trigger.


  • Increased Punishment damage gain per Elemental Weakness effect to 20% from 16%.
  • Increased Spirit Revival Psi recover to 3 from 2.
  • Increased End of Thought duration to 6 seconds from 4, removed global cooldown trigger.


  • Changed Soul Brand; Whenever you inflict fire damage, Soul Brand will be applied. Reduced elemental damage per stack to 3% from 5%.
  • Reduced Thinking Overload elemental damage gain to 16% from 20%.
  • Reduced Focus Building intelligence gain per stack to 9% from 12%.
  • Changed Soul Seal to require Willpower Construct.
  • Increased Flaming Heart Strike MP cost to 1530 from 765.



  • Changed Rapacious Poison working method to prevent possible issues.


  • Changed Frenzied Attack to do not trigger with area spells, increased damage to 900% from 300%.
  • Changed Attack Launch to just reduce channel and cooldown time of Moon Cleave, instead of making it instant and increase damage.
  • Changed Blood Dance to do not spread damage around, increased Increased Reflexes damage to 30%, removed offhand damage gain.
  • Changed Keen Attack to do not provide Increased Reflexes anymore.
  • Removed Rage Crisis cooldown reduction trigger.


  • Changed Perfect Slice delay algorithm.


  • Increased Power Mechanism gains to 15% from 10%.


  • Changed Phantom Blade; Inflicts 705% main hand weapon DPS earth damage to target and increases your attack power by 10%, physical damage by 20% for 6 seconds. Upon a successful hit, an Oak Walker will appear briefly to attack your target once again with the Phantom Blade. Cooldown: 2 seconds & global cooldown trigger, Cost: 3% HP, 3% MP


  • Increased Thunderous Rage duration to 30 seconds from 20, reduced cooldown to 60 seconds from 90, increased damage gain to 15% from 10%.


  • Reduced Dark Soul Smelt damage to 116% from 145%.


  • Reduced Death’s Touch gains to 10.9% from 21.8%.



  • Reduced Wisdom and Bravery rate to 30% from 35%.


  • Changed Tide Burst to do not provide Conduction anymore.
  • Changed Rising Tide to provide Conduction.
  • Increased Magical Drain damage gain to 12.5% from 6.2%.
  • Increased Weaken critical resist reduction to 1243 from 310.



  • Changed Absolute Zero cost to 20 Focus instead of 20% MP.
  • Reduced Ice Blade cost to 2% MP from 5%.



  • Reduced War Cry cooldown to 15 seconds from 60.


  • Changed Intensity to be passive.



  • Changed Musical Shot to increase dealt damage instead of physical and magical damage.



  • Changed Nature’s Revenge → Nature’s Link, made it additionally apply slight portion of Explosion of Power to owner by Nature Crystal. ( 12% attack power & 18% attack speed )


  • Reduced Corruption of Nature cooldown to 60 seconds from 120.


  • Added , GUID = GCB_GetContributionItem(x).
  • Added GameTooltip_SetIDColor( float R 0-1, float G 0-1, float B 0-1 ).

Masked Festival

  • 16 custom cards from festival monsters.
  • 5 hidden custom titles from festival activities.
  • Removed Bound status on Event Transformation potions.
  • Changed “The truth under the…” event to finish when all ribbons were used.


During the festival you can exchange Water Zodiac materials and Hydro Draconaris for a Draco Pet.

Obtain Hydro Draconaris from:

  • Masked Ball Reward Commissioner – exchange 10 x Masked Ball Medals for a reward.

Invitation Courier

‌NPC: Rain Nahills
Location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event description: Give a Party Invitation to the required NPCs.

Ball Mask Package exchange

‌NPC: Shiani Alian
Location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event description: Exchange TP runes to Ball Mask Package

Eulogy of Spring

‌NPC: Shiani Alian
Location: Varanas Central Plaza, Howling Mountains
Event description: Collect and deliver items

The Truth Under the…

‌NPC: Masked Ball Host
Location: Varanas Central Plaza
Event description: Find and match correct NPCs.

Hero in Disguise! “Masked Striker Association”

‌NPC: Big Spyror
Location: Thunderhoof Hills
Event description: Find and kill NPCs.

Help Ikes Get His Act Together!

‌NPC: Ikes Kalefan
Location: Thunderhoof Hills
Event description: Use actionbar to move items.

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