Dear Chronicles of Arcadia community, it is time.

Here is the thing everyone of you is waiting for a long time, we are pleased to present you an amazing remake of the old level 50 instance “Cyclops Lair”!
Strong mobs and four even stronger bosses are waiting for you and bring new epic items with them.

And here it is: The Cyclops Lair Hardmode

Explore the depths of this dungeon and find new weapons and set parts in there.
But be warned! It will not be easy to defeat Uguda and his entourage.

New Zone: Kashaylan

This zone is made for level 92 content, new mobs and NPCs with quests wait for you here.
Also there are new Black-Codex vendors available in the first village. They offer you great new items and materials.

Other changes:
– Class maximum has been raised from 6 to 10
– Battleground has been fixed
– Ben Sekon and Jim Chapley have been fixed

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