Patch Notes

Prestige Battle Pass

  • Welcome to the new Prestige Battle Pass! It combines the premium subscription and battle pass into one, offering you:
    • 20 levels in each 90-day season, divided into 5 ranks.
    • Rewards for progressing levels that stay with you forever.
  • The first “Beta Season” has launched and will run until the end of November 2023. Expect continuous improvements to make your experience even better.
  • Prestige: Regular and Prestige: Plus subscriptions are now available. Plus subscribers get even more rewards and save up to 30,000 diamonds per month.
  • The trial version is available for 4 days to all players who do not have an active subscription after the update, with the option to extend for another 3 days.
  • More than 60 unique benefits await you each season, which can be purchased with a special “Courage Coin” currency.
  • Old VIP system is converted into Prestige: Plus. The former VIP rewards that could be obtained by logging in are now accessible to the “Skillbook” through special skills.
  • You can upgrade Prestige: Regular to Prestige: Plus through Item Shop.
  • web purchase & upgrade will be added later, until then use frame accessible from Item Shop Dashboard



  • Added four new areas to Talaghan: The Light Valley, The Dark Valley, Talaghan Skies, Hidden Platform.
  • Added 11 new titles.
  • Added 72 new cards.
  • Added 99 new quests:
    • 40 mainline quests.
    • 17 daily quests.
    • 37 side quests.
    • 5 VIP Exclusive Quests unlocking access to Hidden Platform.

Arena of Darkness

  • Revealed gates of the ancient Arena of Darkness in Talaghan with several modes.
  • Implemented 4 new main quests and 9 random daily quests for Arena of Darkness.
  • Implemented new currency “Nero Coins” and it’s merchant.
  • Implemented new Player versus Player battleground (5-36 players).
  • Implemented new Player versus Environment arena in Talaghan (max 6 players).
  • Implemented new Environment versus Environment betting arena in Talaghan (1 or 3+ participants).


  • Implemented new crafting – Engineering (up to level 20).
  • Implemented 4 new main quests for Engineering.
  • Engineering teacher Steelbone appeared at the entrance of Arena of Darkness to teach you how to create and equip a robot.


  • Implemented new equipment type Robot equipable up to 1x.
  • Implemented new equipment type Robot Component equipable up to 4x.
  • Each robot can handle up to 4 components depending on their rarity (purple is 4, white is 1).
  • Robots can be unbound, but to equip a robot, you must craft one first.

For Newcomers

  • Added extra alt skill when using mounts to easier dismount.
  • Placed GM clone (when online) in all 3 starting zones (near Auction House) to interact with in case of questions.


  • Enabled durability for Artefacts.
  • Added durability hammers for Artefacts.
  • Increased Click to Move distance 4 times.
  • Fixed Port of Thousand Havens teleport was teleporting to Talaghan.


  • Added level 100 planting seeds.
  • Implemented 2 new engineering furnitures.
  • Fixed some furniture were missing name while placed in Guild Castle.
  • Fixed some furniture were missing / had wrong visual while placed in Guild Castle.

Item Shop

  • Fixed VIP and PNC links were reversed.
  • Added 1 new hammer and Shield skin to Item Shop.
  • Fixed Diamond Promotion % in Dashboard was not including base 100%.


  • Added ability to copy ranking index using middle mouse button on ranking button.
  • Disabled Prestige/VIP/Disabled quests from counting towards unique quest rankings.
  • Fixed instance run time rankings were being updated when being skipped by GM. Wiped unobtainable prior rankings.


  • Fixed issues with Siege War timer.
  • Changed icons of PvP Mana Stones.
  • Fixed PvP potion recipes were missing icons.
  • Fixed that surrender card could be used before minimum time had passed.


Dark Core

  • Increased Oak Walker attack loss to 20% from 10%.
  • Reduced Spirit of the Oak attack loss to 5% from 10%.
  • Reduced Punisher Guardian attack loss to 5% from 10%.
  • Increased Chiron the Centaur attack loss to 20% from 10%.

Forsaken Abbey (Hard)

  • Added fail message and player wipe when failing Albert event.

Visual Changes


  • Added hyperlinks to quest frames.
  • Fixed Personal Data frame when not being in a guild.
  • Added gathering color to error message when unable to collect.
  • Fixed repair message was showing wrong quality color for orange rarity items.
  • Fixed negative attribute values were not affected visually by power modifiers in tooltips.

Crafting Frame

  • Added recipe tooltip for hovering.
  • Revised item selection highlight for more visibility.
  • Implemented possibility to charge different currencies instead of just gold while crafting, or learning new recipe from recipe stores.

Recipe Store

  • Revised to have recipe rarity colors in the list.
  • Added red color to cost if you don’t have enough money.


  • Fixed some issues with crafting tutorials.
  • Fixed settings window was sometimes not updating correctly.

World Map

  • Added Dalanis NPCs to NPC search.
  • Added player position and quest NPCs to Dalanis World Map.
  • Fixed continents and Taborea maps weren’t showing Tutor quest icons properly.

General Class Changes

  • Fixed few issue about aura buffs.


  • Changed Perfect Slice to lose all stacks if it is used with wrong timing.


  • Increased Phantom Blade cooldown to 6 seconds from 4, increased duration to 8 seconds from 6.


  • Changed Substitute to be triggered only with ranged attacks, increased damage to 960% from 120%, increased duration to 900 seconds, removed cooldown.



  • Changed Shield of Darkness to remove parry while providing attack speed, reduced damage mitigation to 60% from 75%.


  • Changed Severed Consciousness to trigger Otherworldly Whisper only once per skill.
  • Changed Beast Roar to reduce attack speed of targets by 15% instead of movement speed.
  • Reduced Soul Trauma cooldown to 6 seconds from 15.


  • Changed Soul Fang to overwrite similar buff Soul Brand. (Warlock/Mage).


  • Changed Harmful Whisper to make Otherwordly Whisper to have 30 seconds of duration & 60 seconds of cooldown.



  • Changed Moon Cleave to inflict damage thrice instead of twice in 0.5 seconds.



  • Fixed Divine Intervention wasn’t working properly.



  • Fixed Light Connection wasn’t working if target has immune.


  • Changed Fire Ward to be aura effect.
  • Changed Voice of the Sea item set skill to reduce cooldown of Elemental Catalysis by 40% passively instead with no cooldown.


  • Reduced Elemental Catalysis damage gain to 32% from 36%.


  • Fixed Soaking Wet effect wasn’t working as intended.



  • Changed Light Pulse to require 1-H hammer and reduced Shield Form aggro multiplier to 500% from 1000%.



  • Changed Toxic Possession to additionally provide 1% magical attack & 1% magical damage for every 12000 base heal point you have, but disable your heal ability.


  • Added input arg to GetSpeakDetail(int hyperlink 0/1).
  • Updated , EngineeringHQPoint = Houses_GetHouseInfo(xxx).
  • Updated , currency = FSF_GetRecipeInfo(xxx).
  • Added functions:
Prestige_PaidCompleteQuest(int QuestGuid);
Prestige_GetTime() => string Day, string Hour, string Minute
Prestige_BuyBenefit(int BenefitGuid);
Prestige_GetBenefitPassiveBonus(int Type) => int Bonus
Prestige_BuyExperienceOrCoinRequest(int Exp, int Coin);
Prestige_BuyExperienceOrCoinPrice(int Exp, int Coin) => int Price
Prestige_BuyBoostRequest(int RankType, int Time);
Prestige_GetBoostPrice(int RankType, int Time) => int Price
Prestige_BuyRankRequest(int RankType);        
Prestige_GetCoinCountForRankUnlockFromLevel(int level) => int CoinCountForRankUnlockFromLevel
Prestige_BuyLevelRequest(int level);
Prestige_GetBoostTime() => table Boosts { table [1..n] { int Time, int EndTime, bool Available }, bool AvailableBoostRank }
Prestige_GetBenefitsGroupByType() => { table [1..n] { BenefitGuids .. n } }
Prestige_GetBoostInfo(int RankType) => float BenefitRate, float ExperienceRate, float CoinRate, float Discount
Prestige_GetBenefitsGroup() => table Group { table [0] { BasicBenefitGuid },  table [1...n] { BenefitGuid }}
Prestige_GetOldTitleAttributes() => string OldTitleAttributes
Prestige_GetCoinRewardRequest(int level, int index);
Prestige_GetItemRewardRequest(int level, int index);
Prestige_GetRewards() => table Rewards { table [1...n] { table Rewards{ table [1...n] { int RewardPosition, bool CoinRecived, bool ItemRecived, int CoinCount, int ItemGuid, bool Available } }, bool AllRecived }}
Prestige_SetAnonymousSale(bool IsAnonymousSale);
Prestige_IsAnonymousSale() => bool IsAnonymousSale
Prestige_GetBenefitAttributeValue(int Type, bool FromPrestige) => float AttributeValue
Prestige_BuyPrestige(int PrestigeType, int AddDays);
Prestige_GetBuyPrestigePrice(int addDays) => int BuyPrestigePriceRegular, int BuyPrestigePricePlus, bool UpgradePriceToPlus
Prestige_GetPlayTime() => int PlayTime
Prestige_RequestUseBenefit(int BenefitGuid);
Prestige_PrestigeAvailable() => bool PrestigeAvailable
Prestige_GetPrestigeType() => int PrestigeType
Prestige_GetDaysLeft() => int DaysLeft
Prestige_GetCoinRewardInfo(int rewardLevel, int rewardIndex) => table RewardInfo { table { int RewardPosition, bool RewardReceived, bool PreviousRewardReceived, bool RewardAvailable, bool HaveBenefit, int RewardCoinCount }, ...  }}
Prestige_GetItemRewardInfo(int rewardLevel, int rewardIndex) => table RewardInfo { table { int RewardPosition, bool RewardReceived, bool PreviousRewardReceived, bool RewardAvailable }, ...  }}
Prestige_PrestigeTime() => int endPrestigeTime, int buyPrestigeTime, int prestigeStartSeasonTime ,int prestigeEndDateSeasonTime
Prestige_GetQuestsData() => Array
Prestige_GetPrestige() => Array

SelectReward_GetItems() => table Items { [i..n] { int Guid, string Icon, string Name, int Count, bool Avalaible, int Index } }
SelectReward_Select(int guid, int index);
SelectReward_GetString(int index) => string Value
  • Added XML functions:
GetWrappedSize() => int
SetBaseFontSize(int baseFontHeight);


GetLayersCount() => int
SetUpdateWhenOff(bool state);
GetChildList() => Array Childred { [i..n] { int Index, string Name, int UiType, string Parent } }

GetRectangle() => int left, int top, int right, int bottom
SetAnchorOffset(float x, float y);

SetSelectTexCoord(int index);

SetTextWithHeader(string text, float r, float g, float b, bool wrap, int minWidthType);
  • Added XML parameters:

Coords same as TexCoords


Patch Notes

  • Added 1 new title to Talaghan.
  • Fixed High Grounds subzone name.
  • Fixed Prestige frame error on DE client.
  • Added currency reward info to quest tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue with Balance in the Dark quest.
  • Fixed Prestige quests tooltips & minimap markers.
  • Reduced respawn time of Voidcleaver to 10 minutes.
  • Fixed shadowtail wasn’t giving loot in some situations.
  • Fixed some Prestige quests were not possible to perform.
  • Fixed Title Frame was not working on RU and TR languages.
  • Temporary disabled hiding Auction House seller via Prestige.
  • Fixed some mobs were changing into level 1 fungus on death.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed AoD EvE bet quest.
  • Adjusted power of AoD PvE tutorial.
  • Added AoD information for losing PvP.
  • Removed some Prestige error warnings.
  • Fixed Druid/Warlock – Toxic Possession.
  • Added colors to main menu Prestige tooltip.
  • Added tooltip to prestige upgrade Plus version.
  • Enabled back hiding Auction House seller via Prestige.
  • Fixed Prestige rewards were giving 1 Purified Stone instead 8.
  • Fixed The Thieves Attempt wasn’t resetting correctly in 1 situation.
  • Fixed Mountain Valley Fungus weren’t dropping Fungus Stems correctly.
  • Fixed inability to buy Prestige ranks on DE client due to translation error.
  • Fixed Balance in the Waters when swapping channels after accepting quest.
  • Added information about online time rewards being available in Skill Book when activating Prestige.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed some various errors across Taborea.
  • Fixed issues with turning in Bounty Quests.
  • Fixed seeds below level 100 were not working.
  • Fixed respawning issues with Dark Glideclaw mob.
  • Fixed Arena of Darkness daily quests were not doable.
  • Fixed VIP questline was only accessible for prestige plus.
  • Fixed The Whispering Grass daily quest wasn’t giving items.
  • Fixed Title Frame was not working correctly on ES language.
  • Added additional movement speed to Arena of Darkness PvP.
  • Fixed Arena of Darkness PvP rewards weren’t working properly.
  • Adjusted Let My People Go to work for players outside of hatelist.
  • Fixed Arena of Darkness PvP battleground requirements weren’t being checked.
  • Fixed Arena of Darkness tutorial was missing strengthening effects for the player.
  • Fixed Prestige was missing daily Member Luck Dust and Ancient Treasures Investigation Record items.

Post Patch Notes

Arena of Darkness


  • Disabled 20% government bonus for multiple person bets, it still exists if you are the only gambler.
  • Added new information menu at entrance in Talaghan to see status of the fight.
  • Reduced maximum gamble reward to 200% from 300%.
  • Fixed some mobs were clickable/attackable.

Patch Notes

  • Increased Veilroot Ivy respawn time.
  • Revised engineering recipe craft costs.
  • Updated description of Translated Notes.
  • Disabled Prestige title inside Battlegrounds.
  • Fixed Dark Glideclaw card was not obtainable.
  • Updated VIP available string to display for Prestige.
  • Fixed Master of the Arena title had wrong attributes.
  • Reduced XP/TP/Gold rewards from AoD Daily Quests.
  • Fixed some issues with Title Frame in some languages.
  • [AoD EvE] Fixed some mobs were clickable/attackable.
  • Fixed Marcus Dixon shop buyback tab had visual issues.
  • Fixed amounts of Fresh Ostrich Feast in Prestige rewards.
  • Fixed Ceremony of Light wasn’t removing all effects correctly.
  • Changed parts of Old Memories to work when not inside party.
  • Updated PlantCare for new seeds and uploaded to CurseForge.
  • Implemented Arena of Darkness PvE Reset Ticket to Item Shop.
  • Fixed one of daily quest billboards were crashing game occasionally.
  • Adjusted Shadowfur Bear’s to not remove Provisions Courier’s Ostrich.
  • Removed additional unintentional VIP effects from Member Luck Potion.
  • Fixed VIP questline objects weren’t visible when not having Prestige: Plus.
  • [AoD PvE] Revised arena boss Rumlar for solo runs for reasonable gameplay.
  • Fixed Talaghan public event time rankings weren’t always updating correctly.
  • Reduced requirements to spawn Light Stars during Light in the Shadows Event.
  • Reduced stacks of Shields of Darkness during Light in the Shadows Event to 50.
  • Fixed Prestige: Regular was showing golden name which is part of Prestige: Plus.
  • Fixed High Grounds mapID was causing Hydra’s Charmer event to not work correctly.
  • Fixed issues with Rescue Mission daily quest after trying to complete it 2x in same day.
  • Reset EvE rankings, corrected their description & added 2 new rankings for maximum wins.
  • Fixed Maximum Loops and Maximum Loops solo weren’t displayed correctly in Rankings Frame.
  • Druid/Warlock: Changed Toxic Possession to be removed upon using an heal instead of disabling heal ability.
  • Fixed using backpack and bank Prestige benefit was displaying them as timed even while space was bought permanent.
  • Added new Arena Beverage: Arena Wisdom that skips one loop per every person that have the buff in group for Arena of Darkness PvE for 8 hours.
  • Adjusted Binpike Brothers to spawn without animation, Allowed both to spawn independently, Adjusted Battle for Mystery quest requirements.

Known issue: 11 players are missing their rankings. Will be fixed later.

Post Patch Notes

  • Changed Sathkur’s Wishing Well rewards to be guaranteed at certain coin thresholds.
  • Increased minimum coin consumption to 200.

Patch Notes


  • Improved Arcane Transmutor pressed button textures.
  • Fixed Title Frame when trying to equip title in last index.
  • Fixed golden item rarity had wrong color in some frames.
  • Fixed mounts could be used whilst under invisibility effects.
  • Added filters in skillbook for Teleport/Crafting/Prestige skills.
  • Added ability to use enter key on Auction House filters to instantly filter.
  • Reduced player requirements of Hall of Survivors B6 from 5 to 3 in easy and normal mode.
  • Added a fail timer for AoD PvE.
  • Added Titanium Hammers for Artefacts.
  • Added Grand Platinum Repair Hammer.
  • Added Robotic and Artefact Repair Hammers.
  • Fixed displaying of EvE and PvE AoD rankings.
  • Removed the Rhazien from the AoD EvE matchup.
  • Enabled Nero Coin & Machine Spirit drops in AoD PvE.
  • Added disenchant loots for robot & robot components.
  • Changed way how Robot Component durability behave.
  • Adjusted power of AoD PvE combatants & loop power spike.
  • Fixed bank rent buttons while using active benefit from Prestige.
  • Fixed issue with some Talaghan QuestNPC’s not reappearing correctly.
  • Temporary disabled “Materials for certain Special Recipes” Prestige benefit.
  • Fixed Black Jellyfish of the Deep had stronger dot than intended and had incorrect name in ENEU.
  • Changed AoD PvP Deadly Blade skill to be usable once per live, increased cooldown to 60 seconds from 30.

Known issue: Some robot components are misssing durability.

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